trousers breeches for women Fashion then passes, then returns again, and thistoday you will not surprise anyone. Here and extravagant trousers breeches women have not escaped this fate: since the 80s of the last century, the fashion for them has died down, then it flares up with renewed vigor. Now they are again at the peak of popularity, so this summer without this fashion thing can not do any fashionista. But before proceeding to the selection of such trousers, it is not superfluous to find out the history of their appearance.

A bit of history

Their origin is fashionable trousers breechesowe the French general Gaston Halif, thanks to which they were born. Going to the ball, arranged by the government of the French Republic, he dressed in extremely wide in the hips and heavily narrowed below the knees trousers-riding breeches. Appearance in public in such a dress became a big surprise for everyone. But, nevertheless, all of Halifey's trousers were pleasant to everyone, especially ladies. And few of those present guessed the real reason, which prompted the cavalryman to abandon the tight-fitting losin and put on those very trousers. His plans were not at all to shock the people around him and draw attention to his person, he just wanted to hide his hip during the French-Prussian war. Trousers breeches for many years settled down with the military, especially they fell in love with the cavalrymen. And despite the fact that the fair sex has long been mastering the items of the men's wardrobe - back in the early twentieth century, in their wardrobe they appeared relatively recently: just a few decades ago. Fashionable trousers breeches of various sizes entered the ladies' wardrobe in the early 80s of the last century, since then they have become an inalienable fashionable part of the women's costume. But then these pants were not widely spread, and all because, many women of fashion considered this model unfeminine, besides, it was completely incomprehensible with what to wear this trendy thing. However, they did not have to wait long for their "star hour": with the appearance in our life of the now popular dance styles "tectonics" and "electro", fashionable trousers-breeches gained new breath. And since then their style is no longer in any doubt. Many people today, especially those of the opposite sex, are not enthusiastic about this fashion thing. Well-known to the older generation trousers-riding breeches today again at the height of fashion. And this is not surprising, because these trousers began climbing to the top of popularity last season, as evidenced by numerous photos of women's pants riding breeches from 2016 from the podiums of the world. And all this thanks to the world-famous brand Diesel Black Gold and designer Osman Yusifzade, as well as celebrities such as Mary Keith Olsen and Keira Knightley, who successfully implemented the model of fashionable breeches at the Fashion Week held in London and New York. It is with the light hand of these couturier trousers breeches women's 2016 again recognize fashion and style, making this style the most fashionable and relevant in this season.

Trousers breeches 2016: fashion trends of the season

trousers breeches 2016 Trousers breeches, appeared on the fashion podiums inthe winter of 2016, are not going to surrender their positions, at least this summer and fall. For this season, designers are offering ladies trousers to riding breeches 2016: the photo of the female models that you see on our website is, perhaps, one of the most controversial offers of modern designers to date. Trousers that are free from the hips to the knees and narrowed on the shins with slightly or strongly "deflated motley" are designed only for large fans. Although such extravagant pants are not dared by every girl, the breeches of women's breeches in 2016 can be regarded as an ideal option for training and dancing: they do not hamper the movement and allow plastic movement. They are also good for walking around the city, picnics in nature and even cocktail parties. Although in this season the designers took a serious interest in the military style, they did not completely copy the military uniform. Leading fashion houses and fashion designers preferred this time to play on the nuances. Judging by the photos, women's trousers breeches 2016 from new designer collections only retain the silhouette. Length trousers-riding breeches in this season can reach both to the knee, and to the ankles. A huge popularity among modern women of fashion wear Capri and shorts of this style.

With what to combine fashionable trousers breeches?

trousers breeches for women Trousers for breeches 2016: with what to wear the favorites of the spring-summer season 2016? This question is relevant for every girl who gave preference to these fashionable pants. The style of the breeches is so simple and unobtrusive that it perfectly matches almost any kind of clothing. Therefore, the question of what to wear trousers breeches in 2016, no one should arise. The choice is yours, and as always it is very wide and varied. It all depends on your taste, fantasies and preferences. The main thing in wearing trousers of this style is to choose the right one. After reviewing your wardrobe, you will surely find many things that the trousers of the breeches will perfectly match 2016 - women's photos show this perfectly. Fashionable are combinations with a classic shirt, all sorts of tops, bolero, turtlenecks, T-shirts and even a jacket. Perfectly looks the style of riding breeches with a short fitted cardigan in the style of safari. Original and at the same time, a combination of riding breeches with a sleeveless fur made of natural fur, the back of which is made of denim or dense knitwear, looks fashionable. Preferred natural tone - black and white or brown-gray scale. Stylists also offer to wear trousers breeches for women in 2016 with short fur jackets or made of leather and suede jacket-pilots. In a word, with these pants you can put on anything you like, but at the same time avoid the volume. At slim and tall ladies, this style of trousers will look good with fitted clothes. Do not be afraid to experiment, combining several styles in the ensemble. Taste and sense of proportion will help you create your own unique image.

  • Colors

As for the color scheme, the stylists adviseexperiment and choose under trousers breeches a monophonic top. Depending on the mood and relevance of color combinations and textures, you can choose a maximum of two tones, but no more. This style of women's trousers will look very impressive both with white and black, and brown top. Trendy colors - beige and chocolate this summer, out of competition. Owners of full legs should choose their riding breeches in dark shades. Looking at women's trousers breeches 2016 - photos of the most relevant combinations of fashionable pants with other things of women's wardrobe you will find on our website - you will easily pick up the most current combination of fashionable things for any occasion of life, whether it's a party with friends, a romantic walk in the evening city or a sortie on the nature.

  • Fabrics

As you probably already noticed in the photo,Women's trousers breeches 2016 in the collections of the new season are made of a variety of fabrics. The trendy object of the women's wardrobe can be sewn from velvet, denim, silk, satin, wool with the addition of silk threads or knitwear.

  • Footwear

As for the choice of shoes for fashiontrousers-riding breeches, designers insistently recommend closed species. And it is appropriate shoes at both low and figure heels. Many celebrities prefer to wear this fashion thing with summer boots, high sandals and sandals. A win-win option for owners of low growth will be ankle boots with high heels. Putting on such trousers with militar shoes with all kinds of rivets, buckles and other accessories, you will create a complete stylish image without violating the principles of the ensemble.

  • Accessories

As an accessory to trousers breeches it is possiblechoose a large voluminous bag or, conversely, a small stylish clutch. It all depends on how you decided to wear these fashionable extravagant trousers. Do not forget to supplement your ensemble with fashionable and stylish costume jewelry, which this year is fashionable to wear over the outer clothing.

What should I remember when choosing a fashion trouser-riding breeches?

trousers breeches for women 2016 When creating your own unique image is not worth itforget that the fashionable trousers of breeches fit well in the concept of free bohemian or street style, but in the office or at any ceremonial events they will obviously be out of place.

  • Especially good this style of trousers looks on slender girls and young women with very narrow hips.
  • Owners of a small chest, who preferred this style of trousers, should pay special attention to the correction of his bust.
  • Do not hesitate and choose trousers breeches for women: photos from new collections, published on our website, allow you to adjust such features of the female figure as: excessive fullness of the legs (especially in the hips); Thin legs; not perfectly even and slender legs; pits or knobs on the surface of the thighs.
  • Shortened options, as well as lowlanding, go not every girl, as the breeches trousers female 2016 visually shorten the legs. But here you can find a way out: to balance the figure due to shoes with high heels.
  • Knowing all these subtleties, you can independently choose the most fashionable combination of the ensemble, which will look very stylish and effective on your figure. We advise you to read: