what color should I color my hair At all times, women wanted to look beautiful. And what can make a great attraction in the female image, if not well-groomed shiny hair of a saturated color. Today, a bright and persistent shade of hair can be achieved with the help of paint, which in our time abound. It remains to choose only the one that will be to taste and fit at a cost. So, if you are not satisfied with the natural color of your hair, and you are determined to paint, then you need to consider some points. To begin with it is necessary to be defined, in what color to paint hair. To do this, you need to know what color type you belong to. After all, the right shade is able to transform a woman's appearance, make it brighter, more attractive. But if you choose a paint that does not fit your type, then you risk to add yourself a few years or to make visible some of the skin defects of the face. There are four color types: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Spring - warm honey

in what color to paint fair-haired hair Girls of this type have, as a rule,light shades of the eyes: green, blue, brown. Natural hair color: from light-brown to light-chestnut. Color of skin warm shades: yellow, beige, golden. These girls are suitable for all shades of light brown, with golden tint, honey, bright copper or warm blondes. If you want to dye your hair in a red color, do not choose too light colors, they will make the skin of the face too pale. And if you really do not want to remain a blonde, you can choose for yourself light shades of chocolate or brown, lightening a couple of tones of individual strands. If you do not want to radically change the natural color, then you can dye your hair with ointment means that will give shine and saturation to your hair. For the spring color, cold colors are contra-indicated. Do not use white, platinum and silver. Black color also does not fit spring girls, it will make the face unprepossessing. It is better to adhere to tones that do not contrast with the natural color of the hair.

Summer - cool freshness

dye your hair Light gray or light blue eyes. Hair from white to dark-haired. Face with light skin, which has a pinkish, gray or bluish tinge. Such women are ideally suited ash, platinum or snow blond and all other colors that are silver. Summer type also you can dye your hair into light brown colors, avoiding too dark. If your skin has a pink tint or a blush appears constantly on the cheeks, it is not recommended to use red-tinted paint. Many girls of this color-type have a natural gray or slightly-light-brown hair color. Very often they have a question, what color should they color their fair-haired hair to revive them. This problem can easily be solved by choosing a light chestnut, almond or light nut. Such colors will give the hair a deep depth. The main thing is not to overdo it and not make the shade too dark, it can make the old girl old.

Autumn is a golden leaf fall

in which color to paint the red hair Eye shades can be light green, blue,blue, walnut or dark-brown or black. Hair from dark-brown to hot brunette. The complexion is brighter than that of the spring type: dark beige, golden, bronze. Autumn fit dark brown, chestnut, chocolate tones, as well as black. Girls of this type can dye their hair and light brown warm colors, avoiding too light shades, against the background of which the skin of the face does not look natural. Fallen girls very deep red color, all kinds of shades of red (mahogany, pomegranate, mahogany and others) and monochrome black, or melirovannya strands of red, chestnut and chocolate flowers.

Winter is the Snow Queen

in what color to paint dark hair Eyes can be of different colors: blue, blue, gray, green, brown or anthracite. Color range of hair: from brown to black. The skin is very light, having a white or bluish tone. Winter type is recommended to dye your hair in dark blond, ashy or black. Girls who prefer a peculiar style, you can make blue or silver strands on black hair. Platinum blond and rich black ideally look only with fair skin, without the slightest flaws. Winter girls with a white skin tone should not use honey and warm golden hues of paint.

Selection of a shade of paint

Staining also helps to fight againstage-related changes in the hair. It is important to choose the right color for painting the gray hair. There is one rule: the older a woman becomes, the lighter the color of the paint should be. If the gray hair has just started to appear and its amount is insignificant, you can use sparing types of paints for coloring or occasionally apply a toning balm to your hair. Such means should be chosen, proceeding from a natural color of your hair, they should be either identical to the natural one, or one tone lighter. And those ladies who have a lot of gray hair, will have to choose a more effective resistant hair dye, after thinking carefully over the color that will result from staining. The choice of the right shade of paint also depends on your hair color. Being a natural blonde, you need to refrain from pure white, it is better to choose a blond, with some shade. Your appearance will only benefit from this. If the color of your hair is dark brown, you do not need to paint in colors, much lighter than natural. Paint, with red tones, can only be used by women with very light almost transparent skin of the face, otherwise it can produce the effect of an unhealthy blush. Painted hair such colors as plum, eggplant and the like, should be washed off a little earlier, in order to avoid getting too bright unnatural shades. If you naturally have a dark brown or black hair color, you can lighten them for a couple of tones and make a slight highlight. Coloring your hair in such colors as dark chestnut, coffee or chocolate can add you a few years. dye your blonde hair

Care for colored hair

After dyeing the hair, a specialcare. Ideally, it is better to apply shampoo and balm-conditioner company, producing hair dye, which you used. And still, once a week, you need to apply a restoring mask to your hair. It is not recommended to wash dyed hair in chlorinated water, often blow dry and use iron. Your hair has suffered considerable damage, you should not spoil it even more. If you have colored your hair in a dark color, then you do not need to paint the roots too often, except if your natural hair is not very light. In addition, the paint is darker shades, more gentle than the various clarifiers, and gives the hair a visual volume and splendor. Having transformed into a brunette, you can afford any, even the most daring make-up. While blondes do not have such opportunities, because bright colors of shadows and lipsticks can look defiantly in combination with blond hair. Another advantage of dyeing hair in dark colors is that this procedure can be carried out at home. If nature has awarded you with blond hair, and you want, but do not dare to radically change their color, use to begin with a shade of shampoo or balm. This means only top paints hair and is washed off quickly enough, one or two times. And when staining with persistent paint, remember that it penetrates deep into the hair and lasts long enough. Do you dream of becoming a pretty blonde? Now this is not a big problem. It is better not to regret money and turn to a specialist, otherwise you risk not getting the color you wanted to see and spending a lot of effort and money to restore the desired result, and then you still have to go to the salon and pay already a large amount. After all, as you know, the miser pays twice. Be prepared for the fact that overgrown roots will have to be tinted at least once a month, if you do not want your head to look untidy. Clarified hair is also very thin and brittle. To maintain them in good shape, you will have to use all sorts of specialized means to care for problematic, weakened hair. When choosing a red hair color, be ready for increased interest from others, to your person. After all, everything bright is always in the center of attention. Avoid unnatural shades by choosing colors closer to natural. For those girls who do not yet have the courage to change their natural hair color, a good option can serve as a highlight. This procedure should also be done in the salon. It will not bring an impressive change in your own hair color, but it will help you to understand whether this shade is suitable for you or whether you should try something else. Whatever color you choose, in the end, the main thing is that it suits you, makes you attractive and happy. We advise you to read: