how to overcome laziness According to the great Gogol, the Russian is quitecould be a giant, if not for one enemy. This enemy is non-material, nevertheless, he spoils life "knows" well, even beautifully. His name is laziness. Few people like lazy people. They are constantly accused, reproached. Nobody wants to have any business with them. Often, the lazy young lady herself does not experience the joy of her inherent property-her own conscience gnaws at him, she scolds herself, sometimes even begins to hate herself, and is engaged in self-flagellation. However, all this is in vain. First of all, she lacks willpower to defeat her laziness. In addition to this, she has no experience of overcoming laziness. Strictly speaking, she simply does not know how to overcome laziness. Because sometimes does not know what it is.

What is laziness

Each of us experienced such a feeling,when we are waiting for a lot of work, but suddenly arisen or even already familiar, constant laziness prevents us from motivating ourselves to perform the task. We do not feel enough energy or just do not want to do some specific work, because we do not have enough inspiration or enough encouragement to get down to work. So laziness prevents us from acting; but, even worse, it deprives us of life experience, because we are much less eager for something, stop doing hobbies or any other activities in our spare time, we reduce the circle of communication. Let's not let laziness reduce the quality of our life! First of all: what is laziness? This is a psychological state of a person when he lacks energy and / or desire to perform tasks. The reasons for this are different, but more on this later. The good news is that your laziness can be defeated if you make some changes to your mentality. What we will try to do with you. how to overcome your laziness

What are lazy people like?

Psychologists distinguish several types of laziness. Therefore, it can be argued that lazy people as such are different. If you consider yourself lazy, then you first need to establish what type of laziness you are. Or, to be more precise, you need to determine which type of lazy person you are. And after that, following fairly simple advice, decide to solve your problem - start fighting with laziness. So, let's begin:

  • Our first type - "lazy tired" In thisThe case of laziness is due to the deterioration of the physical condition of a person, when his physical tone decreases. Force receptions from the side in this case will not help much. How to overcome the laziness of this martyr? It would be right for her to take weak psychostimulants, such as tinctures of ginseng, eleutherococcus. Do not hurt the intake of vitamins. It may seem strange to you, but having such a form of laziness, this girl needs to sleep. After a healthy sleep, it has a positive effect on the vital activity of a person and increases the activity of the organism.
  • The second type of this defect is laziness, conditionedlack of willpower This is the most common type of laziness. "The weak-willed lazy," even if she knows how important a specific task is for her, can not muster all her willpower to begin work. This type of laziness is often experienced by students (they are "too lazy" to learn, although they know that the session is already on the nose), girls who would like to lose weight (oh, how I do not want to sweat on the simulator! Last time today I'll eat a piece of cake, but from Monday I'll start to lose weight!) and many others. How to overcome such laziness? The secret is simple: start working, that's all. Not tomorrow, not an hour later - right now, this minute! To overcome yourself will help you a simple way: you need to break one simple problem into a few simple ones. The prospect of a simple job will not make you want to start it. You probably noticed that it's sometimes more difficult to start working than to continue it. After you can overcome the first barrier, you will feel that the task itself was not so complicated, and you may even get excited.
  • Further in our list - "lazy boring" Girldoes not want to do his job just because she's bored. A job that she does not like, people who are not interested in communicating, activities that she does not want to be at all, all contribute to the development and aggravation of laziness. This is the simplest option. How to overcome laziness in this case? You just need to understand, admit for yourself that it's not yours, give up this routine work for you, do what you like, what is right for you.
  • Next we have - "lazy unorganized" Thisthe most dangerous representative of lazy people. This girl like and with energy is all right, and she is doing something interesting that she likes, but she can not achieve some success, she can not swing, she can get into the right rhythm. Because of this kind of laziness, the whole lonely life can suffer. What should she do? The ways of dealing with laziness in this case are hidden in the girl herself. She needs to work on herself, make efforts to form herself as a person. It is also necessary to have an action plan for each day. It is also very important not to dwell on failures, but to focus on the positive aspects where success was achieved. Let even the minimum. And it is necessary to praise yourself for the victories achieved.
  • A more complex kind of laziness is "intuitive laziness"caused by the type of our thinking and attitude to problems. We all have different thinking and attitude to life. Some people associate laziness with the negative, and there are those who associate laziness with pleasure (it's nice to not do anything!) Or perceive it as a protective mechanism to avoid additional work and overload. Intuitive laziness is typical for people who at some point in their lives were forced to do work, which in the end turned out to be completely unnecessary. They at the level of the subconscious have built a certain belief that laziness will help them save time and effort that it would be necessary to spend on doing the work. And those who connect laziness with negative use it as a protective mechanism when it comes to a sense of fear, for example, fear of failure, fear of responsibility and so on. How to deal with such laziness? The very first step will be the realization that this way of thinking and perceiving reality is not constructive and can harm you. You must understand that to refuse to perform work is a wrong decision, and it will not help you to escape from your fears.
  • Postponement "for later" Such delay canConsidered as a form of laziness, because it has much in common with it. Agree, people postpone business for later, mainly because of the fact that now it is too lazy to do something. Postponing "for later" and laziness unites the fact that they under various pretexts prevent us from starting to do what we need or would like to do. What to do in this case? First, the habit of putting things off the shelf reduces our chances of success, and this must be clearly understood. In order to overcome this harmful habit, try the tried and tested method: as already described above, start dividing the work into stages. Do not take on an immense task that seems impossible, start work from simple to complex.
  • There is another kind of lazy bastard - "inventor" But thisthe kind of lazy people can not be considered together with the other "species". After all, these lazy people have greatly simplified our life. And they continue to simplify it even now. For example, it was too lazy to walk - came up with a car. And all of this is only good, is not it?

how to overcome laziness yourself

How to overcome laziness?

Speaking of different types of laziness, we have already suggestedsome ways to deal with every particular species. Now I would like to generalize and present to your attention ways of overcoming any type of laziness. Here's what you need to do to never feel it again:

  • Begin from simple to complex. As we have already donethey said, the fragmentation of one big task into several smaller ones is very useful to apply in order to combat laziness. This is an effective trick that will help slowly but surely overcome your internal resistance.
  • Performing work step by step Crushing tasksa few smaller will help reduce the pressure of the timing and will support your motivation. You can completely relax with small tasks one by one. Having finished one thing, you will feel pleasure and inspiration, after all you have coped with the task in view! The easier it will be for you to tackle the following matter.
  • Make a list of necessary cases Sometimes wewe find ourselves in situations when a chaotic heap of work is piled on us, which must be urgently altered. Then we do not even know what to grab at first, and what to do later, and we just drop our hands. The list created by you will help to understand this situation, restoring the "overview"; but more importantly, it helps us understand that very often the task seems more complicated than it really is. By making a list of cases for the current day or week, you can organize the execution of work from simple to more complex.
  • Visualize the benefits of the action beforeinaction Imagine how easily and freely you will feel when the work is behind. Draw a vivid picture of the benefits that await you when you reach the task: satisfaction from the work done, a sense of pride in your willpower, success and experience that will come to you after the completion of all the affairs. Such visualization will help to overcome internal resistance and will strengthen your motivation.
  • Isolate anything that might distract you fromaffairs Very often the source of our laziness are television, the Internet and the like, because it seems to us that this is a much more interesting occupation than the work that we need to do. No matter what distracts you, when you have to work, study, do cleaning - remove it! If it's hard to fight temptation, then start resorting to visualization. In this case, it is useful to start visualization from the presentation of that sense of remorse that awaits you if the work is not done. And only then imagine to yourself the pleasure of defeating yourself!
  • Encourage yourself Every time you manageconquer your laziness and accomplish the task, you must reward yourself. This will help you to consolidate positive emotions from overcoming laziness and associate them with the awareness of the need for effort. Just make sure that the reward is proportional to the effort (a small victory is a small reward, and vice versa).

We gave several ways how to overcome laziness. Next - the choice is yours. In any case, you have to fight against laziness. After all, they came up with the same remedies for stretch marks! And earlier it was believed that this defect will forever remain with the person. So too laziness is not stigmatized yet. In your power to fix it! We advise you to read: