Women's trousersFor several seasons in a row, trousersfemale - or, as they are also called, sarueel pants, afghani, aladdins - do not go off the fashion podiums. They differ in free cut and lowered almost to the knees of the motes. Volumetric in the hips and tapering to the bottom of the trousers have a seal in the form of an elastic band or cuff. Because of this, they are collected by soft folds in the ankle area and allow you to vary the length of the product by raising or lowering the cuffs. In the collections of 2012, women's trousers can be found both long and short. Belt of such trousers is most often decorated with a wide elastic band, but buttons, buttons, lightning and even lacing are also allowed. The choice of fabrics for fashionable pants is also varied. In the collections of 2012 fashionable couturier presents a huge variety of trousers for everyday wear - from viscose, cotton, knitwear and jeans. For fashionable trousers designers prefer to use more noble fabrics, such as velvet, silk, chiffon, etc. At one time pants of this style were very popular among oriental women. Thanks to their cut, they do not hamper the movements and make it possible to hide some of the shortcomings of the female figure. It is for these qualities that they liked not only the inhabitants of the eastern harems, but also the contemporary representatives of the beautiful half of humanity from different parts of the world.

The choice of fashion trousers: tips stylists

Unfortunately, fashionable in this season bloomers are able to decorate not every woman. Who are the harem trousers?

  • Women's fashionable trousers, and absolutely anycut, can only afford owners of model growth and the same figure. On slim, slender girls, the saruele pants look very impressive.
  • This style is "shown" and girls with narrow hips, because the voluminous in the top of the trousers can visually give the hips a more rounded and mouth-watering forms.
  • Women's wide trousers are also beautifuloption for girls and women with forms resembling a banana: they will focus on the waist and thereby visually balance the proportions. Thanks to this, the figure will look more slender and attractive.
  • Owners of pear-shaped physique stylists do not recommend choosing narrowing trousers.
  • The optimal option for ladies with lush forms can be a choice of single-color harem trousers or wide trousers with large print.
  • Thin girls, on the contrary, will approach the Aladdins in a fine pattern and light tones.
  • Girls of small stature, before you wear the pants of this style, you need to think carefully, because they visually shorten the length of the legs and make growth even smaller.
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    How and with what to wear trousers?

    Popular in oriental harem pants are modernFashionable women can wear anywhere and with anything. Thanks to the current variety of styles and fabrics of fashionable women's trousers, they can be worn not only as casual clothes, but also as an evening dress. Modern stylists and fashion designers suggest putting this garment on even work, giving preference to strict monochromatic models. As you probably already noticed, sharovary is a very democratic clothing that can be worn on weekdays or on holidays. Moreover, this bright and spectacular object of the women's wardrobe is well combined with many things of the women's wardrobe. But they are especially attractive with monophonic and colorful accented tops and things in ethno-style: with blouses, blouses and tunics, decorated with embroideries and ribbons. While white blouses with fitted jackets are well suited to business style. To look fashionable and stylish this spring and summer, stylists advise to combine trousers of this style with a short "top". The trousers are especially well looked in combination with multi-colored tight tops. An excellent addition to this ensemble will be decorations in the form of beads, pendants or bracelets. Stylish hats, neck scarves, high-heeled shoes or a wedge and original belts will help to give a complete look to the image created by you. Do not be afraid to show imagination and experiment, creating similar options and new images. As you can see, in the new fashion season, spring-summer 2012, the girls' original style of women's trousers attracted by many girls is not going to leave fashionable podiums; moreover, it provides fashioners with a lot of opportunities for self-expression. Despite the fact that many are categorically against this fashion, comfortable and versatile pants are coveted and in demand for most of the fair sex. This spring and summer without this trendy gizmos unthinkable wardrobe of any modern fashionista.