hairstyles for bridesmaids The bridesmaids are probably the secondimportance of the person at the wedding after the bride and groom. They help with the organization of contests and entertainment rooms, can help with a gorgeous dress, and just are witnesses. And of course, each of them asks himself the question, what should be the hairstyle of the bridesmaids? It is very important to look beautiful, but do not overdo the bride herself. With outfits today, almost no problems, because the choice of festive dresses and costumes is simply huge. But in choosing a hairstyle, serious difficulties can arise. What is she, a hairstyle for the bridesmaids? Some girls somehow believe that they simply have to erect a whole Babylonian tower on their heads in honor of such a solemn event. Yes, it does not hurt to decorate this architectural construction from hair with all kinds of beads, shells, flowers, etc. But this is a big, big mistake.

What should be the hairstyle for the bridesmaid

The main rule for choosing a girlfriend's hairstylebrides - restraint and laconism combined with strict sophistication. This means that you can use only the minimum of decorations and decorations. For example, you can weave one flower into the hairdo, if the wedding is spring or summer. For colder seasons, decoration from invisible and studs with small beads will suit. But we do not need to weave ribbons to the bridesmaids. It is more suitable for weddings in a medieval style, for a modern celebration such hairstyles will be too odious. hairstyle bridesmaids

Hairdo options for bridesmaids

Simple curls This is the simplest, but it does notThe worst version of the hairstyle for the witness. It is enough just to curl the hair and leave it free to lie on the shoulders or lock from behind. Simple, economical and does not require a lot of time. Decorate such a styling can be with the help of a hoop, a small pin, an invisible or studs with a decor. This option is perfect if you choose a romantic image, especially in light, pastel colors. And for women with short haircuts, this is the most optimal option. French braid No less relevant version of the hairstyle is the French braid. The beauty of it is that you can play with strands, make the tourniquets bulky or even done on tight scrolls. But you have to be careful with decorations, otherwise you risk mistakenly get to the place of the bride. The French braid is very self-sufficient, so you can do just a beautiful barrette on the end of the spikelet. Braid-basket Probably my mother plaited such a basket on the head of each girl for the holidays. It is also suitable for a wedding celebration. Pigtail can be diversified by pulling out small "loops" of hair or adding a few small flowers-flowers. A more modern variant is to braid a thin pigtail along the outline of the face, and the remaining strands of the thread should be wound and left loose or gathered into the tail. Tail If you want to completely collect the hair, the best idea will be the classic "pony tail". It is necessary only to give it a certain zest to make the hair look more festive. For example, if you have curvy and voluminous hair, you can twist the tail into a tight tourniquet and stretch the entire tail through the middle of the base of the hairstyle. As an option, you can consider asymmetric tails (side), decorated with a small ribbon or flower. The side strands can be wound and left to frame the face. This option is very popular with bridesmaids. A bunch Another variant of a simple hairstyle, which is especially convenient if the wedding takes place in the hot season - a bunch. Classics, which is undeservedly forgotten, although it looks great in the festive image of the bridesmaids. There may be several options: low, high beam, decorated with ribbon, net or invisible ... Choose you. The main condition is volume. Even if you have to use an overhead bunch, it's better than a lean little bump on the back of your neck. As you can see, the hairstyle for the bridesmaid can be simple and at the same time very refined and beautiful. And it is not necessary to run to the best for a hairdresser who will ask for his work a considerable amount. You can quite do on your own and with the help of a friend to create a chic image. It is only necessary to practice a little, so that everything will turn out perfectly! We advise you to read: