how to lighten hair at home If a woman is happy with the color of her hair -then she had already changed it. The beautiful half of the human race is always dissatisfied with the fact that nature has released her from her generosity-her eyelashes are not as thick as they would have liked, then her breasts are too small or, on the contrary, big, she did not grow. But most of all claims from lovely ladies arise precisely to the color of hair. The owner of fine ashen curls tends to become a brunette, bright reddish reddish into a neutral chestnut, brown-haired women tend to repaint hair in surprising shades of red wines - from bordeaux to the so-called "drunken cherry". The most common procedure with the hair is clarification. By the way, for a long time already it is known that black color not only builds, but also grows old. Therefore, many owners of dark hair tend to lighten them to look younger and more attractive. I must say that such tactics are fully justified. I was also a brunette once, but wig helped me radically change the hair color - in a blond wig a young and very pretty girl looked at me from the mirror, and at that time I was already conducting an audit of the first wrinkles and counting the damage they damage my face. By the way, in order to lighten your hair, you do not need to go to the hairdresser's - it's quite possible to perform this procedure yourself at home. You just need to know how to lighten hair at home correctly and without prejudice to them. Traditionally, for clarifying hair at home use a solution of hydrogen peroxide of different concentrations. Here it is important to know how to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide correctly and without damage to the hair and scalp. To lighten the thick hair, poorly absorbing moisture, you need 8-12% peroxide solution to lighten the hair of medium thickness - it will take 6-12% solution, and for clarification of fine hair will be enough 4-8% solution. In order not to damage the hair, it is necessary to adhere to the rule - the more porous and thinner the hair, the weaker the solution of hydrogen peroxide needs to be used. The amount of solution that will be required for clarification will depend on the length of the hair and how thick they are. Typically, for hair of medium length, 50-60 g of solution is enough, but it is better to prepare the solution immediately with a reserve, then not to be interrupted in the middle of the clarification procedure and not to prepare another portion of the solution. In this case, there is a risk that the hair will stain unevenly, and the difference in color will be too noticeable. The solution should be prepared in a porcelain, plastic, glass or enameled container, in no case should metalware be used, since the metal can react with oxygen, thereby causing decomposition of the composition. Ammonium alcohol is added to the peroxide solution to enhance the effect and accelerate the reaction. It is important not to overdo it, because an excess of ammonia will give the hair a rusty hue. At 50 g of the solution, 5 drops of ammonia are enough. If a solution is prepared more - for every 10 g of solution, add 1 drop of alcohol. The solution should be prepared immediately before use. lighten hair at home

Simple truths

Before you are going to lighten your hair inat home, do not wash your hair for 2-3 days, formed during this time, the natural layer of fat can well protect the hair and scalp from the irritating effect of the solution for clarification. The solution is applied, starting from the back of the head, with a wooden stick with a thin layer of cotton wool wrapped on it or with a brush with synthetic bristles - the natural bristles are quickly destroyed under the action of a clarifier solution, so it will not work. Before the procedure, you should lubricate the forehead at the roots of hair with vaseline or greasy cream to protect the skin from chemical burns. To the composition does not drain from the head and does not splash, a small amount of liquid soap is better added to the solution. It is not recommended to add shampoos, since the components included in them can hinder the process of lightening the hair. Note that the roots of hair due to the heat emanating from the scalp, lighten faster than the tips. Therefore, at the first clarification, the composition should be applied first to the hair along the entire length, not reaching the scalp by about 2 cm, and then, upon reaching the desired hair color, re-moisten them and apply the composition already on the roots. With this method of clarification, it will be possible to achieve uniform even hair color throughout their length. If you apply the composition immediately to all hair - from the roots to the tips - the ends will turn darker, which does not look too beautiful and unnatural. You do not need to wrap your head around after applying the clarifying compound - headscarfs, polyethylene and warming caps strongly heat the solution applied to the hair, which can cause chemical burns of the scalp and burning of the hair. After the hair has brightened to the color you need, you should gently rinse with warm water, while also easily massage the scalp with your fingertips. It is not necessary to use shampoo, for washing your head after clarification, non-alkaline soap will do. After washing, rinse your hair with water with the addition of vinegar or lemon juice - this rinse will help completely neutralize hydrogen peroxide and restore hair a little. If you do everything correctly, in accordance with these tips, then after the procedure your hair will please you with a beautiful even color. We advise you to read: