causes of baldness in women Intensive hair loss can dohuman unhappy. Especially if this person is a lady. Women are prone to baldness, like men. But if a bald man is piquant and even fashionable, then a bald woman is terrible. Therefore, lovely young ladies are fighting for the preservation of their hairstyle more intensively. First, having thoroughly mocked their hair with all sorts of colors and irons, they do everything to save them. And, as a rule, they win.

Causes of hair loss

The loss of one hundred hairs per day is natural, it is not worth iton this occasion to panic. But if in the morning it's scary to look at the pillow, studded with hair, if you are afraid to wash your hair, comb it, then life can turn into a nightmare. The main cause of loss of hair is considered improper or inadequate nutrition, deficiency of useful vitamins and other nutrients in our body. Vitamins are vital for the whole organism and hair follicles, otherwise they will not be able to produce healthy and beautiful curls. What else does our hair suffer from? Stress, lack of sleep and overwork, negligent attitude, bad ecology, smoking, alcohol intake are factors that cause hair loss. Add to them genetic and hormonal causes. A change in the hormonal background occurs during pregnancy, after childbirth, during puberty and menopause. It is during these periods in women that hair deterioration is observed. vitamins to strengthen hair growth

Begin a campaign to save hair

Campaign against hair losscomplex. First, we eat right, we include in our diet those foods that contain vitamins and trace elements. Secondly, we pay attention to our own health, we refuse smoking and alcohol, we go in for sports. Third, we change our way of life, sleep more, walk, calmly react to problems. In doing so, carefully take care of the head, doing all sorts of masks and massage.

Correctly eat

Start healing and treatment of hair should be withchanges in diet. It is necessary to include vitamins in its natural form. There is a list of foods rich in vitamins that can help solve the problem. Your diet should include: Vitamin A - gives curls a shine, elasticity, renews their structure. The source of the vitamin is carrots, citrus fruits, apricots, eggs, cheese, butter, cottage cheese, liver, dog rose, sea buckthorn. Vitamins of group ВВ, РР - regulate fat content of a skin of a head, do a magnificent, volumetric hairdress. The source of vitamins of this group - peach, apricot, broccoli, eggs, buryak, mushrooms, strawberries, banana, nuts, bran, brewer's yeast. Vitamin C - helps the body in the assimilation of iron, activates hair growth. The source of the vitamin is pear, black currant, plum, citrus, kiwi, sauerkraut, pepper. Vitamin E - strengthens, protects and nourishes bulbs, improves blood circulation of the scalp. The source of the vitamin is sunflower seeds, cereals, vegetable oil, peas, green vegetables, nuts. Also do not forget about mineral substances, such as iron, sulfur, calcium, zinc, iodine, silicon, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus. vitamins in products for strengthening and growth of hair

The best vitamin complexes

However, a healthy diet is not always able to solvethe problem of lack of vitamins. Not all vitamins from foods are well absorbed by the body. You can bring your head in order thanks to special vitamin complexes against hair loss. A high estimate of trichologists give the following drugs:

  • "Pantovigar" is very effective for non-hormonal causes of hair loss. Available in the form of yellow capsules. Contains medical yeast, calcium, theamine, cystine and paraminobenzoic acid.
  • Perfectil is a very popular multivitamincomplex with the addition of iron, iodine, magnesium, copper and plant components (echinacea and burdock). Has a beneficial effect on hair, skin, nails. Also available in the form of capsules. After its reception, the lost shine returns to the hair.
  • "Revalid" - contributes to the improvement of the structureeach hair, reduces fragility, increases resistance to external environment and mechanical damage (staining, chemical perm). Eliminates dandruff, itchy scalp. Contains extract of wheat germ, linoleic acid and vitamins D, A, E. It is available in the form of gelatin capsules.
  • "Merz" is used against hair loss with a lack of vitamins and iron. Produced in the form of a special dragee. Contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E, yeast extract and iron.
  • "Vitrum Beauty" - normalizes metabolism,removes toxins from the body, acts as an antioxidant. Produced in the form of coated tablets. Contains all vitamins A, C, E, minerals, amino acids and other biologically active substances.
  • There are other drugs that work againstloss of hair, for example, "Aurita", "Inneov", "Complivit", etc. But never do self-medication. If you want to get a positive result, you need to consult with specialists. When choosing and buying an anti-hair loss remedy, check if it contains the essential vitamins. You can not take several drugs at the same time. Between the admission courses take a break in 2 months. Judging by the reviews and studies, some of the drugs against hair loss can cause stomach pain, allergic reactions. Therefore, they should be consumed during meals. If you include in your diet all the useful foods, take vitamins, the body will improve, immunity will be strengthened, and as a result in the fight against baldness, your hair will again become healthy and beautiful.