1 Coat - this is one of the basic elements of the basicwomen's wardrobe. In addition, this is the unconditional trend of the autumn-winter season 2010-2011. On the world's catwalks, a feminine and elegant style dominates, which can not be imagined without a coat or trench coat. Real fashionistas choose a coat according to their own unique taste and style is both simple and difficult. Simply because any specialized coat store or shopping center is ready to offer a wide range of this wardrobe item. However, according to visitors of many stores, it is possible to choose a coat in practice far from the first time. The difficulty lies in the fact that original coats, coats or trench coats are often considered an attribute of youth style and, therefore, offer this group of goods in a fairly narrow size range. Happy owners of classical feminine forms have to confine themselves to ridiculous and boring models of coats, which have neither form nor charm. Going into any clothing store, you can long admire the original coat, ideally sitting on a mannequin size 40. However, asking the seller, the same, but the 48th size, it will be found that this model (like many others) ends at 44th size. But not everything is as hopeless as it may seem. Fortunately, many brands are thinking not only about adolescent girls, but also about mature, held women. Today you can buy a coat of exclusive cut, suitable size and high quality in wholesale and retail ... This is where you can really satisfyyour need for beauty, convenience and quality! What is the advantage of the Fares store over other specialized coat stores? The most important thing for a potential buyer is the optimal combination of quality and price. Since the Fares trademark has its own production, the prices for coats are more than democratic. The margins in the store are minimal, which allows you to buy a coat for only 4-5 thousand rubles. As for the size range, the coat models in the Fares store are presented from size 42 to size 64! This makes it possible for overweight women to choose their favorite model of the required size without hesitation. And the models are really exclusive and stylish! Leading designers of the Fares trademark very closely follow fashion trends and, on their basis, create unique author's models of classic double-breasted coats or youth cropped coats. The site of the Fares store presents colorful and detailed raincoats. There are over 50 models, and they all meet the current trends of the upcoming season. The color gamut is also quite wide: from classic white and black to trendy shades of purple, coral, fuchsia and blue. Quite unusual models of coats with a wrap or shawl collar, with a stand-up collar and a wide belt, with a double side and a detachable hood. For the second season, the military style (slightly changed towards femininity) is in fashion, as well as the new look style that burst in unexpectedly and for a long time. In the Fares store you can choose coats of these two current styles in an unusual interpretation of the brand's designers. And, of course, the cage! For several seasons, she holds her position, gradually turning into a classic. Plaid coats are presented in a wide range of models: from double-breasted cropped coats to fitted with a belt. The store of the Fares trademark will be pleased to offer beneficial cooperation to wholesale customers. After all, the success of the trading business and the increase in profits depend on the assortment. To save time, it is possible to order a batch of goods via the Internet, and to save money, there is a flexible system of discounts. The consultations of the manager attached to each individual wholesale buyer will allow you to accurately determine the selection of the collection. The Fares store is always glad to its customers, working only for them and for their sake. We advise you to read: