brassiere pushup Whichever woman abandoned the elastic, lushforms of the breast? This is the dream of every lady and the object of lust for any man, because nothing acts on them so smoothly as a tall, beautiful bust. Medicine has long offered its services to solve problems associated with the small size of the female breast, but the procedure for increasing and correcting the bust is expensive, unsafe and painful enough, for these reasons, not so many women dared to take such a cardinal step in changing the appearance. Therefore, a real gift for the female half of the population was a relatively new invention of the world of fashion - a push-up bra. The bra with the push-up effect is an excellent alternative to surgical intervention and is an ideal option for daily correction of the size and shape of the breast. It is believed that these products are the most economical way to give female curves a seductive silhouette. After all, the age, pregnancy and breastfeeding of a baby, fluctuations in weight and simply not enough lavish breast volumes affect the beauty of the female body. The main advantage of this detail of the women's wardrobe is the immediate effect of raising the breast and increasing its shape, no operation is safe and in such a short time to adjust female charms. When choosing such a product, be guided by the quality of the material, the fabric that is used to make the laundry. The cheaper models are made of synthetic materials that can irritate delicate skin, brand things are oriented to breast hygiene, they are manufactured taking into account its physiological structure. If a woman puts comfort above all, then you can find seamless styles, for open or strongly décolleté dresses, bra straps will fit perfectly.

A bra with a push-up effect - the discovery of the last century

brassiere pushup photoIn the 30-ies of the last century was developedprototype of modern models of bras with the effect of lifting and breast augmentation. Cups, which were very popular in those years, had a sharp pointed shape. Many draw parallels between retro bras and knight armor. But with the most important task that was put before these products, they cope perfectly: they supported the chest and gave it shape, volume. The official year of the creation of the bra with the effect of pushapa is 1964. And now for half a century this product not only does not give up its positions in the world of women's fashion, but it is becoming more popular, as the models are constantly being improved, they are in step with time. Many designers consider a bra super push up to the best inventions of women's fashion of the 20th century. Now there is not a single modern lady who does not have this product stored in the wardrobe. "Forward and upward" are the main principles that this part of the toilet serves, because this bra ideally raises and pushes the chest, visually increasing its volume. Modern push up bra is made mainly of satin or cotton material, although exclusive design models can be created from more expensive fabric variants. What made this detail of the ladies' toilet so popular and indispensable? This is the uniqueness of the structure of the sash of a special shape, the use of special pads in its cup. The push-up gel bra is one of the latest models that uses non-foam inserts and gaskets for lifting, and pads filled with gel to maximize the lifting of the female breast often use wire bones. However, lovers of naturalness prefer pantless bra. The assortment of this part of the women's wardrobe admires the diversity and can not be reduced to the absence or presence of metal inserts, now the market is able to offer a trendy silicone bra, pushap in such models is achieved due to silicone material, not classic, everyday. There is nothing to mention about the richness of style solutions, because there are a lot of brands that constantly update collections of women's underwear with new models, and women's magazines offer a push-up bra, a photo of which shows the sexual forms of a woman's body.

Push pull bra - an indispensable weapon for women

Why are there so many arguments that encourage a woman to purchase this toilet part? Let's try to understand:

  • Brassieres pushap is nothing more thanmodern modification of the women's corset, in any case, the principle of action is the same, only this is achieved in a modern product not due to the tightening and hard linen base, but by using gaskets, gel inserts, foam pads, silicone material. Bras pushap gel significantly outperform their foam rubber counterparts, they are able to better keep the shape of the female breast and wear in such products is an order of magnitude higher.
  • Breast augmentation is the main motive that prompts women to purchase this bra style.
  • Push up effect in itself impliesthe use of supporting inserts, but designers in modern models make it possible to remove pads if desired, but not only this is the original product, because now the world of fashion offers styles from the most closed to the "balconet", usually the last straps. The style of the balconet is ideal for outfits with an extremely deep neckline.
  • The great advantage of pushap brasis the ability to adjust the puffiness of the chest. Super insoles are often placed in front of the fastening fasteners, which allow you to approximate or remove the cups, depending on this, the breast takes on natural forms or vice versa, a higher position.

Assortment of the modern market of lingerie

brassiere with push-up effectElite manufacturers of lingerie, whichset the world standards for sewing this part of the toilet, it is considered to be such labels as Victoria's Secret, Agent Provocateur, Chantal Thomass. Separate lines for the production of push-up bras are produced by Wonderbra company - it specializes precisely in the production of this style. As a rule, lingerie with push-up effect has different variations of performance. It can be models with or without supporting bones. If we consider the type of fabric that is often used to create this indispensable part of the wardrobe, then most designers use thick fabric, and the latest-novelty models refer to the generation of silicone push-up bras. Most often, such underwear has additional pockets for liners, which provide an increase in breast volume, usually such models are two-layer, because they are designed to visually add the size of the female breast. The assortment of choice can amaze with its diversity, it becomes possible to find literally any option: from economy class, to designer exclusive models, from minimalistic solutions, to pompous splendor. The models from the Victoria's Secret collection refer specifically to presentable products, they bet on emphasizing female sexuality and as if screaming: the beauty of female forms is not necessarily a virtue given by nature. For connoisseurs of minimalism, the Kinga brand presented the opportunity to purchase seamless models of bras with the lifting effect, they are ideal for extremely dirty dresses and under sports shirts for especially active women who are keen on sports, bringing maximum comfort. Often in the pages of magazines placed models of bras pushap, photos of which differ erotic - this is mainly products from Anais. That is, each woman can purchase models according to her subjective tastes and possibilities, the range of the market makes this possible. Dear women, each of us wants to look irresistible and cause admiration from the stronger sex. If nature has not rewarded you with outstanding forms - this is not a reason to despair and to put on a cross, this is not a reason to resort to surgical intervention, there are more democratic methods that are guaranteed to ensure success. Women's underwear with push up effect and lifting will add sexuality and seductiveness, visually increase the volume of the breast and will prick their eyes to it, but most importantly - will give you confidence in your own femininity and irresistibility. In addition to using effective laundry, we recommend , which were collected on one disk. We advise you to read: