Eluting of hair The desire of girls to be beautiful does not depend on eithertime, or weather. Women are looking for any ways and means to become even more attractive. Views on beauty change with epochs, but healthy and beautiful hair is always the main advantage. Unfortunately, the use of hair dryers, varnishes and foams, clarification and coloring are very poorly reflected in the state of our head of hear. The modern beauty industry offers us a new way to change beyond recognition - the eluting of the hair. This procedure preserves the structure of the hair and even improves it. The dye envelops every hair with a soft film, which is why the effect of a mirror shine appears. Elumination is an absolutely safe coloration, without the use of peroxide and oxidants. The action of the coloring agent is based on the laws of physics. Due to this, the color firmly penetrates the structure of the hair and gives them a brilliant shine, the sheath of the hair is not damaged. The assortment of shades is divided into four groups. They range from red to natural natural tones. Intensive and vivid shades were combined into the group "Rige" (red and its halftone). The group "Deep" for a deeper tone. And for light and dark shades - the group "Bright" and "Light". Recently, a variety of shades have been replenished with a new unique tone - blue. Now you can dye your hair in a soft blue or bright blueberry color. And if you want to perform the procedure solely for recovery, you can use colorless elu - minate - "Clear". Elimination of hair at home

What is the procedure for and who will it need?

Elution of hair has an effectrestoration. The dye restores the structure of the hair and heals. Due to its gel-like structure, the product well stains the hair, has a pleasant fruity aroma. The product is applied with the help of a bottle with an applicator, which means that every curl evenly stains. If the structure of your hair is tough, you do not need to do the elumination - it will not give the necessary results. The healthier the hair, the worse color will take. The most successful procedure will be for those who have very damaged and dry hair. Such coloring will give them a rich color, and above all, create a reliable protection against the negative impact of the environment. Elumination of the hair will not help you hide the gray hair, this requires preliminary staining or discoloration. If you plan to brighten your natural color with the procedure, then you can not do without preliminary staining. To begin with, you will have to discolor the hair with a paint with an oxidizing agent - otherwise you will not be able to achieve the desired shade. If the color shown on the hair you do not like, then it can be washed off the same day with a special drug. The effect of the procedure lasts for a long time - about four months. At the end of the period, you will have to repeat the coloration. Eluminization is recommended for women who often use persistent and toning paints that damage the structure of the hair. Especially useful it will be girls with light and artificially clarified hair. And an abundance of extravagant shades will please women of fashion who wish to get a bright red, violet or even green color without much harm. At the same time, not only not spoiling, but also improving your hair! In order to preserve the result for a long time, it is necessary to apply special shampoos and balms. The means for elution has the property of accumulating in the hair (as well as henna or basma), so with each procedure your curls will become more healthy and beautiful.

Carrying out of procedure in salon

  • The procedure for hair lengthening lasts a half to two hours;
  • The master will carefully prepare your hair, washing off the means for styling and degreasing;
  • After that, a special preparation is applied for the alignment of the structure to ensure a uniform shade;
  • And only now the master will proceed to the main stage: the hair is applied with an eluminate, which must be kept for at least 30 minutes;
  • Further, the head is rinsed with a special shampoo and a stabilizer is applied to ensure the durability of the staining;
  • And finally, the hair is treated with air conditioning.

This lamination is not a cheap pleasure. The price of the procedure will depend on the length of the hair (from 2 to 6 thousand rubles). After 2-4 months, the hair will need to be repainted, and the entire length, not just the roots, needs to be treated. what is the hair eluting

Is it possible to carry out the eluting of the hair at home?

Because of the high cost of the procedure, many girlswould like to spend it at home. However, this is practically not possible. Firstly, you can not determine what color your hair needs, how it will look. Secondly, uniform application of paint plays a very important role. You do not want to have unpainted spots on your hair? And in order to do everything right, you need to have the skills of a professional hairdresser. In addition, the elution in the home is difficult for the simple reason that the means for the procedure are practically not available for free sale. But if you suddenly find the right components, act carefully and carefully. Who knows, maybe it's you who can do everything at home? Be prepared for the fact that the dye is very strong - not only hair, but also the scalp, and nearby places will be painted. Therefore, in advance, purchase a professional paint remover. You will also need a special brush, which is put on the bottle with the product. It will help to conduct the procedure at home more carefully.

  • To begin with, you need to thoroughly clean the hair with a professional shampoo;
  • Now apply the lotion for the alignment of the structure, so that the color is laid evenly;
  • Next, we use a special eluate. The paint should be kept on the hair for half an hour, washed off with a special shampoo;
  • After using the eluminate at home, the hair must be applied with a fixing balm, which performs the function of a color stabilizer.

Means for hair aluminuming

  • The main manufacturing company is Goldwell;
  • Persistent paints - "Topshic", "Topshic effect", ""Topshic neutralights" with a color equalizer system. They have long earned recognition in the market of professional cosmetics. With their help, you can adjust the intensity and brightness of the hue, evenly color and cure damaged hair;
  • Eluminization of hair can also be carried out withusing toning means "Colorance color" and "Colorance lowlights". The basis of this balm is silk. It helps to restore damaged or brittle hair, "glues" the dry and split ends. This product does not destroy the natural pigment;
  • "Ellumen" - ultra-brilliant paint without peroxide. The action of all preparations of this firm is harmless and is based on the principles of physics.

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the decoration of anygirls. And to save them as such will help you the procedure of elution. Staining without harm and risk will be a good opportunity for you to change your image for a while, without fear for the condition of your hair. Do not regret money and do (at least the first) procedure in the salon. Re-staining can be done at home using special tools. Believe me, the effect is worth the money! We advise you to read: