causes of herpes Many people suffer such an unpleasant problem,as herpes. And despite the fact that the virus is infected by very many (90% of the total population), it appears only in 15%. Whether it will manifest itself or for all life will not make itself felt depends only on the immunity of a person. The first type of herpes should be considered herpes on the lips. What is the rapid treatment of herpes on the lips? It appears most often during a cold. How to treat such an infection?

Herpes on the lips: treatment, causes and prevention

By itself, herpes on the lips is very unpleasant. It is a series of water bubbles connected together. On the place where herpes occurs, there is an unpleasant feeling of burning and itching. As for the causes of herpes on the lips, there are several:

  • One of the reasons should be considered reduced immunity in the cold or hot season.
  • Herpes on the lips can occur and as a resultsuch diseases as angina, common cold, flu. This is due to the fact that during these diseases the human immune system is significantly weakened and the body becomes vulnerable to various viral infections.
  • Overheating and hypothermia of the body can be the reason for the manifestation of herpes on the lips.
  • This virus can manifest itself as a result of emotional disorders and stressful situations.
  • Any poisoning of the body can provoke herpes. To promote its appearance can and such harmful habits as frequent use of alcoholic beverages, coffee and smoking.

There are other reasons whyto manifest this disease. So, for example, poor nutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals, frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun, excessive physical exertion, and as a result, fatigue, persistent stressful situations, menstruation in women - all this can trigger the manifestation of the herpes virus. Here everything is also connected with the weakening of immunity. By itself, herpes on the lips is quite contagious and very easily can be transmitted to other people. So, for example, one of the ways of transmission of infection can be considered a kiss, the use of one dish with a sick person, the use of the same towel, etc. This speaks first of all that it is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene and avoid contact and interaction with the sore itself. It is very important to know that the first type of herpes can manifest not only on the lips, it can easily go to the eyes and other areas of skin on the face. If you feel an unpleasant sensation on the lips in the form of burning and itching, or tingling and tingling, accompanied by the formation of vesicles, it is necessary to take all necessary measures as soon as possible. ointment against herpes

What it is necessary to know if there was herpes on the lips

As already mentioned, herpes on the lips isvery contagious. It is for this reason, after each contact with the sore (for example, when applying ointment), you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap. Do this in order to avoid the spread of infection to other parts of the body. Do not try to get rid of the sore by picking it off. This will only increase the risk of spreading the infection. To avoid the appearance of herpes on the eyes, limit yourself in applying makeup for a period when the infection on the lips does not pass. If nevertheless there is an urgent need for make-up, try to ensure that your hands are always washed after contact with the sore. But it is worth knowing that one should not touch the mucous eyes with clean hands. When using contact lenses, remember that in no case can you moisten them with your saliva, otherwise the risk of spreading herpes and the eyes will be too great. Use separate towels, eat from a separate dish, so as not to infect other members of your family. After the infection has disappeared, it is recommended to thoroughly disinfect all utensils with which there was contact, towels, a toothbrush and other items. If possible, replace them with new ones, otherwise a re-occurrence of herpes is possible. During manifestations of the disease, try to avoid direct sunlight. This can only worsen the condition, significantly increase the burning sensation and itching.

Methods and ways of penetration of the herpes virus into the body

This virus can be infected while still inthe womb, but the most frequent way of infection is considered contact with the patient. After the herpes virus enters our body, it goes to the nerve cells, where for some time it ceases. This process is called a persistent state. At a time when the human immune system weakens, the virus wakes up and begins to multiply actively. The result of such actions of the virus is the eruption on the lips and other parts of the body (depending on the type of virus). The human body becomes vulnerable to the virus in the following cases:

  • As a result of hypothermia. Probably, it is for this reason that the manifestation of the herpes virus is often called a catarrhal disease, after all, there is often a certain pattern: supercooled - herpes on the lips appeared.
  • Frequent lack of sleep only provokes an activeactivity of the virus. This is due to the fact that the body is exhausted and trying to sleep. Mental activity is dulled, the immune system also tries to sleep, which gives the herpes virus an excellent opportunity to pass unnoticed by the guards. Lack of sleep, of course, does not lead to the fact that the immune cells begin to dormant, but still it is able for some time to depress the body's defense system.
  • Regular use of so-called externalstimulants can create excellent conditions for the development of the virus. Human nutrition should be rational and balanced. Do not often use coffee, which only creates the illusion of vivacity. The lack of necessary useful elements and vitamins can lead to the fact that the activity of the herpes virus will increase significantly.
  • Depression, constant stress, depressionstate - all this makes the body vulnerable to the virus. Any sense of suffering in the body weakened immunity, which allows the virus to actively develop and multiply.

Treatment of herpes on the lips

Treatment of herpes on the lips

The appearance of this virus on the lips includes several stages:

  • The first stage can last up to a day. At this stage, there is slight burning, tingling and itching in the area of ​​the lips. Treatment, begun already at this stage, will avoid further rashes.
  • It is at this stage that the lips turn red and swell, and characteristic bubbles form. This stage is called the stage of inflammation.
  • Stage of ulceration. Here already formed vesicles are opened, in their place appear jazvochki. Just at this stage a person becomes most infectious. There are complaints of severe burning and pain. Children may lose their appetite.
  • The last stage is called the stage of fade-out. Here at the site of sores, a crust is formed which first dries up, and then disappears.
  • As already mentioned, the treatment of herpes on the lipsyou need to start as early as possible. At occurrence of any discomfort in the field of lips, an itch and a burning sensation it is necessary to use special ointments which are on sale in any drugstore. Such antiherpetic ointments contain penciclovir or acyclovir. Very good in the fight against herpes is the ointment Zovirax. The price for such ointment is 300 rubles on average, but it will last for a long time and the result will not be long in coming. Acyclovir is much cheaper, the price for it is 25-45 rubles. These ointments can dry the bubbles formed on the lips, relieve burning and itching. It is necessary to apply ointment to the affected area every 2-4 hours. You can use in addition and ointments containing zinc. They are necessary for the disinfection of the skin. Such treatment is fast enough and gives its positive results. If you often have herpes on the surface of your lips, then you can take additional tablets of Acyclovir or a more expensive drug - Voltarex. Rapid treatment of herpes is possible with the help of ordinary table salt. It is enough to lubricate the affected area of ​​the lips with cotton wool soaked in a dense solution of salt. An infusion of calendula or chamomile will also help to quickly cure a cold on the lips.

    Cold on the lips: rapid treatment and prevention

    As you know, with the right balancedhuman immunity is able to fight any infection. The human immune system produces antibodies that can suppress the development of the herpes virus. It is necessary to strengthen immunity, use complexes of vitamins. So, for example, in the autumn-spring period, strengthen the body with special preparations based on Echinacea (Immunal), use vitamin-mineral complexes (Supradin, Complivit), use vitamin C. more often. Try to avoid any stressful situations, get enough sleep. Include in your daily diet plenty of fresh fruit (mostly citrus fruits) and vegetables. Consume enough kiwi, onions and cabbage. They are able to protect against herpes and vitamins of group B, in particular vitamin B6 and B12, products rich in selenium and zinc. Zinc rich fish and meat, sunflower seeds, wheat germ. Selenium is abundant in seafood, nuts, eggs. By the way, zinc promotes the fastest healing of small wounds. Treatment of herpes is possible and folk remedies. There is a special herbal tea that can quickly get rid of the manifestations of the virus, mitigate the symptoms of the disease. To make this tea, you need 1 part of juniper fruit, 3 parts of cherry fruit and the same amount of lemon balm. All must be mixed, then take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and pour 1 cup of boiling water. It is recommended to drink this tea 3-4 times a day. You can add a teaspoon of honey. Another herbal tea, which can quickly solve the problem, consists of propolis and chamomile flowers. A teaspoon of chamomile flowers should be poured with one glass of boiling water and left for 10 minutes. Then in the broth should be added 1 teaspoon of spirituous tincture of propolis (10%). The resulting solution is ready for use, it should be taken in small sips. Sufficiently effective in the fight against the herpes virus is the following mixture: it is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of honey, 3 cloves of garlic (grated on a fine grater), 1 tablespoon of ash. All thoroughly mix and apply to the affected area. It is important to remember that if the herpes on the lips does not pass within 10 days, you should consult a doctor who will choose the most suitable treatment. And remember: the weaker your immune system, the more likely the manifestation of the herpes virus. Watch your health and take care of it.