holiday hairstyles New Year is a holiday of fun, joy,fulfillment of the most cherished desires. Dress, make-up and, of course, the hairstyle - everything should be perfect. Festive hairstyles impress with their variety and extravagance, but do not leave unattended fashion trends. If you have already decided on your New Year's attire and have chosen a New Year's make-up - it's time to think about your hair, which will be the final touch of your holiday image. It does not matter what color, how long your hair is, whether curly or straight - the main thing is that the hairdo is not only beautiful, but also original. Black Water Dragon adores all the mysterious and magical, extravagant and extraordinary. Hairstyles for the 2012 meeting are a combination of different experiments and classics.

Lovers of retro style

The retro style is returning to fashion. Why not use this trend in the New Year? Hairstyles that were ordinary and everyday several decades ago and were so loved by our grandmothers, today look very original and stylish. It can be naches, babettes, and hairstyle a la Jacqueline Kennedy. After all, Jackie was not only the First Lady of the United States, but also a real style icon. Lovers of chic and glamor will appreciate the hairstyle in the style of a Hollywood diva of 40-50 years. Many men still consider it a standard of temptation and femininity of languid beauties with soft flowing curls. festive hairstyle

Fervent curls

Curly will not leave anyone indifferent. A hairstyle with doll curls will give its owner confidence in its uniqueness and attractiveness, as well as a festive mood. A cloud of mischievous curls looks great on platinum or caramel shades of hair. With this hair style, any elegant dress will look - and a flirtatious mini, and evening maxi. holiday hairstyles for medium hair

Felt pony

Lovers of a more modern style will drawhis attention to the hairstyles with a bang pony. It does not matter if your hair is straight or wavy, your bangs should be perfectly even and without filing. The hair will look really nice, if the hair color is smooth and saturated. Probably, hair it is necessary to paint in advance. Confident and inclined to shocking girls, we recommend taking the hair out to the high ponytail. To hide the rubber band, wrap the curl around the tail and clip it with a hairpin. With such a hairdo, you will undoubtedly draw attention to yourself on New Year's Eve. holiday hairstyles with a straight bangs

Again pigtails

A worthy place among the New Year's hairstylesoccupy braids and braids. It can be thin pigtails on the sides, converging in the tail or collected in the original bundle. You can braid one or two braids. It can be a classic or French scythe, Swiss or a fishtail spit. Arrange the braids in the form of a crown or a fancy basket, and then loosen the weave and release the slightly curled strands on the sides. And if you shiny ribbons in the braids or decorate them with sparkling scraps, then the Black Water Dragon will just be delighted. Whichever weave you choose, it should be slightly careless, which will give the hairdress a unique charm and chic. Such holiday hairstyles for medium hair will suit as well as for long ones. festive hairstyle for the new year

Short hair

If you have short hair - it's notmeans the presence of a small number of options for New Year's hairstyles. Make an unusual parting - oblique or zigzag, straighten the ends and apply along the entire length of the varnish with golden or silvery sparkles. Festive hairstyle is ready! If you do not have an ultrashort haircut, then dry your hair, giving them volume, you can even wind hair on curlers and make a small hair. Lay the hair back and decorate with a smart rim. holiday hairstyles for medium and short hair

Hair accessories

Interesting accessories will help to supplementNew Year's hair. These are all kinds of rims and bandages of various shapes and widths, richly decorated with stones and embroidery. The combination of black velvet or satin with large rhinestones will be especially important in the year of the Black Dragon. With the help of accessories you can easily transform into an ancient goddess or a girl of the jazz era. A luxurious bezel or bandage, generously strewn with stones, easily transform a short boyish haircut into a very feminine and glamorous style, and you will appear on the New Year in a completely different way. holiday hairstyles with decorations And further. In order to look stunning in the New Year, you must adhere to three rules:

  • The hairstyle should be in harmony with clothes, make-up and accessories.
  • The hairstyle should ideally suit your type of face.
  • Hairstyle should you like to feel confident all evening.
  • Try to choose a hairstyle in advance, that inNew Year's Eve was not an unpleasant surprise. Particular attention is paid not only to the beauty of the hairstyle, but also to its practicality, because you must be a princess all night, and your hair must be in perfect order. We advise you to read: