honey massage from cellulite Women are hostages to the canons of beauty. At all times, they sought to comply with these canons and went to all conceivable and unthinkable sacrifices. Even the saying came up - beauty requires sacrifice. This, of course, we justify ourselves, because we want to be beautiful always and in spite of everything. But interestingly, each time has its own requirements for the female ideal. For example, before women who are now considered too fat, Rubens would simply fall on his knees! In those days, bumpy fatty deposits on the female body did not bother anyone. But we, unlike the beauties of Rubens, suffer even from the thought of possible cellulite. If he does appear, then we begin to struggle intensively with this misfortune, using any means, starting with the national one and finishing with ultramodern ones. In the course goes everything: and gels, and compresses, and wraps, and massage. By the way, honey massage against cellulite is still considered one of the most effective means. Let's find out what it is, and how to carry out honey anti-cellulite massage at home.

What is honey massage?

Honey massage is a kind ofreflexotherapy, based on the interaction of substances contained in the honey composition with human skin. This method was developed in ancient Tibet and proved itself for all time of its existence as one of the most effective ways of combating cellulite and preventing and treating many diseases: osteochondrosis, radiculitis, vegetovascular dystonia, arthrosis and others. Especially useful is honey massage for those who suffer from diseases of the upper respiratory tract and joints. The tangible and visible effect of honey massage is explained by the fact that after it is carried out, the speed of circulation increases and metabolism improves. Subcutaneous seals are smoothed out, and the skin itself becomes smooth and supple. Honey facial massage helps not only to smooth wrinkles and restore youth and freshness to it, but also to improve the whole organism, in general. Biological substances of honey with this massage act on the nerve receptors of the skin, associated with the autonomic system of man and his internal organs, which begin to work more actively. A complex chain of reactions initiated by honey massage has a beneficial effect on them, removes toxins and increases the tone of the body. If here and its subtleties. So, for example, if a person suffers from lung or bronchial diseases, with a facial honey massage, the cheeks should be massaged more, the diseases of the cardiovascular system - the tip of the nose, with bowel diseases - the forehead. Honey massage of the abdomen has similar properties. It tightens muscles and improves intestinal peristalsis, but this procedure is often quite painful, so it is better to conduct it with specialists. In general, some of the varieties of honey massage can be done independently. For example, honey massage against cellulite can be done on almost any part of the body, except in those areas where the lymph nodes are concentrated. This chest, popliteal and axillary areas, neck and groin. Massage on the knees and ankles is done carefully, with a little honey. But we should remember that there are contraindications to honey massage - it is absolutely contraindicated to people with allergies to honey, hypertensive patients, with diseases with high temperature, thrombophlebitis and women during menstruation. It is not recommended for those who have an abundant hair covering of the body. honey anti-cellulite massage

Honey massage - general information

Make honey massage from cellulite more appropriatein the morning, immediately after sleep. The course of its conduct - from ten to fifteen sessions, carried out every other day. For honey massage at home, you can use any natural honey. The honey stored in honeycombs is especially effective. He has not lost his healing properties for years. You can also use honey without combs, most importantly, that it was not candied and did not contain any additives. In honey, you can introduce aromatic oils in strict proportions: for one teaspoon of honey, five drops of lavender, juniper, grapefruit or some other oil or a mixture of oils is added. One body zone is massaged for no longer than fifteen minutes. The total duration of honey massage should not exceed forty minutes.

Honey massage - technique

Honey massage at home can be done without helpspecialist. For this, the honey is applied to the hands and at first slightly slammed by them massaged zones in turn. After the honey is applied to all such areas, the palms should be firmly adhered to the skin, and then severed severely. These actions contribute to a deeper penetration of honey into the skin, which then, cleaning the skin of toxins and toxins, leaves it and remains on the palms in the form of a mass of white. The procedure of honey massage causes, especially at its first sessions, a palpable pain and even leaves bruises on some parts of the body. However, with time, the pain will ease, and bruises will pass. After the massage is finished, honey is washed off with warm water without the addition of soap or gels, and a moisturizing cream is applied to the skin. For facial massage, honey is applied to it evenly. Neither circular nor horizontal movements with fingers on the face should not be performed - you need to do only light pressure without pain, and then let go for five minutes. This is enough for the honey to penetrate deep into the pores of the face and remove slags and greasy plugs from the skin. The person after such massage does not wash, - it will dry up itself and become fresh and ruddy. Honey facial massage not only refreshes it, it improves brain function and improves eyesight due to the enzymes and phytoncids contained in honey. anti-cellulite honey massage

Honey massage against cellulite

Honey massage from cellulite in factan effective remedy for this cosmetic defect, since honey absorbs toxins in the body and quickly removes them. It improves blood circulation and lymph drainage and, in combination with physical exercises and proper nutrition, is able to almost completely smooth the subcutaneous seals. The course of honey massage against cellulite, as in previous cases, consists of fifteen sessions held every other day. In natural honey, you can enter essential oils, but in pregnancy and breast diseases this can not be done. Mixtures of honey with essential oils for massage of the thighs and buttocks can be done as follows:

  • two teaspoons of honey - five drops of lemon oil and two drops of lavender and eucalyptus oil;
  • for two teaspoons of honey - three drops of lemon and juniper oil and two drops of orange and lavender oil;
  • for two teaspoons of honey - five drops of orange and lemon oil;
  • for two teaspoons of honey - five drops of mint, two drops of lavender oil and three drops of lemon oil.

Mixtures of honey and oils are prepared directlybefore the massage. In cases where several oils are used for them, first you need to mix the oils, and then add honey to them. Anti-cellulite massage with honey is carried out in the same way as the general honey massage of the body. With the hands of the hands with honey applied to them, they first slap the areas with cellulite lightly, and then firmly stick the palms to the skin and tear them off sharply. Hands gradually press more and more densely to the body and tear them off more and more sharply. Such manipulations are performed within five to ten minutes, after which the honey is washed off with warm water with a soft cloth, and the skin is lubricated with a moisturizer. Initially, the massage procedure can be very painful, but eventually the skin will get used to it, and the pain will pass. It is not necessary, of course, to make the claps extremely strong. Improvement of the body is due to the healing properties of honey, so it is enough that it simply penetrates the skin as deeply as possible. In the event that the skin clearly shows through the sudoric and clearly visible veins, it is better not to get involved in honey massage, and choose some other way to combat cellulite. Love yourself and remain beautiful always and against all odds! We advise you to read: