gelatinous face mask Home face masks do not need advertising. Their benefits and simplicity of preparation compete with dignity with cosmetic masks offered by well-known manufacturers. Our article is devoted to a simple and affordable product - gelatin. What is the value of gelatin? The fact is that this indispensable product is a protein, or natural collagen. It is collagen that keeps our skin tidy, responsible for its renewal. Most modern cosmetic products contain this element, and gelatin is almost entirely composed of split collagen, so it penetrates well into the cells of our skin. Particularly useful gelatinous face mask with such first signs of skin aging, as flabbiness and heterogeneity of the color of the skin, wrinkles and enlarged pores, omission of the skin and other age-related changes. But the gelatin mask also has a whitening effect: with the help of it you can get rid of freckles and lighten the pigment spots. Face mask with gelatin

Rules for applying a mask

Before applying the mask, you need to cleanse the skinface. To enhance the effect and penetration of the mask into the deeper layers of the skin, it is necessary to steam out the face and / or use a scrub. Home scrub can be prepared from one spoon (dining room) of honey and one spoonful (teaspoonful) of fine salt. Apply the mask in the supine position, and after applying, you can not talk or smile. The gelatin mask strongly tightens the skin, pulling it along the natural cosmetic lines, so try to relax the muscles on your face and have fun while relaxing during the procedure. After completely drying, the gelatin mask should be washed off with a contrast shower and apply your usual face cream. Recall that it is necessary to wash off the mask without stretching the skin, and apply the cream to a still damp face. Gelatin mask can be applied not only to the face. The neck and décolleté region also require your attention. These parts of our body are also subject to the first age-related changes. However, in no case can you put a mask on the area around the eyes. The skin in this place is very thin and delicate, and the gelatinous mask very strongly deforms it. Food gelatin can be bought in any store and can be either powdered or granulated. It is recommended to purchase the usual classical gelatin without aromatic additives and additional fillers. To dilute gelatin, use the supplied instructions or, taking into account your skin type, dilute it with milk - for dry, juice - for oily or herbal decoction - for problem skin. The prepared mixture can be used as a ready-made mask or become the basis for the preparation of combined mixtures. gelatinous mask face film

Recipes of gelatinous masks

Gelatin mask classic Ingredients: one teaspoon (tea) of cooked gelatin, one spoon (dining room) of curdled milk or milk, one spoon (tea) of wheat flour or ground oatmeal. Mix everything to the consistency of sour cream and apply on face. Formed after drying, a thin film is washed off with warm water. Gelatin mask for normal and dry skin For its preparation you need one spoonful of gelatin (for measuring it will take a tablespoon), glycerin and honey, four tablespoons (also table water). Prepare a gelatin mixture separately and dilute the glycerin with water. Stir both concentrates and add honey to it. The resulting mask should be sustained on the face for twenty minutes. The remaining weight should be placed in the refrigerator and used the next time, preheating. Gelatin mask for aging skin For this mask, you need to mix one spoon of diluted gelatin and one spoonful of mashed banana (measure the ingredients with a tablespoon). The resulting concentrate is applied to the face for twenty minutes and after the required time, gently remove the mask with the help of warm water. If your skin is dry, instead of a banana it is recommended to use melon, avocado, gooseberry, persimmon. And also you can add one small spoonful of sour cream. For oily skin, the perfect ingredient will be pear, cranberry, strawberry or grapefruit. And for the drying effect as an additional component, use egg white from one egg. For normal skin use kiwi, peach, orange. As a nutrient, you can add oatmeal or cereal. Gelatin mask against wrinkles Preparing for future use for several days. To prepare, you need to mix one spoonful of gelatin (tea), half a glass of water and the same amount of glycerin (sold in pharmacies) and one gram of salicylic acid (also sold at the pharmacy). We bring this mixture to homogeneity on a steam bath, then cool, stirring constantly, until the mixture reaches the jelly-like state. The resulting formulation is applied daily for twenty to thirty minutes as an evening care product; its remains, which the skin has not absorbed, must be removed with a napkin. The prepared mass is kept in the refrigerator, and before use, the necessary portion is preheated at room temperature. Whitening gelatin mask To enhance the whitening effect of this mask, it is necessary to dilute the gelatin with fresh cucumber juice. After swelling the mixture it needs to be warmed up in a water bath and add one spoon (canteen) of finely grated cucumber. The resulting mask should be cooled and applied for twenty minutes. Narrowing pore gelatinous mask For its preparation you will need one spoonful (tea) of gelatin, egg white (one) and one spoon (also tea) of lemon juice. Apply to the steamed skin for no more than twenty minutes. The mask for narrowing the pores can be used only once or twice a week, not more. Mask from the black points on the face As a dimensional take a tablespoon. It is necessary to mix in a glass container two tablespoons of milk and a little less than one spoonful of gelatin. Prepared liquid put in a microwave for only fifteen seconds - until the gelatin is completely dissolved and then mix everything into a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture must be applied to the problem areas of the skin in several layers, waiting for the drying of each layer, and wait for the mask to dry completely. Then, having picked up the edge of the dried film, pull the mask off the face in the direction from the bottom up. Penetrating into the puffed pores, the gelatin film draws black dots behind it, after which the pores become narrower and the skin acquires a healthy appearance. The effectiveness of the gelatin mask you can see after the first application, and regular procedures will give your face freshness, smartness and beauty.