African pigtails Once upon a time see the catchy African pigtails onthe streets of Russian cities could be quite rare, and even then - only on representatives of other nations of the world. In some, this unusual appearance aroused wild enthusiasm, others - at least, bewilderment. As cultural exchange is gaining momentum, pigtails have ceased to be exotic for Russian beauties. And since the traditional "demand generates a proposal" has not been canceled yet, one can confidently say that the number of qualified masters and beauty salons where braids can braid is inexorably growing. For a correct understanding of what pigtails are, it should be said that not every hairstyle in which a large number of braids are present can get an African definition. If pigtails are woven only from their hair - this is, rather, the Uzbek version of weaving. African suggests the use of additional threads woven into their hair, which gives the braids the thickness and volume, so that the pigtail does not look flat, but dense and elastic. Therefore, to get exactly African braids, how to weave them - you need to know necessarily.

Braiding of braids

Use of additional materials allowsweave plaits on hair of any length, starting from 3 cm, the main thing is to fix the threads. Longer hair is woven into the pigtail along with the threads. An experienced craftsman must necessarily examine your hair and evaluate the thread thickness of which is better to use, because the structure and degree of strength of hair are different for everyone - for thin ones it is preferable to use thin threads so as not to increase the load on the hair roots. Many worry about the strength of the braid attachment. Here everything depends on the skill of the person who performs this hard work. Correctly fixed by a special knot the threads do not represent a possibility for slipping, therefore the pigtail will firmly hold and retain its original appearance. A qualified master is always ready to vouch for the quality of the weaving. Choose the color of African braids from a variety of options will not be difficult. Some prefer monophonic braiding, others weave contrasting colors. Of course, the most natural and voluminous will be pigtails using several close shades. With the correct weaving, these braids do not look flashy, but stylish. In addition, the effect of soft coloring allows you to wear pigtails for longer. Since the hair has a property to grow, after a couple of months, the roots will be visible, and if they differ significantly in color from the interwoven threads, you will either need to remove the pigtails at all, or braid new ones. Similar colors do not give such striking contrast. african pigtails photo

Pigtail Care

Many are frightened by the prospect of special care forAfrican pigtails. It should be noted that they do not envisage any special procedures. You can wash your head in the usual way and with the usual frequency (many owners of African braids claim that they perform this procedure much less often.) We consider this issue to be highly individual. In the first days after the performance of the hairstyle, headaches and unusual sensations in the neck region can be observed, which can be explained by the increased strain on the spine. In a few days the body gets used to it. Some note that pigtails even help them to keep a correct posture. Developing fears about hair loss, the masters say that after removing African braids, the amount of hair dropped does not exceed what we lose in the course of their natural renewal. Due to the fact that during the socks the hair is not able to freely fall, the fallout occurs immediately after removal of the pigtails, because the amount of hair lost at one point may frighten. If you can not decide what exactly you want African pigtails, the photo will help to find many variations of this hairstyle. Once you have definitively decided on your intention to braid pigtails, the main question comes down to choosing a qualified and experienced craftsman who can work both in the beauty salon and at home. Here it is better to trust the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, study the feedback on the Internet, if possible, evaluate the previous work of the master and agree on a preliminary consultation, during which the master will look at your hair and evaluate the front of the work. We must understand that weaving African braids is a painstaking and rather long work. Depending on the length and volume, it can take from 5 to 15 hours. Therefore, the master must provide the client and himself the opportunity for periodic rest. If you bet on pigtails - how to weave them, the master will tell. From the shape of the weave depends on how you can wear your hair after. For example, it can be collected in a high or low tail, left loose or even bundled. Among the unconditional advantages of African braids is ease of laying, a noticeable amount (if your hair is rather thin, braids help to make a hairy and vibrant hair). In addition, pigtails - a great way to lay for a hot summer holiday. If you decide to braid pigtails, experiment, but do not forget about the important rules:

  • The guarantee of the beauty of your hair is a good master, so approach it with all responsibility. Match the weave and the choice of materials. Discuss the ways of laying and care of pigtails.
  • Although pigtails and allow you to wash your head less often than usual, you should not bring to extremes.
  • If your work or lifestyle does not involve such experiments, you should either abandon the idea of ​​African braids altogether, or limit yourself to their most modest option (without contrasting colors).

If you have already signed up for an appointment with a master,remember that time and place for experiments is always, most importantly, that they coincide with your attitude and make you not only noticeable and bright, but also truly stylish and harmonious! We advise you to read: