how to do makeup Be able to apply the correct make-up so that itsuccessful for any situation - it means to look chic always. This is a whole science, but every woman needs to know it. First of all, understand one rule - no foundation can be imposed any, even daytime make-up. Becoming more popular is make-up, as close to the natural state of the face. It is not necessary to apply kilograms of foundation, blush and shine - such a make-up will look not just inappropriate, but also funny. In order to make the "right face", remember some simple rules:

  • Tone cream should be chosen so that it does notwas very different from that of the face. The task of tonal means to hide flaws and to level the color: remove bruises under the eyes, shade too white spots, slightly adjust the shape of the cheekbones or chin.
  • Apply tonal cream should be light strokes, in no case not rubbing into the skin. For this, it is better to use sponge - they are sold in cosmetic shops.
  • The tonal cream is applied not only to the face, but also to the neck. And it is necessary to start with it, and the line between the neck and the face is especially carefully shaded.
  • If the person does not have obvious deficiencies, then you can use a transparent powder - it just corrects the overall appearance.

how to make makeup right

Drawing eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows can give the look of surprise, visually open your eyes and create a unique image. Experienced makeup artists adhere to certain rules when drawing eyebrows:

  • For drawing, use only special pencils.
  • Strokes to apply neat mahami and without applying effort - the drawing should not be visible.
  • At the nose bridge eyebrows are drawn more intensively, but going to the arc and dropping to the corner of the eye, the brightness should go to naught.
  • It is best to use a pencil in black, only with evening make-up, or going to the ball-masquerade, you can improvise and use colorful pencils for the eyebrows.

Eye make-up application

It is necessary to take a very close look at the processapplication of shadows and eyeliner. Carefully look, what color of eyes at you - from it shade of shadows depends. But for a successful make-up avant-garde and shocking colors all the same to put it is not necessary, adhere to naturalness. If you have any features of the structure of the eyes, then choose such combinations of colors that hide or vice versa emphasize them. To avoid folding the shadows, apply a little powder beforehand to the eyelids. If desired, you can draw yourself an intriguing arrow that can slightly extend the round eyes or lift the dangling upper eyelid. Note that it is not always possible to use liquid liner, but the pencil will be ideal for any type of eyes. To apply mascara on eyelashes it is necessary in several layers, but here the main thing is not to overdo it. In fact eyelashes with five layers of carcass look roughly and ugly: they stick together, become massive and completely unnatural. We should proceed as follows: we put the first layer of carcass and let it dry, and then we apply the second - this should be quite enough. If necessary, gently uncouple the stitched cilia. In general, in the absence of chic own eyelashes, it is quite appropriate to make yourself enhanced - it's beautiful, practical, do not put makeup every morning. how to do makeup yourself

Form an ideal smile

Before applying lipstick, look at your lips: if you are completely satisfied with their outline, then you can apply it right away. If you have too thick lips, then draw a pencil outline, slightly reducing them. And if the lips are thin, then the contour let it go a little beyond the natural line. Lipstick is best to choose pale or choose your own shine. Lips should not stand out on the face and show their brightness. Remove from your cosmetic bag purple, orange, dark brown shades of lipstick - they are not relevant. Better pink, tender-coffee, crimson, plum - in general, the most natural. Remember, every woman should understand how to make make-up so that he simply emphasizes natural beauty, and not independently formed eyes, lips and eyebrows on his face. Harmony and moderation should be in everything - it's so nice to admire the natural beauty, and not a bright and awkward painted lady. We advise you to read: