arrows in front of a pencil Women have from time immemorial enjoyedmakeup in order to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of your face. Archaeological excavations show that even primitive people used lipstick to reminisce a modern lipstick. Special popularity of make-up acquired in ancient Egypt. Then women began to use powder, similar to powder, to make imperceptible small skin imperfections, began to dye their hair and to emphasize the eyes. It is from Ancient Egypt that we have a tendency to draw lines along the edge of the eyelashes in the direction of the temple, which today are simply called "arrows". Remember the famous beauty Cleopatra and her "cat's look". On the face of this last mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt there are always arrows, giving a special sexuality and seductiveness to the eye. For a while the arrows were in disgrace with fashionistas. Her bright eyes were considered bad form. Such a make-up allowed themselves only girls of easy virtue. However, recently the shooters again began to gain former popularity. And this is not accidental: they are able to emphasize the beauty of the eyes and, if necessary, correct their shape. Good arrows and the fact that they fit both young girls and women of mature age. In order to correctly draw arrows with a pencil, it is very important to choose the correct cosmetic means and be able to use them. For eye make-up, eyeliner or a pencil is most often used. The second option is more acceptable for girls who do not yet have enough experience to apply makeup and have just started to learn the secrets of make-up. Submission does not give the right to make a mistake. Arrows, penciled, it is easier not only to draw, but also to correct. In addition, using podvodku, it is impossible to achieve such a popular effect now, as "smokey eyes" ("tiki ice"), in which the drawn arrows are growing.

Choose the right pencil

Choosing quality cosmetics is a pledgebeautiful and neat make-up. A good eye pencil does not contain mineral oils and paraffin in its composition. Due to these components it will be too soft and fat. Correctly selected cosmetics should be resistant to high temperatures, so that in hot weather make-up "does not blur". Particular attention when buying a pencil should be taken to ensure that it does not scratch the skin around the eyes, in particular when using it on the inside of the eyelid. Quality cosmetics lies easily and evenly, without causing any discomfort. To check how much the pencil meets all the requirements, it is necessary to draw a rod on the outside of the palm. The line must be clear and continuous. In addition, this experience will determine the stability of the proposed cosmetic product. Pencils for the eyes are different in color and texture. Each girl must have in her arsenal different types of this decorative cosmetics. Hard pencil is more convenient to draw thin arrows, which last longer and are less susceptible to moisture. To apply a wider arrow, use soft pencils. The lines drawn by them are easier to grow. And for drawing arrows on the inner side of the century it is better to use waterproof decorative cosmetics. The color of the pencil is selected in accordance with the chosen image. Black and brown colors are basic in classical make-up for women of all ages. The blue and green colors of the pencil are more suitable for young girls to create a cheerful bright image. The choice of a suitable tone depends on the color of the eyes and hair that the girl has. Brunettes with fair skin are better to use a dark gray or dark brown pencil. Swarthy girls to face will be black, and brown, and violet, and plum, and olive tones. But the blue-eyed blonde is better to choose pencils of cool shades: light gray, blue and silver. Black pencil is more popular for making evening make-up. But the owners of light skin need to be careful with him. Bright dark arrows on this skin look often vulgar. how to draw arrows in front of a pencil

How to hide flaws with the help of arrows?

For girls who were lucky enough to be born witheyes of the correct form, any eye makeup will do. Arrows are loved by many for the fact that, if properly drawn, they not only emphasize the beauty of the eyes, but also hide some of the shortcomings of appearance. Small eyes will look more expressive if you use a pencil of warm pastel tones, and the arrow begins to draw from the middle of the eye and lead to the temple, gradually making the line thicker. Recommended arrows and holders of round eyes. Especially such girls will face make-up with the effect of the so-called "cat's look", when the eye is drawn completely, and the upper arrow goes up. The line, drawn through the upper eyelid and raised from the middle of the eye to the top, will give the eyes an elongated almond shape. The width of the arrow should gradually thicken. The eyes thus drawn look slightly slanted. Possessors of small eyes such eye makeup is contraindicated. How to paint your eyes with a pencil arrow with wide apart eyes? In this case, the arrow at the inner corner of the eye should be thick. Those who are concerned about the small distance between the eyes, you should start to lead a thin line, thickening it towards the temple. Narrow eyes can be easily visually "flung open" by drawing a thin line as close as possible to the edge of the growth of the eyelashes, and then shading it. In order to make such an arrow, it is not the use of a pencil, but a pencil. how to draw arrows in front of a pencil

Simple rules for creating perfect shooters

Learning how to draw arrows correctly with a pencil is not an easy task, but, as the saying goes: "the master's case is afraid." You just need to know a few simple rules.

  • Do not paint your eyes on the weight. It is best to sit quietly at the table, put a mirror in front of you at the level of the eyes, and lean your elbows on a firm surface to be sure that the hand will not falter in the process of applying makeup. In this case, there is no need to hurry.
  • Eyes do not need to be closed during make-up. They should be slightly ajar: this way to draw an arrow is much more convenient. In addition, you can immediately see how straight the line is drawn.
  • The eyelid should be slightly pulled up. This will make the arrow more beautiful and give it the right shape.
  • First, the line needs to be drawn thin, and then its width can be adjusted or blurred. Initially, a thick line is much harder to fix.
  • The arrow should be kept as close as possible to the edge of the growth of the eyelashes. It is important to ensure that there is no white strip between the drawn line and the edge of the eye. This looks extremely unaesthetic.
  • Among women, it is believed that the arrow is easierdraw a solid line. This is also one of the mistakes when applying makeup. The arrow is drawn in two sets. Of course, the drawing technique is different for everyone, but it is better to first draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to the middle, and then from the middle to the outer corner.
  • Drawing arrows, it is very important to make sure that they are the same in size. If the lines are uneven, they will spoil the whole appearance. Even the most ideal eyes will appear asymmetric.
  • To make it easier to draw a straight line, you canpencil along the inconspicuous points along the line of growth of the eyelashes where the arrow will pass, and then connect them with a dash. This method of applying makeup is especially suitable for beginners.
  • Girls who do not know the full extentthe art of eye makeup, it is recommended to practice drawing arrows on paper. To do this, on a simple album sheet, you need to sketch the full-size image of the eye and learn how to draw smooth lines, and only then experiment on your face.
  • If in addition to the pencil in the makeup there are shadows, it is better to draw arrows on top of them. So the eyes will look more vivid and expressive.
  • Prolonging the line of the arrow, it is important not to overdo it. It should not extend more than 0.5 cm from the corner of the eye. Too long arrows look not only vulgar, but also funny.
  • The line must necessarily be pointed slightly upward. Otherwise, the look will look sad and tired.
  • After the arrows are applied, thecarefully examine the results of their work. All errors are easily eliminated with the help of a cotton swab soaked in a make-up remover or are corrected by shadows of dark colors.
  • It is necessary to know that from the first time correctlyDraw the arrows in front of the pencil is not all. However, following the above recommendations, this can be learned by every girl. Do not be afraid to experiment. But, before making a new eye make-up, you need to think whether it matches the type of person and the chosen image. The type of arrows should be chosen in accordance with what event you plan to visit. Bright lines and strongly selected eyes will not be appropriate during a business dinner. But for a fun party, make up with long arrows. It is important to remember that very young girls and women of advanced age, bright makeup is highly discouraged. In this case, it is better to draw arrows using pencils of warm tones, and gently shade them. The art of being beautiful and stylish is a serious science that every representative of the beautiful half of humanity must master. After all, women are by nature seductresses, and the arrows in front of the eyes give the look a special attraction and magnetism. Therefore, do not spare the time and energy to learn how to draw the right arrow in the pencil. We advise you to read: