Green tea raises or lowers blood pressure Green tea is so popular in our country,that even surpasses his black fellow. Most likely, this fragrant drink has earned the recognition of people of all nationalities and social strata due to the fact that it actually has a number of useful properties. Its effectiveness is not even fully understood. It is not surprising that in the east, green tea is considered a universal medicine, which has been used for several thousand years in Chinese traditional medicine. But, despite its uniqueness, until now the question of how green tea affects human blood pressure remains very controversial. Little knowledge and the lack of scientifically proven facts - this raises some doubts. After all, you can not take such a remedy with low or high blood pressure, not knowing about its side effects. The most interesting thing is that the opinions of many doctors and scientists with a world-wide name remain absolutely opposite. green tea lowers or increases pressure

Green tea and blood pressure

First, let's figure out why a personIn general, the blood pressure rises. This can contribute to several main reasons. For example, a violation of the vascular tone and functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney or adrenal gland disease, malfunctions in the hormonal system, problems in the work of the heart, inflammatory processes in the body, and more. But, often, a certain lifestyle leads to all the aforementioned ailments, namely excessive alcohol abuse, constant smoking, frequent or regular eating of unhealthy food, lack of exercise. Also, problems can begin if you are constantly at home, do not walk outdoors. The situation with a reduced pressure, which is still not as dangerous as with an increased one, develops in a similar way. And now let's think, do you really believe that drinking a few cups of green tea every day, but at the same time stick to the above lifestyle, you can normalize the pressure? Well, of course not. Of course, you have to give up bad habits, start playing sports, lead a healthy lifestyle. Only under such conditions daily consumption of green tea will help you. tea green pressure

Features of green tea: increase or decrease in pressure

One of the versions spoken about by the people -this drink greatly increases the pressure. It is based on the assertion that green tea contains a very large amount of caffeine. In some cases, it is recommended to replace coffee with this wonderful potion, so as not to spoil the stomach and not to sleep at work in the morning. But this is not yet known. "Green tea relieves high blood pressure," say other specialists. This conclusion was reached by scientists from Japan, who conducted an interesting experiment, during which it was proved that this drink still lowers the pressure. For several months, chronic hypertensive patients regularly consumed green tea, which resulted in their average blood pressure dropping by an average of 5-10%. But, as for the instant effect, no changes were noticed at all. Thus, if you drink once a cup of green tea, nothing will change. Those who are tired of leading unending disputes about whether the regular use of green tea raises or lowers the pressure, with firmness and perseverance, say - "normalizes". After all, in fact, everything depends on what this product consists of, whether there are additives, flavorings, dyes, how often you drink it. To drink or not drink green tea There is an opinion that green tea is completely safe for our body. When you drink this drink absolutely healthy person or hypertensive person, caffeine acts as a stimulator in the work of the heart muscle. But along with this, there is an expansion of the vessels, which does not entail any significant changes. It is possible that the increase is short-lived, but caffeine removes the headache, which is a consequence of blood pressure. In the case of hypotension, the situation is different. Green tea has a slightly different effect on people who have a very high blood pressure. When hypotension occurs, the work of our vessels is usually disrupted, which leads to an increase in the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle. And as a consequence - the pressure is slightly increased. Getting into the body, caffeine leads the vessels to a normal state. How useful is green tea As mentioned above, the positive effect of green tea on the pressure and the body as a whole has already been proven. If you drink a cup of this magic drink every day, then, as scientists from all over the world assure, you will not be atherosclerosis, hypertension. This is an excellent prevention of various diseases associated with the heart, blood vessels, eyesight, kidneys. Plus, the antioxidants contained in it, will help cope with food poisoning, stomach upset. It is believed that it reduces the risk of a malignant tumor. To believe it or not is a personal matter for every person. But it should be understood that to help improve, lower or raise blood pressure can only quality green tea, and not the one with the stalls of our stores. But, unfortunately, real products, in which there is nothing superfluous, is inaccessible to most ordinary citizens of our state. First of all because of its extremely high cost. Plus, even expensive varieties can be harmful to health. The problem lies in the fact that not all manufacturers monitor the conditions of storage and processing of leaves. Natural tea contains in its composition and various vitamins, and useful trace elements, and rare essential oils, and valuable tannins, and unusual amino acids, etc. And like any other plant on Earth. Thus, the regular consumption of really high-quality 100% tea (without impurities and additives) will certainly have the most positive impact. Naturally, in a concept with a healthy and proper active way of life. Therefore, for yourself, you can conclude: just listen to your body and notice its reaction to the use of a fragrant tasty drink. But in any case do not abuse it, and then everything will be all right. That's against this certainly no one will argue. How to drink green tea properly Green tea is recommended to drink for half an hour before meals. In this case, it is not sweetened with sugar. The most that you can do is add a couple of spoons of honey. Milk is also not used. It reduces the effect of nutrients and trace elements. Please note, you can drink only fresh tea. Do not use tea more than twice. Otherwise, it will begin to release toxic substances that are dangerous to our health. Also, in no case should you drink a cold drink, otherwise sputum will start to accumulate in your body. Brew tea, too, must be able to. For example, you can not fill the leaves with steep boiling water. The water should cool down a little. For one cup - 0.5 liters. The liquid is infused for about two to three minutes, no more and no less. At the same time, you should filter the water, and do not pour fresh from the tap. Also do not forget that you should always observe the norm. You can not drink tea in liters, as we used to do, since this is fraught with serious consequences. A maximum of three cups a day. At the same time it is impossible at the same time to have a snack with sandwiches, sweets, and buns.

Can I be treated with green tea at low or high pressure

In fact, it does not matter if the green AD reduces teaat a hypertonia or lifts at a hypotension, in fact to be treated by one only a drink it is impossible. In any case, you should use special drugs that are prescribed by a doctor (based on your current condition and tests). Also do not forget that our body reacts differently to this or that remedy. Do a small test: first measure all the indicators, drink a cup of the drink. After a little experiment, you will understand, green tea lowers the pressure or raises it exactly in your particular case. And next time you will know whether it is worth using this medication with low blood pressure or not. We advise you to read: