acupuncture New research has proven the existence ofthe energy field around the human body and the dependence of the state of health on its stability and strength. With the correct distribution and flow of energies in the body, a person feels healthy and vigorous. Regulation of the circulation of energies in the human body has long been practiced by the doctors of Ancient China and widely used to treat acupuncture points located on the human body. With their help, you can cure diseases of the pancreas, thyroid gland, liver, adrenal glands, heart disease, ovaries, bronchitis, pneumonia, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer and many other diseases. Acupuncture is translated from Latin as "prick with a needle" (acus - needle, punctura (pungo, pungere) - prick, sting). We have this process called acupuncture, acupuncture, acupuncture. massage of acupuncture points

What are acupuncture points?

The motherland of this technique is Ancient China,it is several thousand years old. There was acupuncture due to many years of experience, which showed that irritation of certain areas of the skin causes changes in the course of the disease, pain decreases, and the patient feels better. These small zones on the surface of the human body are called biologically active points or acupuncture points. The centuries-old study of the connection of these zones to the internal organs of man and their reaction to external stimulation allowed the ancient healers to define them as "windows" for the absorption or release of energy by the body that flows along the meridians located on the human body and helps to normalize the circulation of energy in it. Meridians cross the human body, uniting the parts of the central nervous system, the surface of the skin and internal organs. On them, energy rises to the surface of the body, to the biologically active zones, which are determined by the nerve nodes. If all the organs are healthy, the circulation is stable, but if there is a disease, the normal circulation of energy is blocked and the person begins to experience discomfort, the body becomes ill. In the human body, there are about 600 acupuncture points that are located along the energy meridians. In the human body there are unpaired and paired meridians, Yang and Yin. Yin - symbolizes a female, negative, dark beginning. Jan - a bright, positive, active, masculine. Energy Yin moves inside the body, Yang - from the outside. If the energy balance is disturbed between the meridians, diseases appear in the human body. The main meridians of the Yin energy are two abdominal trunks and nerve chains located along the inner and outer surface of the legs and hands. An effective wellness system of the East is aimed at clearing the energy channels of the body, observing the energy balance and properly supplying energy to all organs, thus avoiding or eliminating diseases. The biologically active zone is externally practically indistinguishable from the surrounding skin and is determined by the pain syndrome with pressure. Only under the microscope can you determine in these places the accumulation of various nerve endings. A more reliable method of finding such points is the action of a weak direct current, which increases sharply in places of reduced electrocutaneous resistance. As scientists learned, electrocutaneous resistance depends on the condition of not only the skin, but also the organ associated with it. This discovery is the basis of electrodiagnostics. When one of the meridian points is affected, the indices on the entire meridian change, indicating a connection between them. Irritating the biologically active point, the reflex mechanism of the organism is activated, which contributes to the recovery of the diseased organ. All types of exposure to acupuncture zones lead to the release of endorphins into the blood, endogenous opiates, which stimulates metabolic processes in the body, leading to its recovery. acupuncture of cervical vertebrae

Acupuncture, acupuncture, acupuncture

Such kinds of acupuncture as acupuncture,acupuncture, acupuncture, are combined by the method of action on biologically active zones by the introduction of special metal needles. They are made of medical steel or silver or gold. Silver needles are best placed with a soothing massage, gold, on the contrary, are able to activate the processes in the body. There are two ways to influence the biologically active points. Brake - to relieve pain and excite with lethargy of the body, weakening of immunity, atony of the intestine, etc. Exciting massage is done for a minute, more active, in one session massaged 6-8 points, it is desirable to add rotational movements with your finger for deeper effect to the point. Redness of the skin at the massage site indicates a correct procedure. Needles are injected into biologically active points either by a quick injection, or by slow rotation, or by combining these two methods. Unpleasant sensations after entering the needle indicate the correct choice of the point for therapeutic massage. On average, 2-4 needles are injected, for 5-10-20 minutes, the course of treatment is 10-15 sessions every day. Then you need to take a break 10-15 days and, if necessary, repeat the course. A positive result of these procedures results from the stimulation of biologically active points, which regulates the work of the nervous system, nutrition of organs, metabolism, hormone production. Acupuncture is very effective in the treatment of neuralgia, facial nerve inflammation, radiculitis, epilepsy, neurasthenia, secretory, trophic disorders, stomach ulcers, colitis, bronchial asthma and other serious diseases. Acupressure with fingers is not inferior to the effectiveness of acupuncture, but it is safer at a low skill of the doctor. The massage of the point is carried out by a paddle of 1-3 fingers, placed vertically. Putting a finger, make a slow pressure on the point. When the point is accurately determined by the pain, rotate the finger with the skin for 5 seconds. Then do a tapping on the point and again circular movements for 30 seconds. During the massage, there may be a sensation of aches, heat, raspiraniya, the passage of electric current, indicating that the correct point and exposure to it.

Auriculotherapy - stimulation of the body through the ears

On the human body there are places wherebiologically active points of almost the whole organism are located. These are the feet and ears. Acupuncture points of the ear are called auricular. There are 130 points on the auricle, stimulating which, you can heal chronic diseases, relieve pain, improve well-being. Actively used on the auricle are the following points: 15, associated with muscles, sensory organs, internal organs, and 15 for complex effects on the entire body, bringing it into a balanced and rhythmic state. The ears are always easily accessible, have a clear connection with organs and systems, which ensures the effectiveness of treatment. The auricle looks like an embryo in its appearance, and the location of the acupuncture points on it also corresponds to this analogy. The head of the embryo lies on the earlobe. The organs of the abdominal and thoracic cavity lie in the deep part of the auricle, the thoracic - at the bottom, the abdominal - at the top. Points of hands are located on the back of the auricle, legs - in the upper part, in the center - points of the spine. The dots are probed and massaged with a sharp object in the form of a stick with a spherical tip or with the help of fingers. If the point is found correctly, then after pressing a pale tubercle develops, which eventually becomes pink. Massage is done with the right hand, the fingers of the left hand are used as a support when pressing on the point from the back of the ear. During the massage, soreness of the massage points may occur, a burning sensation, heat may appear. Soreness will decrease as the organ recovers. Massaging the biologically active points of the ear clockwise contributes to toning the body, counterclockwise - to relaxation.