women's vests 2011 Stylish image of a modern girl constantlychanges: every day he has new features and chips. Therefore, it is always pleasant to surprise a beauty with a rich wardrobe, in which there will be an interesting, status, brand and simply cool clothes. And today we advise you to diversify your image with stylish women's vests, especially as in the coming season they will be the most current trends. It is expected that they will become an adornment of Casual bows, business office outfits and evening toilets. Therefore, it's time to consider the styles of women's vests and choose among them the one that suits you best. Let's briefly go through the main trends, choosing from the trends only real hits that perfectly fit into your appearance.

  • Very popular promise to be women's furvests, and this is clear, because they always look rich, talk about luxury and chic. In principle, these are things that remain fashionable for more than one year, so their purchase is always justified.
  • An interesting option will be leather jacketswomen - they are great for active and confident girls. Such models are usually richly decorated with chains and original buttons, are decorated with gilding and inserts from satin or velvet - they look moderately strict and at the same time unusual enough that they always attract.
  • But the real hit is already knittedmodels of women's vests: photo actresses, singers, secular lionesses and other celebrities tell us that in the coming season they will be worn by everyone. From the universal and glamorous models at the same time, both high school graduates and business ladies will be delighted.
  • Of course, stably high positions will remainfashionable women's vests made of lightweight fabrics: the linen, cotton, silk models of the girl will also be worn with joy. After all, these things can be the most vivid and positive, unusual and original.
  • The real decoration of Casual style continuesto remain a denim vest female - about him in the coming season just can not be forgotten. This is a thing worthy of taking an honorable place in the maid's wardrobe, because it can be dressed for work and for gatherings with friends, both on a visit and at a restaurant.
  • As you can see, there are enough popular models, thereforewe would like to elaborate on the most interesting of them. Let's look at women's fur and knitted vests: photos of the last collections tell us that they will become trendy trends for the next few seasons. And this means that we girls are simply obliged to enrich our wardrobe with such things, so we are thinking about what clothes to replenish our "arsenal" of charm.

    Knitted waistcoats for women 2016: what to buy?

    women's vests 2011 photo The abundance of existing options today,originally decorated with decorative elements, opens a wide field for the girls to act - each of us can be beautiful in such clothes - the main thing is to choose it correctly and competently.

    • Long vest knitted vesta truly universal thing, perfectly suitable for beauties of all ages. By the way, an interesting and very convenient highlight of any such model is the belt, pulling the waist - it will allow to emphasize all the dignity of the female figure, making imperfections imperceptible.
    • If we consider women's fashion vests2016-2017, just need to say about models crocheted. Their business card is interesting and complex patterns that can not be made with spokes - each such thing looks original and even exclusive, which is why fashion girls will choose it.
    • As we have already said, many knitted waistcoatsfemale 2016 is richly decorated with decorative inserts, rhinestones, unusual buttons, noticeable patterns and contrasting applications. And it's good, because in this case, home-warm and very cozy clothes become truly glamorous: it can be boldly appear in discos, bars and nightclubs.

    But the most convenient is that, for all itspopularity, such things remain not only universal, but also very practical. So, the same knitted long waistcoats made of merino wool or alpaca, perfectly warm in the cold, give comfort to tactile sensations - they are just nice, they are nice to wear, and this is important. With such things, even a glamorous secular lioness can easily take care of her own coziness.

    Stylish women's fur vests: why exactly?

    women's fashion vests These are things whose impeccable beauty does not pass awayover time - they are the very classics that remain relevant from season to season. And it does not even matter what the feminine fur vest, the elite sable and mink or from the available rabbit and fox is actually made of - it always produces a chic impression. Therefore, we advise Russian girls to include it in their wardrobe - do not miss the opportunity to decorate your appearance impeccably stylish things. By the way, not only classical but also bold, original, creative models will be popular. To see this, just look at the popular women's vests 2016: Armani's photo collections talk about the leopard, Dolce & Gabanna - about the pile of a ram, Balmain and Valentino - about bold lilac and emerald colors. As you can see, there is enough recognized classics and creativity: this shows that it is behind women's waistcoats made of fur that the future - the release of new models will not allow them to get off the pedestal of maiden's honor and respect. In this case, pay attention, choose a thing from the mink, the beaver, the rabbit must be thin, taking into account its height and shape. After all, any such vest will necessarily make the girl's forms more voluminous - this should not be forgotten.

    • Slender and tall girls, we would recommendshort models that end at the waist or waist level - so the figure will be perfectly emphasized. At the same time women's vests from fur can be any, as fluffy, and smooth, as simple, or richly decorated with decorative elements - it is important only that they are not too long.
    • But if the girl has curvy shapes, she's betterfit free models, ending at about mid-thigh, tied with an interesting belt. It is this style of the women's waistcoat that will help to emphasize the merits of a tightly built figure and turn small minuses into seductive pluses.

    Now the model itself is easy to choose, but it remainsopen question: with what does this interesting element of clothing combine? Believe me, effective options and stylish combinations are enough: for example, a fur garment in autumn or spring can be worn directly on a sweater - this is an elegant and at the same time convenient replacement for a jacket. No less interesting can be a tandem with light clothing - just look how it looks like a combination of a long silk dress or skirt and a mink, sable, fox female vest: photos of the latest European collections and celebrities tell us about the popularity of such combinations. By the way, for the best effect, you can choose a mini-skirt or short dress and shoes with high heels, but, naturally, this option is suitable only for courageous girls and not in every situation. But remember that even the most stylish women's vests can and should be adorned with large costume jewelery, elegant pendants, other interesting and elegant accessories. But the handbag must be chosen carefully - pay attention, it should be made of the same fur.

    Female vests: fashion trends 2016

    denim vest female Let's focus on those trends that will be able to give us interesting and practical solutions in the coming season:

    • It will be original jeans womenvests with embroidered designs or contrasting applications. Such a thing will become an effective stroke in the girl's portrait, unusual, but attractively adorns both business and youth look.
    • A refined model of a vest will look refinedfemale: photo of light cotton things with simple lines and shapes tell us about it without words. By the way, the "token" of such clothes is its lower part in a small assembly - it adds to the girl's look of tenderness and romanticism.
    • Among all the variety of women's fashion vests2016 worthy place is occupied by fishnet models with rich embroidery. This is a luxurious option for going to the theater, visiting the restaurant, reception, reception, business meeting - these things subtly emphasize that you know how to dress with taste.
    • Original and interesting can look leathera female waistcoat with an unusual arrangement of decorative buttons. The combination of leather and, for example, gilded copper or wood, creates an effective contrast, which is sure to pay attention to everyone.
    • Ethno-style will be very popular and in the case ofwaistcoats women's 2016: a photo of modern collections of Russian and European fashion designers will be the best proof of this. Prints, applications, drawings with African lions and rhinoceroses, Chinese elephants and dragons, British lions and griffins, Russian flowers in the coming season become the original adornments of fashionable women's clothes, and each girl opens hundreds of options for enriching her wardrobe.

    We hope that this article and ourmodest advice - we recommend that you focus on the trends and trends described in it. Then you can easily choose those original, interesting and fashionable women's vests, in which you will look just great. We advise you to read: