how to make a beam Fashion on loose untidy hair andvolume intricate styling gave way to an exquisite hairstyle, known at all times and beloved by many - a bunch. He gives a "zest" to most of the fair sex. It does not need to be combined with the shape of the face or the color of your appearance. To make a bunch easily and quickly, it fits to ladies of any age, it is worn both for work, and for a party and social reception. Verily, simplicity is a pledge of elegance.

A bunch is a hairstyle for all time

This hairstyle was invented by ancient Greek women, who appreciatedsimplicity and naturalness. Then the women tied their hair with a knot at the back of their head, decorating them with diadems, a net of thin gold laces or ribbons. In the Middle Ages, women instead of braids, wrapped around the head, began to make the so-called "knot of humility" - a smooth hairstyle with a tight knot, chipped on the back of the head. After the era of asceticism for hair, it's time for the Biedermeier hairstyle. In this intricate form of the bundle, the hair rose upwards in the form of loops and bows, while the nape remained open. In the first such hairstyles, locks of hair on the temples were placed in the beeches. Such hairstyles were intended for ceremonial outings, solemn receptions and balls. Over time, dense bundles of books replaced with more lush and small curls, which were called "inspired snow" or "whipped cream". In this hairstyle, a prerequisite was parting. One or two, zigzag or parallel. In accordance with the fashion, the tufts on the vertex should have been as high as possible, so later the skeletons were used in their design. The bunches began to represent airy loops of braids or smooth strands of hair combed in the form of bows. Needless to say, a large number of details required thick hair, which caused a great fashion for the use of lining. Nowadays it is one of the simplest, elegant and practical hairstyles. The beam deserves its popularity by the fact that it perfectly combines with different styles of clothing: sports, everyday, business, evening. Perfectly suited for any occasion of life, it all depends on the beam version and the hair accessories chosen correctly. how to make a beam

What you need to know to make a beam correctly

For hairdressing experiments are ideal aslong hair, and medium length hair. Moreover, the beam does not require any special skill or complex adaptations from you. It can be done correctly in any living conditions, even in a hiking trip. There are a lot of variations on the beam theme. Therefore, each woman can choose the right variant for her hair. However, do not forget that, like any other hairstyle, it can not only advantageously emphasize your dignity, but also highlight shortcomings. In combination with a graceful neck and classic facial features, even a disheveled, hastily made bunch will look great. If you do not have the above parameters, it should be done lower, so as not to focus attention on the neck. If your height is more than 180 cm, do not make high beams. A low and accurate beam is the most suitable solution for you. This nuance should be taken into account also for women with too long and thin necks. Miniature and fragile ladies are counter-indicative to lush and voluminous beams. For "inch" is more suitable tight versions of this hairstyle, decorated with curls and curlicues, or two small bundles on the sides of the head. If you decide to make a bunch high on the crown, make sure that the hair around your neck is not too tight. Using different techniques, you can make an original, elegant evening hairstyle from an ordinary beam. how to make a bunch of hair

Several Beam Options

The simplest version of the beam

  • Carefully comb hair.
  • Collect them in the tail where you want to make a bunch.
  • Tighten the tail into a harness.
  • Twist it into a knot and fasten it with studs.
  • Decorate the beam in two ways: leave a few thin strands at the bottom of the beam or, twisting them in flagella, lay on top of the beam.
  • Bulk bundle This kind of beam is easy and simpledo with a special lining. In the absence of such - you can create it yourself. The most common material for a homemade lining is a sock. To do this, cut off the toe "fingers" and twist several times until it looks like a thick rubber band.

  • Collect the hair in the tail where you want to make a bunch.
  • Thread the hair into a twisted sock, like a habitual hair elastic.
  • Wind the tail on the platen from the sock so that the hair covers the entire roller.
  • Fasten the beam with the studs.
  • It is possible to decorate with pigtails, flagellates from twisted curls, bows, flowers.
  • An unusual bundle The next bundle is an application for individuality and extravagance. But, despite all its intricacies, it's quite easy to do it.

  • Divide the hair into the side part.
  • Assemble the tail at the bottom of the side (next to the ear).
  • Divide the tail into strands and, wrapping around your finger, lay down to your liking.
  • Bend the curls with studs and invisibles.
  • For a larger volume of strands, you can slightly comb and sprinkle with varnish before fixing.
  • The bundle-bow Despite all its volume, this version of the beam is easy to do, it takes you 15 minutes.

  • Separate from the side of the forehead a large strand of hair, slightly lower and fasten on the crown with a small barrette. This is done so that the hair does not subsequently lose its volume.
  • Collect hair in the tail where you want to make a bow. It can be done on the vertex or on the side, as fantasy tells you.
  • At the last turn of the rubber, the tail should form a loop. Loop make this what size you want to make a bow.
  • Divide the resulting loop into two parts. In the middle, twist the rest of the bow. Thus: the two parts are the "ears" of the bow, and the wound hair is its "knot", which must be secured with invisible objects.
  • Give the "ears" of the bow the desired shape. If necessary, secure their bases with invisible objects.
  • Remove the small hairpin from the locks from the forehead.
  • Fix hair style with hairspray.
  • A lovely stylish bow of hair is ready!

    How to decorate your hair?

    There is a great variety of jewelry for the beama bunch of. The limitation here is only your imagination. It can be rubber bands with artificial flowers, metal clips with rhinestones and beads, hair nets of any colors, decorative combs, and various clips. You can also experiment with the parting, combine smooth strands with the letters, weave a bundle of braids of different thickness into the bundle. But the main thing is to remember that everything is good in moderation. Especially it concerns massive ornaments and metal hairpins. Too much of them will look tasteless. And the abundance of pins on the head, to everything else, can lead to a headache. And in everything else - go for it. Try new images, do not be afraid to experiment with styles, discover new facets of your nature! With a bun on the head it is convenient to do household chores or sports, walk a pet or do shopping, shine at a business meeting or a dinner party. But the main thing is that you will not only look great, but feel 100% sure. We advise you to read: