the reasons for the appearance of the wen on the arm Wen, or lipoma, whether it is on the leg or arm,is a benign tumor that is expressed in overgrown fatty tissue. Do not forget that such a tumor can develop into a malignant element, although such cases can be considered extremely rare. As a rule, when revealing a new growth, like a fatty gland, it is worth consulting with a specialist and taking all measures to remove the tumor. The formation of a tumor of this type is not limited, which implies the spread of the disease to any gender or age of a person. Most often, a fatty can be found in women whose age has passed for 60 years, but this does not mean that such a disease can not get sick and the child. The described build-up is often found in the plural, which indicates the uncontrolled spread of the disease in different people. Therefore, it is important to know how to combat this benign tumor.

The causes of the appearance and formation of this tumor in people of different ages

It is worth mentioning that the world's experts inthe field of medicine still can not name the exact reasons that foreshadow the appearance of this tumor in humans. In our time, this disease is given a maximum of time to study and determine the possible causes and symptoms. Today, there are several official theories that explain the appearance and development of the disease on the arm or leg of a person. Among such theories, it is worth paying attention to the following explanations:

  • The most popular theoretical reason ishereditary positivity to the formation of a wen. As a rule, such a theory is confirmed by 70%, which indicates the appearance of this tumor in people in each generation;
  • Wen can appear on the person's armthanks to the failure of the hormonal cycle of the body. This explains the occurrence of this tumor in women after passing the climacteric period. The same causes appear in people whose genital function has ceased to function;
  • The appearance of such a tumor on the hand or elsewherecan also be considered a consequence of atheroma. This disease is accompanied by blockage of the canals of the sebaceous glands, which, in turn, leads to the appearance of a tumor on the human body.

removal of wen

The main symptoms of a benign tumor on the body

Do not forget that the Wen does not showmyself, disturbing the owner. As a rule, patients never complain of poor health or anxiety caused by this type of disease. To notice such a build-up can only be due to its allocation on the arm or leg of a person. Removal of such a tumor does not always happen at the very beginning of its development, because many people do not even know about the development of this disease for a very long time. The reason for this can be considered the absence of irritation and anxiety associated with the disease, through which people also begin to worry and seek help from specialists. Sam zhirovik is a certain accumulation of fatty tissue in one particular place on the wrist or leg. Such a tumor has no adhesion with the skin, which allows it to move freely under the skin or on the finger. Even with physical contact with the tumor, there are no painful feelings and discomfort, which makes many people nervous who have no idea about this disease. Discomfort from the wen may arise when its size becomes quite large, as it begins to touch the nerve endings or other organs that are under the wen. There are no specific sizes of a wen-duck - such a tumor can be completely invisible or reach the size of a large walnut. Despite the fact that such a disease is rarely dangerous for human life, its removal is considered mandatory, because to have on a brush or a leg such a growth does not seem attractive to any person. It is worth noting that the formation of such a build-up does not have a specific place on the human body, which indicates any location of the tumor in places where there is fatty cellulose under the skin. Most often, such a disease succumb to the hands, legs, neck and head of a person.

The main risks associated with the emergence of this disease

As it was said above, weners do not belong tomalignant tumors, but there is a certain percentage of the risk of mutation of this growth in a life-threatening tumor. Typically, this possibility arises if the tumor is located below the habitat of antibodies of protective type. In this variant, the tumor becomes an acceptable medium for the development and growth of pathogenic microflora. In such cases, removal of the tumor can be safely considered a mandatory surgical intervention. The common causes of tumor overgrowth in a life-threatening element are self-medication, as well as when trying to remove the grease by extrusion. Do not forget that folk methods of treatment can bring the body irreparable harm, because every treatment should be performed by specialists in the field of medicine. All other means of self-treatment can be safely discarded, if a person values ​​his health. Often it happens that independent intervention in the structure of fatty tissues leads to their growth in an indefinite order and direction. Wen's treatment alone

Correct and relevant treatment of adipocytes

All means at which the correct andqualitative treatment of wen, imply a preliminary biopsy of the build-up, in order to avoid the development of a trifling wen in a malignant tumor with serious consequences. It is possible to remove the tumor safely only after all means and tests have given a negative oncological response. Correct treatment of a wen will imply indispensable surgical intervention, which will exclude all means and possibilities of growth of this build-up under the skin. So, the treatment of this type of disease is possible by the following methods:

  • Treatment with classical surgicalinterference. To do this, outpatient activities performed by a specialist surgeon. All means of inpatient treatment are available only for those patients whose tumor has ceased to be benign, and also when its location borders on organs important for the life of the organism. Operational means means local anesthesia and incision of the neoplasm, which allows to completely remove the tumor and clean the site of the build-up;
  • Surgical interventionpuncture-aspiration type. Treatment of this type is topical and is possible only if the wen has a very small size. Typically, the place of such an operation is a finger or a hand. The meaning of the operation is the suction of the entire wen using a syringe with a wide needle structure. It is strictly forbidden to use such medications independently, in order to avoid malignant consequences, with which people's methods of self-treatment are overflowed;
  • Operation of a laser type is the most moderntreatment of wen. Typically, this type of surgery can be considered the safest and most accurate, because the laser does not leave incisions on the skin, which subsequently have to be treated.

It is worth mentioning that treating such areasbody, like the hands or feet, is best the last method of surgical intervention. Such removal of the described tumor heals in 5-6 days, after which it is practically impossible to notice any traces of interference in the integrity of the skin on the site of the operation.

Methods of self-treatment from the disease described above

Removing a wen at home can beconsider safe and relevant only in cases where the size of the tumor is considered to be extremely small. As a rule, a special compress of fragrant callisia is prepared for this purpose. Treat wen in a way that can be attributed to folk wisdom, it is completely safe. Such folk methods provide for a compress with a dense bandage on the place of the wen foot for 12-14 hours. The most important factor, which must be accompanied by the removal of the wen. is considered to increase the function of blood circulation in the human body. To achieve this, you can use simple garlic gruel, in which only a few grams of vegetable oil is added. Quite popular method of self-treatment of this disease is unimpeded contact of the desired area of ​​skin with celandine juice. To do this, it is necessary to remove the hair from the site of treatment, so that the juice of the plant unhindered on the skin and absorbed into it. The principle of such treatment is the toxicity of the described plant. Thus, on contact with the skin, irritation and breakthrough of skin and adipose tissue appear on it, which is the reason for getting rid of the unwanted tumor. Once the skin and the wen itself are broken, you can use any method to remove the tumor with your own forces. It is worth recalling that any independent intervention in fatty tissue can have unpleasant consequences, which implies caution and knowledge of certain principles of treatment. Experts advise to address such problems to doctors without risking health, using folk methods of self-treatment.