bunch Do you know what time of year to make a hairdo intimes more difficult? In summer. The hot sun dictates its rules, and loose hair, so beloved by girls of all generations, brings only discomfort. Whether it's a neat bundle on your head. This is beautiful, and the best option in hot weather. However, very few people know how to properly make a beam, so that it does not fall apart at the first gust of wind and does not turn a neat head into a kind of crow's nest. Let's learn?

A bunch on the head with a fleece

Of course, the best bunch on the head looks likehappy owners of thick hair. But agree that not all girls can boast an abundance of hair on their heads. Many have to be content with thin and sparse locks, of which making a beautiful bundle is not so easy. But probably. And it will help us in this long forgotten for good. Do you remember what our grandmothers look like in photos? Almost everyone has a voluminous hair on his head, based on carefully combed strands. You can say as much as you like that this manner of dealing with hair spoils your already not too thick head of hair, but the fact remains - naches makes the hair more bulky. And accordingly, and make a bundle for the girl on the head will not be difficult. How exactly? Now we will teach.

  • Wash your head thoroughly. Making a bunch of dirty hair is a thankless task. The hairstyle will turn out to be sloppy, and hairpins will need much more than necessary.
  • After this, dry the hair, comb thoroughlyand pull in a tight tail on the back of the head. Before you make the hair, cover with varnish that part of the head, which is tightened with an elastic band. Free edges hanging from the tail do not touch.
  • Next you will himself naches. Do it should be a comb with frequent and rounded teeth, starting from the roots right up to the tips.
  • Does your tail look like a ruined nest? Hence, the fleece is done correctly. So that all your efforts are not in vain, again fasten your hair with lacquer.
  • Now gently twist the tail into a bundle andform a bundle. Are you ready? Next you need to fix hair with hairpins and varnish. Do this need slowly, otherwise you will not only have to change your hair, but also wash your head.
  • how to make a bunch on your head

    Beam with rubber bands

    If you do not want to spoil your hair, we willlearn to make a bunch with the help of two large elastics. Especially successful is such a hairstyle for those girls who managed to grow hair below their shoulders.

  • Traditionally mine and dry my head, apply a fixative.
  • We pull the hair into the tail and fix it on the neck with a large elastic band.
  • Further we search for the center of our tail and accurately divide hair. We need to make a kind of fountain of hair around the gum, which will later be a bundle.
  • Done? Now put on this very fountain of the second rubber band so that the hair closes the rubber band first. We must have a bundle, firmly secured from below. The width of the first rubber band depends on the size of the beam. The strength of the second is the quality of the hairstyle as a whole.
  • From the strands of hair left behind the fixing gum can be made like a pigtail, wrapping it around the beam, and curls that you can decorate your hair, turning it from everyday into festive.
  • Fix the resulting composition of hair with lacquer. Just do not pour the entire tube on your head. This can make the hair glass, and from this and more fragile (those who have ever tried to "tear" the hair, spoiled by varnish, will understand).
  • how to make a bunch on your head

    A bunch of wavy hair

    Many owners of curly locks are upset, looking at the beautiful and smooth hairstyles of their girlfriends. And yet make a bunch of wavy hair is quite possible.

  • Wash the head, apply a fixative (mousse, foam, gel) to the hair, and dry it.
  • Gather the hair in the tail, trying to topthe hairstyle was as smooth as possible. If not the first or second time the neat tail does not come out, you can use a hair iron, which can make curls less noticeable.
  • Fix the result with a hair spray.
  • Next, you need to form loose strands inbeam. But if the girls with straight hair are used to doing this with the help of elastic bands, even more soothing hair, then everything will be exactly the opposite. Form your unruly locks into curls and wrap them with an elastic band, fastening the strands with studs. As a result, a bundle from the series "lyrical mess" should be obtained. Beautiful, is not it?
  • The main thing - how to fix the hair. You can do this with the hairspray and the foam that you applied to your hair immediately after washing your hair.
  • You can make a normal beam, or a bundle ofit is your will. The main thing is not to tighten hairpins with hairpins too much and in a timely fashion to wash your hair from kilograms of fixing means. In addition, do not make a bunch to those who rest on the sea, otherwise salty water will turn hair spray into a real cementing agent. Better tie your hair into a regular tail. After all, did you come to the sea to rest, and not participate in the contest for the best hairstyle of the coast? We advise you to read: