snoring reasons First, let's try to figure out whatit leads to the appearance of snoring. After all, snoring is only the consequence of something. And it's foolish to eliminate the consequences without knowing the reasons. What is snoring? In fact, these are the sounds that appear when air passes through the narrowed pharyngeal walls. In most cases, this constriction is a consequence of weakened muscles of the tongue and palate, which support the pharyngeal walls. And in a dream, this relaxation reaches its maximum.

  • Age of the person

In most cases, snoring makes itself felt withage, as the muscles of the sky and language age. Because of this, they are no longer able to maintain the airways in the proper open state. Although, of course, this phenomenon is not observed in all elderly people. But this factor is not worth it.

  • Features of the structure of the human pharynx

In some cases, the cause of snoring may benone other than the innate anatomical features of the structure of the pharynx. In such cases, snoring begins to declare itself at a tender age of crumbs - in the first month or two after birth. But do not confuse pathological snoring with a slight snoring, which can be any kid.

  • Nasopharyngeal diseases

In a number of cases, snoring can be caused because,that a person has problems with nasal passages. Such problems include polyps, curvature of the nasal septum, or congenital narrowing of the nasal passages. And even an incorrect bite and an elongated palatine tongue can become the culprits for the appearance of snoring. It may seem strange, but in fact everything is quite natural, because in the human body everything is closely interrelated.

  • Drinking alcohol and heavy fatigue

Perhaps you noticed that very often a person,in a state of intoxication, begins to snore. Even if it is usually observed for him. Why does this happen? This is explained very simply: in a state of alcoholic intoxication, muscles relax, so snoring occurs. By the way, the same thing happens in the case when a person goes to bed too tired. As a rule, such cases of snoring occur sporadically and do not deserve concern.

  • Excess body weight

Often, snoring is noted in people who have excessthe weight. As you know, excess body weight has a very negative impact on human health. And snoring is one of these manifestations. And it arises because of the fact that fat is deposited in the neck and squeezes the airways. To get rid of snoring, it is necessary, first of all, to establish reliably the cause that caused its appearance. And only after that it is possible to begin treatment of snoring. Of course, in the event that the situation requires it. For medical assistance in such cases, you need to contact a doctor's somomologist or otorhinolaryngologist. Only he can accurately find out the reasons for snoring in adults and choose the appropriate treatment. In an extreme case, if you live in a small city and you do not have such specialists, you can contact a doctor-therapist. causes of snoring

Get rid of snoring

Let's look at the existing methods, withwhich will be effective treatment of snoring. And we'll start talking with the simplest ways that are available to any person at home. These measures to fight snoring are absolutely safe, so you can safely try them on a snoring person without fear for his health.

  • Man's pose during sleep

Most often, snoring makes itself felt at that moment,when a person lies on his back. Of course, it is very difficult to get rid of the habit yourself, and sometimes it is almost impossible. Therefore, there is a good way, invented by some national craftsman. Sew in a pajamas or a tank top, in the back area, a tennis ball. As you know, you will hardly be able to sleep on your back in such clothes. Of course, at first your dream will resemble a continuous torment. But do not give up on this method. In about a month you will forever get rid of the habit of sleeping on your back.

  • Exercises for the language

It is necessary to execute a special complexexercises, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the tongue and the soft palate. The first exercise: open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. And the muscles must be strained as much as possible. Repeat this exercise 30 times, two approaches per day. Then try to relax the muscles of the jaw as much as possible, for about 30 seconds. After that, grasp an object in the teeth and hold it firmly for 5 minutes. Best for this purpose is suitable carrot. And finally, for a couple of minutes, relax all the muscles of the jaw. Of course, it would be naive to expect instant results. But after about a month of regular performance of these exercises you will notice the first positive results. A persistent effect will come in 3 months. But after that, do not relax: repeat the exercises at least three times a week to keep the muscles in tone.

Mechanical devices for getting rid of snoring

One type of similar helpers is somewhat reminiscent ofpacifiers for kids. They are located inside the mouth. Constantly touching the tongue, the device constantly supports the muscles in tension. There is another assistant, who resembles his appearance boxing cap. The device is made in such a way that the lower jaw is largely pushed forward. This measure significantly increases the patency of the airways, thus reducing the likelihood of snoring. But this device is quite expensive, because it is manufactured individually for each person. But we must not forget that all intraoral mechanisms are designed to eliminate the mild form of snoring, in other words, for the one that is caused by the weakening of the muscles. But if there are any problems with the nasopharynx, you are unlikely to get rid of snoring in this way. Therefore, you simply waste money and time. But when a snore is caused by a disease, it should be treated as quickly as possible. If your doctor finds that the reason for snoring is the congenital narrowing of the nasal passages, special stickers will come to help the person, which are attached to the wings of the nose. They keep the wings of the nose in a certain position, thereby maximizing the nasal passages and facilitating breathing. Snoring Causes and Treatment

Pharmacological preparations

In order to get rid of snoring, you cantry using special pills. However, remember, these pills are only for short-term use, for example, when there is a road in the train, or treatment in the hospital. The first results are noticeable in a day, but the main effect occurs on the second and third night. Often, after trying the pill once, a person starts drinking them all the time. However, doctors categorically against the regular use of these drugs - they are allowed to drink no more than five days a month.

Operative methods of treatment of snoring

If the cause of snoring isanatomical features of the nasopharynx, treatment will be more serious. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination of a sick person and make a decision about the advisability of surgical intervention. There are two main types of such operations:

  • Nasal septum

If the cause of snoringcurvature of the nasal septum, in some cases a simple operation aimed at eliminating this defect is sufficient. Many people are frightened of the very word "operation" and refuse it. However, this intervention is extremely simple - after it you will think about forgetting such a problem as snoring.

  • Soft sky

In some cases, one has to resort toprompt intervention in the soft skies. The purpose of this operation is to reduce its size. This will help to avoid such a problem as the sagging of the sky, which leads to the development of snoring. To be afraid of this procedure it is not necessary - the operation lasts only 15 minutes and does not cause the person the slightest discomfort. General anesthesia in most cases is not used, and the workability is restored quickly enough. As a rule, such a measure is very effective. However, sometimes the improvement is temporary, since the muscles of the sky can weaken again at any moment. To prevent relapse, it is necessary to periodically perform exercises to strengthen the muscles, which have already been described above. Such a measure will help reduce the risk of relapse by 50-60%. It is enough to perform these exercises 2-3 times a day. Snoring can be caused by a large number of causes, and it is very difficult to determine the actual one. Therefore, always consult a specialist. Do not ignore this problem, even if your snoring does not bother anyone in any way. In addition to the fact that snoring can indicate the presence of certain diseases, it can also lead to some complications, sometimes quite serious. For example, due to the fact that snoring complicates the process of normal breathing, hypoxia can develop - oxygen starvation. And in particularly severe cases, even stopping breathing may occur. Therefore, the problem of snoring should worry not only the person who snores, but also those who are close to him. After all, a person may not know about the existing problem. Therefore, in this case, delicacy is not the best solution. In any case, whatever the reasons for snoring, you can almost always get rid of it. We advise you to read: