Tonal basis - the guarantee of perfect make-up Beautiful make-up for 90% depends on the correctselected tonal basis. One of the common mistakes in make-up is the choice of either too pink or too light color. To make your makeup look natural, you need to color your face so that after the application it merged with it. Pick up a foundation To properly choose a foundation cream in the store, do a test. A small amount of the foundation put on the chin and in good light see whether it is visible or not. Before buying the basis, it is worth considering that the remedy in the bottle is much darker than it might seem to you. What can I do to prevent a tonal basis from being seen?

  • Humidification. To face looked natural, before applying the base, you need to moisturize the skin well. Thanks to moisturizing, it will lie flat, and your skin will become smooth.
  • Cleansing. Perfect makeup also depends on the skin itself. We recommend you, in addition to daily use of a couple of times a week, a scrub that cleans the skin of keratinized cells.
  • No thick layer. Many women believe that applying a thick layer of face cream on the face, they hide the shortcomings of their face. This is not so, applying a large amount of cream, you will only do on your face a kind of mask that will look awful.
  • Correctly applied. It is enough to put two drops on the cheekbones, a couple drops on the forehead and a drop on the chin. The applied drops should be shaded by patting movements. It is necessary to start from the forehead, then the movements go from the middle of the face to its edges.
  • Fastening. After applying the base, it should be fixed with the help of powder. Apply it to the fattest areas (forehead, nose, chin). Powder should match the color of the tonal.
  • Life-giving water. To your face looked natural, it should be slightly sprinkled with water from the atomizer. One of the main secrets of stylists is moisturizing, only with it you can make your skin perfect.
  • Buying a voice-frequency device, considerfeatures of your skin. If your skin is impeccable, then any foundation will lie on it. Women with wrinkles should choose a base that has the effect of lifting. This tone will tighten the skin and make it smooth for the whole day. We advise you to read: