how to quickly grow hair On the TV screens, in the pages of fashionablemagazines now and then flashed beauties with incredibly well-groomed hair, attracting the eye. It seems that it is simply unrealistic to grow hair on its own, making it as thick and healthy as it is either given by nature or not. However, do not be in a hurry to be disappointed ahead of time and consider that you will have to settle for life with dry and brittle short hair, which under no circumstances want to grow even by a centimeter. It is not right. You need to take care of hair, and then they will become beautiful and will grow well. Just follow the tips in this article.

A short digression into biology

It is impossible to begin to tell the secrets of what,how to quickly grow and strengthen hair, without mentioning how they grow and with what speed, which affects their growth. The key component of each hair is a special sac - the follicle. In the follicle occur very important for the life of the hair chemical processes, as a result of which just grow hair, becoming more dense. On average, on the head of a man of the order of a million such follicles, only a relatively few of them are operative, only 100-150 thousand pieces. Today it is common to distinguish three main phases of hair growth:

  • phase of active hair growth, which lasts from two to five years;
  • transition phase, the duration of which is not more than 100 days;
  • phase of rest, when the hair falls out, and in their place begin to grow new.

Hair growth continues uninterruptedly, and with each new phase the hair root begins to rise higher and higher to the upper layer of the skin. Accordingly, with each new phase, the root becomes weaker.

Hair Growth Rate

Young children have an average hair per monthgrow 13 millimeters, in adults 15 millimeters, in the elderly 11 millimeters. Every day our hair grows to 0.3-0.35 millimeters, a day drops about 100-150 hairs. Using special tools, you can increase the speed of hair growth. So, in a month they can grow on 2 centimeters, in a year - on 24 centimeters. There are cases when a month a person's hair grew 3-5 centimeters, but this can not be considered a regularity. As is known, today the hair is divided into dry, normal and fatty types. As a rule, dry hair is thin and brittle, fatty, on the contrary, thick and thick. It is also believed that the total amount of hair on our head depends on their natural color. So, least of all hair at blondes, and most of all - at owners of hair of bright-red color. It is very important to always remember that each type of hair requires special care. It is impossible to look after fatty hair using the means for dry hair. So you cause them only serious harm, almost irreparable. Only you can give your hair life, make it beautiful and dense. And to help you in this can only correct care for your hair. So, in the first place, follicles should be revived (after all, only 100-150 thousand work from a million), thus speeding up hair growth.


Even if you use the mostquality and most expensive means for hair care, but you will not eat properly, do not expect the visible effect of the procedures. If you want your hair to be strong, healthy, long and thick, include in your daily diet products containing calcium and magnesium, zinc and chrome, silicon and potassium, manganese and iodine, biotin and beta-carotene. These useful trace elements are found in cottage cheese and nuts, in cereals and vegetables, in green fruits. In order for your body to receive the necessary portion of calcium for its normal functioning, eat 100-150 grams of cottage cheese daily.

How to choose the right hair products?

Choosing hair care products,be sure to consider their type. It is recommended to use shampoos and balms, produced in the same series. It is desirable that they contain natural ingredients. It is not worth chasing a high price. Do not forget about the golden rule "expensive - does not mean good." Even the most expensive products sometimes contain in their composition chemically prepared "nutritional" substances for hair, which are of little use. It is better to choose an effective and inexpensive natural remedy, which will contain natural ingredients. To hair grow quickly, you should abandon their staining. If you still can not dye your hair, do not use persistent paints. Also, refuse the perm, do not use a curling iron, do not dry your hair with a hairdryer. All these procedures strongly affect the hair, destroy their structure, make them lifeless and dry, the hair begins to die. In addition, because of the chemical effects of this kind, the hair follicles often clog, and new hair simply stops growing. how to grow hair fast

To choose a comb also need to be approached seriously

Use only brushes that will not beconfuse or tear your hair. So, give preference to wooden combs, massage brushes made of very coarse bristles. It is very important to comb your hair properly. When combing, keep the following rules:

  • comb your hair starting from the tips;
  • gradually unraveling the hair, combing them, rise along their length higher and higher to the roots;
  • the roots should be brushed at least a hundred times.

In this way, you will stimulate hair growth by massaging their bulbs.

The art of properly washing hair

Wash your hair with warm water only, the temperaturewhich ranges from +37 to +39 degrees Celsius. To achieve the greatest effect, use boiled water, and in no case - the usual flow, which flows through the pipes. Be sure to adhere to the following important rules:

  • in no case when washing hair do not overcool hair;
  • in frost wear hats that will cover the entire head;
  • choosing a hat, give preference to the usuala simple knitted cap, because huge and heavy fur hats only harm the hair. They strongly press the hair to the head, thereby creating a greenhouse effect;
  • be sure to regularly cut the ends of your hair a couple of millimeters. So you can remove the split ends, protecting the hair from further destruction. Remember: the hair begins to break from the tips.

How to grow hair fast, using folk recipes?

It's quite simple. Since you can choose chemical agents for hair care yourself, we should focus on folk remedies that will help you to transform hair, to stimulate their growth. Especially it should be noted that popular recipes, as practice shows, are the most effective. After all, in their composition, we use only fresh ingredients that have an immediate effect on their structure. Folk recipes for hair growth:

  • Stimulates the growth of hair onion juice. Very finely chop one bulb, then rub this scalp skin. Thoroughly wrap the hair; it is very important to put them in heat. With such a mask, you should walk for a couple of hours, or maybe longer. Typically, the hair after such a mask does not smell like onions. But if suddenly you smell the tart smell all the same, rinse your hair with lemon juice.
  • Try to use castor and burdockoils. With their help you can not only strengthen and nourish hair, but also get rid of dandruff. These oils are almost universally used in antiquity. Why do not we resume this beautiful tradition?
  • You can stimulate hair growth using soap from birch tar, or soap from juniper tar.
  • Rub in the scalp essential oil from birch buds. It is believed that this method of stimulating hair growth is one of the most effective.
  • Twice a week with a head wash, usea decoction of hops and marigold. In order to cook it, mix a tablespoon of cones of hops, a teaspoon of calendula flowers. This mixture is poured into one liter of boiling water, then let it cool down and steep for a while. Then apply the product to the hair. It is believed that the broth of hops and calendula helps people forget about the problem of baldness.
  • Remember the very important rule: everything is good in moderation. It is not necessary to apply medicinal remedies to hair on a round day. Let them rest. Do not forget to stick to the proper daily routine. Do your favorite things and try to relax as much as possible. Sitting in front of the TV prefer a walk in the fresh air. If you smoke, it is important to think about giving up this harmful habit in favor of a healthy kind of your hair. If you create good and pleasant conditions for your hair, and for yourself, you will not only notice how the hair will change noticeably, but you will also feel how your attitude to everything has changed, how much your mood is getting better day by day. Adhering to fairly simple rules, you can forever close the question of how quickly to grow hair. Let your hair be long and healthy! We advise you to read: