lymph drainage at home Visiting the beauty salon and reading the listprovided services, you may be interested in the procedure of lymphatic drainage. What is it needed for, who needs this procedure, and whether it is possible to conduct lymph drainage at home? To answer these questions, let's take a brief excursion into the anatomy of the human body. The human body (depending on age) is 60-70% water. "Without water - we are not there and not syudy!" Water is everywhere: in cells, and in the intercellular space. Whereas the blood delivers food to the cells, the products of vital activity (toxins, slags) are eliminated from the body through the "sewer" network of the body - lymph. It happens that the lymphatic "rivers" stagnate, and this leads to very unpleasant consequences: beginning with edema and cellulite and ending with such ailments as varicose veins and high blood pressure. Using a day at least two liters of water, you provide your body with timely cleaning of harmful toxins. Traces of failure in the "cleaning system" can be found primarily on the face - these are bags under the eyes, swelling of tissues and the like. In addition, stasis of lymph drainage immediately affects the lower limbs. Legs quickly get tired, heavier, skin defects appear in the form of cellulite, swelling and swelling of the veins. To stimulate the outflow of fluid through the lymph and this type of fashionable and effective massage - lymphatic drainage. In addition, lymph drainage massage stimulates blood flow, which has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. The cosmetic result is manifested in the fact that this procedure in combination with other measures helps to get rid of cellulite, prevent the formation of edema and make the body more taut, and therefore beautiful. good lymphatic drainage at home

Lymphatic drainage procedure

Like most types of massage, lymphatic drainagehas contraindications. One should refrain from lymph drainage during pregnancy, skin diseases, dermatoses, chronic kidney and liver diseases, thrombophlebitis, infections of various nature, malignant formations. The lymph drainage procedure can be performed in two ways: by means of a special device and manually, that is, manually. Hardware lymphatic drainage, of course, is carried out by specialists in cosmetic or medical salons and, in turn, is divided into several types: vacuum, microcurrent, pressotherapy and endermology. The degree of influence also depends on the type of massage. Manual lymph drainage can be done at home. The effectiveness of the massage will depend on the zeal and desire of the person. A convenient way can be a partner massage between couples or girlfriends: you - me, I - you.

Conditions of lymphatic drainage at home

In order to achieve the best result, it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage should not be painful. The technique of the massage provides for easy tapping and stroking in the direction of movement of the lymph, that is, from the bottom up.
  • For maximum effect, it is desirable to useethereal or special anti-cellulite massage oils. They can include oil of geranium, ginger, orange or lemon, as well as cedar oil. Excellent means for losing weight are honey and coffee. Honey itself is a good adsorbent, and in combination with aromatic oils also helps to tone the skin. For massage of the face, it is recommended to use coffee grounds, steamed tea bags or filters of medicinal herbs.
  • It is strongly recommended that before a lymphatic drainage procedure, take a warm bath with the addition of any essential oil.
  • During the whole course of massage it is necessary to drinknot less than two liters of water per day. And immediately after the session, you can not drink water for two hours. And the last reception of a liquid should be not less than four hours prior to a dream.
  • Active physical loads during the course of lymph drainage will not only enhance the drainage effect, but also help to reduce weight and give your body elasticity.

If you decide on lymphatic drainage at home, then be consistent and try to complete a full course consisting of twelve to fifteen procedures. Massage must be performed every other day. correct lymphatic drainage at home

Technique for lymph drainage of legs, hips and abdomen

Foot massage is a simple and effectiveprevention of varicose veins. The earliest symptoms of this disease are puffiness, heaviness in the legs and the appearance of so-called asterisks on the skin. Restore the outflow of fluid and activate blood circulation will help you lymph drainage foot massage. To carry out massage of the lower extremities, it is necessary to sit on a chair and put an elongated foot on the otter not above the level of the pelvis. This position will ensure a better circulation of blood through the vessels. The movement of blood up the vessels is extremely difficult, and, only thanks to the valves, the circulation is so cyclical. Massage should be started from the top of the leg (from the knee to the hip), gradually shifting to the lower part (from the ankle to the knee) - this will facilitate the outflow of blood from the lower part. Sit back, relax your foot and apply circular oil or butter. An important stage of the massage are warming up movements, with which you will "wake up" the channels of the lymph flow. Slowly stroke the palm of your hand over your thigh, gradually increasing the force of pressure. After warming up, pat the variable degree of force, this stimulates blood circulation. Then follow the intense stroking of the legs from the bottom to the top, and finally, clutching the calves of the legs, with slight pressure, we move upwards. The session for each leg should be five to seven minutes. If you often feel cold feet and hands, then you need a massage of the feet and hands, which consists in rubbing with increasing pressure from the fingers to the ankle, and in the case of hands massage to the wrist. Also, the technique of pressing the pads of the fingers, which is done slowly, by small "steps" moving upwards. Lymphodrainage massage of the hands does not differ from the massage of the legs and is performed in the following directions: from the elbow to the forearm and from the wrist to the elbow. Before the procedure, apply the necessary remedy to the skin and warm it with massage movements. Then, perform claps with varying strength and at the final stage, clasping your wrist with the other hand, slowly moving upward with a gradual increase in the pressure. All movements must be made in the direction from the hands to the elbows and from the elbows to the forearms. Similarly, a stomach massage is performed. Before the procedure, apply the anti-cellulite cream on the necessary area and rubbing movements in a circle, make a preliminary massage. Next followed by patting and light pressure in a circle.

Features of lymphatic drainage of the face

Lymphatic drainage of the face is necessary at such signs,as puffiness, swelling, bags and bruises under the eyes, heterogeneity of the skin surface, its flabbiness, as well as other age and cosmetic changes. This kind of massage not only stimulates blood circulation and lymph drainage, but also promotes saturation of the skin with oxygen and improving metabolism. As a result, thanks to lymphomassage, your face will look much younger and fresh. Only ten minutes a day, and soon you will see the result "on face and face"! So, before starting the procedure, you need to cleanse your face of make-up and remove the hair under the bandage (kerchief). If desired, you can pre-lubricate your face with oil or a special cream. And even better - a little steam out the face to open the vessels and capillaries. The technique of carrying out the massage in different parts of the face is the following:

  • Forehead

With your fingertips slowly, smoothly move from the center of your forehead to your temples. Then, do the same with movements that resemble drum tapping, and repeat the first method again.

  • Eyes

Pads of ring fingersby pressing down along the lower edge of the orbit from the bridge of the nose to the temples, then with spiral strokes, go along the top edge directly under the eyebrows from the temple to the bridge of the nose.

  • Cheeks

Massage is carried out in three stages. First, by stroking movements, massage from the middle of the chin to the earlobes, from the corners of the mouth to the middle of the ear, from the wings of the nose to the upper part of the ears. Then, in the same directions, perform "drum" tapping and repeat stroking again. Nasolabial folds are massaged by index fingers using the method of pressing.

  • Chin

Put your thumbs in the center of the chin andwith pressing movements to the ear lobes. Lymphatic drainage at home is a simple but effective way to prevent diseases associated with blood and lymph flow disorders. In addition, competent massage maintains your figure taut and elastic, and you will never have to resort to liposuction and any other surgical intervention. And that is important, doing this procedure at home, you save your time and money.