make-up for brown eyes step by step Brown-eyed women are differentattractive look. Owners of deep dark eyes always look spectacular and bright, make-up only emphasizes the beauty of the look and plays far from the most important role in shaping the image. Unlike blondes with blue eyes, brown-eyed girls can afford a minimum of make-up, they do not need to think through their image every day, the main thing is to correctly apply unobtrusive make-up for brown eyes, emphasizing the natural piquancy of the look with a couple of strokes. It's quite another thing when there is any celebration. Here you can not do without the skillful application of cosmetics, the main thing is to make it in stages, paying close attention to every detail. Let's define what should be kept in the beautician's brown-eyed girl in case there is an Arab party ahead of her, for example? How to turn into an oriental beauty? What make-up can make her eyes even more charming?

Choose eyeliner

Let's begin our step-by-step make-up with the eyeliner. Why? Yes, because correctly brought eyes - this is an important component for a seductive look. Wiring is capable of miracles, it can make you sad or cheerful, humble or sexy. And to get a languid and seductive look, so characteristic of eastern women, it is necessary to apply eyeliner at the very base of the cilia, beginning with the upper eyelid. Along the lower eyelid, the eyeliner should look very neat, no fat lines, only a thin, barely noticeable contour. By connecting the lines of the liner, try to make the shape of the eyes look catish, with a playful bend. To do this, raise the outer corners of the eyes slightly. Step-by-step make-up for brown eyes

Determined with shadows

In the eastern image of the shadow play an importantcomponent. They are needed in order to emphasize the warmth and depth of view, to strengthen the natural shine of brown eyes. In no case is it necessary to apply a "combat coloring", using the entire palette of your existing shadows. Choose a certain color, you can combine a variety of shades of this color, gradually applying them, starting with the inner corner of the upper eyelid. First, the lightest tone and then in increasing saturation. This technique of applying shadows will make your view mysterious and attractive. Shades of shadows for brown eyes can be different. For owners of light brown eyes and swarthy skin, all brown and olive scale will do. If you have a light skin tone, you can experiment with more vivid colors, for example, fuchsia, the color of the sea wave, bright blue. The main thing is to try to correlate the make-up with the overall appearance: the color of the dress, the shade of hair, lipstick. makeup for the brown eyes in stages

Mascara is black or ...

Disputes about using mascara while creating makeupfor brown eyes are conducted by the best make-up artists of the world. Do you want to give preference to the classic black color, or do you choose other shades? Burning brunettes still should choose black mascara, but girls with light brown hair is ideal for brown color. And in the first and second case, it is the hue of the carcass that emphasizes the depth and expressiveness of the eyes. Black color will make the look more attractive, which, undoubtedly, meets the passionate nature of a real brown-eyed brunette. Brown ink suits girls more calm and modest. In combination with the general image, she gives the look softness, and even resignation. As a rule, women with dark hair and brown eyes can boast of thick and long eyelashes. Therefore, with the amount of carcass you need to be more careful. Do not overly impose cosmetics, enough for a few neat strokes. Otherwise, the makeup will look sloppy. Let's open a little secret: to avoid stuck clots on the eyelashes, powder them a little before applying the mascara. Well, here is the make-up for the brown eyes in the style of the oriental beauty. Now do not forget to choose a suitable lipstick, accessories and, of course, perfume. At this party, you will be simply irresistible! We advise you to read: