green concealer For sure, in the store you have repeatedly seen concealer,the color of which has nothing to do with the shades of human skin. That's right - professional palettes of corrective agents suggest that you hide the imperfections of the skin with a lavender, green or orange tone. Do not pass by, with proper use you will see in the mirror are not colored spots, but ideal skin.

Green helper: What is the corrector for mint color?

Most girls to green concealerare biased: scares the bright color of the remedy, which, it seems, can not be "smeared" in tone or powder. But once you decide to purchase it, you will love it forever. Why does the concealer have such an intense shade? The saturation with green pigments is due to the "magic" properties of this color. If you have ever seen a color wheel, you know that those tones that are located directly in front of each other can visually "neutralize" each other. Green is in the "pair" with the red. Thus, it turns out that the corrector of this color hides the redness, which is usually characteristic of allergic rashes, pimples and burst small sosudikov. Using it, you hide the unnecessary redness, and not just slightly reduce it, as in the case of a body tint. This masking agent should become a real mast-hev for girls suffering from dermatological problems. It has a dense structure, the color range - from light green to marshy shade. Such consyilers are produced in the form of a pencil-stick or are packed in glass jars. Rarely in the market there are powder or gel variants.

How to choose a green proofreader?

As already mentioned above, the ideal toolmust have a thick consistency to reliably hide the imperfections of the skin of the face. If the seller will praise the liquid corrector for the ease of texture and ease of application, do not fall for advertising tricks. The higher the density of the composition, the more pigmented its tone. Such a green concealer is consumed very economically - in order to mask the vascular "mesh" under the eyes, two drops will suffice. It is especially convenient to do this in the form of a pencil. Proofreaders differ in the level of resistance (persistent and ultra-resistant) and skin type (there is a "masking" provided for the fatty, mixed, dry or normal form). Stick or cream for oily skin has a matting effect, for dry - it has a moisturizing component. For dark-skinned skin, a dark concealer, for a light - pale green or herbal hue, is suitable. Correct green concealer

Technique of application

Using a green concealer - the first stageapplying makeup. On the cleansed face, apply a small amount of a day cream. Distributing the masking agent over moistened skin is much easier and faster. If you have oily skin and you are afraid that the makeup will "swim" and reddenings will again be noticeable - use the matting fluid. The corrector can emphasize wrinkles, this unwanted "bonus" will be especially noticeable on dry skin. To avoid this, replace the usual face cream with a foundation for make-up with a toning effect. Such agents usually contain caffeine, glycolic acid or menthol in the composition - these components have instant pulling properties. Do not you dare put the concealer on top of the foundation or powder - the green pigments do not absorb into the skin, so your face will "decorate" the colored stains. The remedy in the stick or pencil is too hard to use for sponge application. It is applied with dashed movements - for example, for the area around the eyes there will be enough two or three "smears". To mask the individual rashes and burst blood vessels, place redness on the spot with a greasy "blot" -point. Thoroughly shade it with your fingers, just slightly touching, by no means rubbing the green concealer in the skin. A compact version requires mixing dry powder with a small amount of a transparent base for make-up - it multiplies the toning effect many times. The resulting mixture is applied to problem areas with a wide flat brush or an applicator with a bevelled edge. If the redness is too "large", add a little yellow or light orange concealer. Some correctors have a drying and antibacterial effect. In order for the healing ingredients to act and penetrate the skin, replace the gel for washing with a scrub - it will open the pores, clearing them of gnawing and excess sebum. Wait a few minutes before applying make-up for better absorption. After completing the color correction, take your usual tonal remedy. If you are worried about dark circles under the eyes, use a cream that is lighter than usual to eliminate them - this will refresh your face and hide the bruises. For use in a "duet" with a color corrector, a tone in the form of a cream or gel is suitable. Choosing them, you can vary the density of masking and the thickness of the coating in individual areas of the face, while the cream powder or powdery tone accent attention to age-related changes in the skin. Put aside and have to have a highlighter, and any other cream with reflective particles: the radiance will emphasize the unnatural bulge, left after the masking of the pimple. Do you want to see how the concealer works in advance in order to evaluate the importance of such a purchase or are you constrained in the means? A practical and economical option is a green matte shade, without a shimmer and mother-of-pearl. Use them according to the principle of a conventional dry-proof corrector. how to choose a green concealer

Qualitative means of famous brands

Specialist of his case - Anti-Blemish SolutionsClearing Concealer from Clinique in tuba. It is designed specifically for problem skin, ideal for both teenagers and adult women. His stamina is beyond praise - the masking effect persists for 10-15 hours. "Catch" means almost instantly, so you need to mix it as soon as possible with the tone if necessary. The texture of the concealer is saturated, due to which it is very economical. Antibacterial components in the composition contribute to rapid drying and reduction of pimples in size. What are the only substances useful for the skin in the Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer: it contains salicylic acid, fruit acids to provide the effect of chemical peeling and speed up skin renewal, as well as caffeine. In addition to the green tone, the line shows the body tones of the corrector - they can easily be used in pairs. Wake-up Skin Make-up Base ACTIMINE by Givenchy contains a silicone that helps to perfect the skin's corrector's shading. The absence of fatty oils causes the lightness of the concealer and allows using it even on very oily skin. At the same time, you will not feel any tightening effect. Sun-protection factor of 15 units is enough for daily use. Givenchy's green base has a whitening and a slight matting effect. Touch Up Concealer brand Gosh is presented in different colors, shade number 5 is just green. The product is equipped with a professional brush for maximum precision application. The bright color of concealer requires a tight masking with the use of foundation, but not powder or light gel. Sephora Concealer Palette is designed for the sophisticated girls who are oriented in the corrector, like a fish in the water. Four shades are designed to hide such drawbacks as bruises under the eyes, redness, flabbiness of the eyelids. Light beige and dark beige colors can be mixed to create an ideal color. It is possible that you will not replace one type of proofreader until you adapt to it. Once you have mastered the science of using a green concealer, you will never part with it. We advise you to read: