a bundle of medium length hair The vast majority of modern girlsprefers to wear medium-length hair. This length is most convenient and does not give her hostess too much trouble. After all, to wash, dry and lay strands of short hair is easier and faster than combing "russus braid to the waist" every day. Hair from the hair to the shoulders is easily constructed and looks beautiful, emphasizing the dignity and hiding the small imperfections of the face. A bunch of medium-length hair fits girls with any type of face, the main thing is to correctly determine its location on the head. A round face visually narrow a high beam at the very top, the contours of the triangular oval soften the beam at the back of the head. A slightly elongated face will brighten up two bundles on the sides, with medium-length strands of both lengths released.

Basics of fashion trends of the season

Too short haircut is not all, hereand it turns out that the hair of medium length - this is the best option for ladies of all ages. The priority of the current fashion trends in everyday hair styling is naturalness combined with light and deliberate negligence. Complex turrets and chalets have long since sunk into oblivion. Slightly disheveled hairstyles add the appearance of mischief, making their possessor younger and more attractive. Hair of medium length is ideal for any experiments, even if they are slightly lacking in density. To make the volume visually greater, you can apply tacking tactics. This, as a rule, gives a very good result. You can also resort to special means for styling. Penki, mousses and varnishes are able to significantly increase the volume of hair, along the way making the hairstyle more resistant to unfavorable weather conditions. However, do not forget that all means are good in moderation. Otherwise, light negligence of the hairdress risk to turn into a collapsed tangle. For any female hairstyle there is one immutable rule that must be observed regardless of the circumstances. Styling looks beautiful and natural only on absolutely healthy and well-groomed hair. Otherwise, overgrown roots or split and thin ends will turn a romantic coquette into a grubby aunt of a repulsive kind. beautiful beam of medium length hair

Variations of hair from medium length hair

  • A simple bunch on thin hair

Make a tight and elastic bundle in the homeconditions even from thin hair of medium length can be quite a non-standard way - with the help of a sock with a cut off end. It is better if the sock is made of natural material, and its color is similar to the color of your hair. It must be rolled up in such a way that a donut turns out. In the hairdressing salons you will be offered a special device, however at home the sock will come down. Got a bagel gently on the tail and evenly disguise the hair on all sides. The beam can be fixed with the help of pins. A small piece in the form of a bow or a weightless silk scarf around the beam will become a kind of highlight in your image.

  • Antique beam

A tall girl with a beautiful neck andslightly curly hair of medium length, will face a bundle called "antique". Highly taken tail should be turned into a tight knot, wrapped in a bundle of twisted hair, which sticks with pins or invisible. Lush hair can be divided into zones by a rim or even two. On either side of the face and on the nape, separate the thin strands, giving them a curl shape. Everything, the hairstyle of the times of Ancient Greece is ready.

  • Strict beam

If your boss is too strict, and the office dress codeDo not allow liberties in the form of curls, make a beam with a perfectly smooth surface. Without any frivolous accessories or bright accents. Such a hairstyle is perfect for a businesswoman who often takes part in important negotiations and attends business meetings.

  • Inverted beam

Another hairstyle for medium length hair -inverted bundle. The basis for it is a loop of hair. It must be turned and passed through the opening from the hair above the elastic band, fixed with the help of improvised means.

  • A bundle of flagella

Very unusual looks a bundle of twisted yeach temple of bundles, connected in the nape of the head with stilettos. Such a hairstyle resembles an intricate stack with sticking out in all directions "straw grass" and gives the impression that you just visited an expensive stylist. Your hairstyle will always be stylish and elegant, if you choose the easiest and fastest way to solve the stacking problem - a bunch. It will take you no more than three minutes to create it. And from improvised means (except for a comb) only elastic bands, hairpins and invisibles will be necessary. The bundle is also suitable during the morning run, at work, and at the evening banquet. A securely fixed beam will last a full day, retaining its original aesthetic appearance and perfect shape. We advise you to read: