Effect of cold on hair In cold weather, many people notice that hair loses its shineand volume, become dull and brittle. This is not surprising, because in autumn and winter an entire army of stress factors threatens the beauty of our curls. How and why does this happen? And what to do to keep the hair beautiful at any time of the year?

What's bad for our hair

Late fall and winter is a nightmare for anyhairstyles. At this time, in such traumatic procedures as drying, thermal styling and combing, dryness of air in heated rooms and unfavorable weather conditions are added:

  • Frost.
  • Wet snow.
  • Sharp temperature drops when entering the street.
  • Why is that bad

    Our hair consists of three quarters of keratin -this is their main structural element. As a result of daily damage and the negative impact of the environment, the keratin content in the hair falls day after day. This is what causes brittleness, loss of volume and gloss. A low keratin content also entails a thinning of the lipid layer. This waterproof protective layer keeps moisture in the hair. Due to its destruction, the hair loses its moisture, and in the cold often it splits and becomes electrified. If you notice that when they come in contact with clothes or a comb they crack, it's time to provide them with more intensive nutrition and moisturizing. Hair care in winter

    What to do

    A good solution to problems with hair in the coldthe time of the year can become a remedy with liquid keratin. He restores the structure of the hair, giving it elasticity. In addition, this component feeds hair follicles, so that the hair grows better and more effectively withstand the environment. It is liquid keratin found in the conditioner "Effective Volume" from NIVEA. He restores the structure of the hair, and restores the curls to softness, thanks to the bamboo extract.

    How to help hair

    • in the cold season before going out to the street, always wear a hat or hood, cover your hair with a handkerchief;
    • Use a rinse aid for every head wash, but do not forget that you only need to apply it to the ends of your hair;
    • Choose brushes with natural bristles;
    • less expose your curls to heat treatment;