creative make-up Makeup is designed to decorate and complement the female image. There are several types of make-up: day, evening, creative. The most interesting, the one where you can give vent to fantasy and apply almost any colors and ornaments - is creative. Of course, with such a make-up it is impossible to go to work, and on a simple weekday it will look, at least, inappropriate. But if you are going to a themed party or just a discobar - creative makeup will help show all your personality and originality. In order to correctly apply makeup, you need to know all the secrets of this procedure.

Preparing for make-up

Only a truly modern and outrageousa person can afford to apply such a make-up - after all, she will always be surrounded by attention. Before you start, you should cheer up and refresh your face a little - make a herbal mask, then wipe your face with a piece of ice - you will look great! Now it is necessary to apply the foundation - foundation and dry powder, correct the irregularities with a masking pencil, making the skin velvety and smooth. Only after the application of the base can you begin to make up your eyes. First eyebrows - draw them in black or brown pencil, carefully comb and fasten the hair with cosmetic gel. It is not desirable to draw too fat lines - eyebrows are not the highlight on the face, all attention should be focused on the eyes, and the eyebrows are designed just to emphasize the openness of the look. creative eye makeup

The main "trump card" of makeup is the eyes

Creative eye makeup is applied onlypencils, although you can try and apply the shadows, but here are two nuances: firstly, the shadows tend to roll down on the upper eyelid, and secondly, the saturated color and even shading can not be achieved. So, first on the upper eyelid we apply white matte shadows - this will help to more exactly impose the main color. Pencils are only soft, with a sharp edge. Draw the arrow as close as possible to the line of the eyelashes, strongly pressing on the pencil. Use liquid piping in no case it is impossible - the desired effect will not be. You can draw an arrow under the lower eyelid - this way, it will be possible to lengthen visually the incision of the eyes, and if you are in the eastern image, then such a reception will come at an opportune time. After applying the basic guides, you can start to create - choose to yourself any color of the pencil and create! Just remember one immutable rule - it is undesirable to apply bright colors under eyebrows - it is better to use for this area pastel and pearly tones. In general, there are no restrictions on the color, do not "tie" to the color of the eyes - you want red or purple hues, green or orange - all in your hands! Now the ink - on eyelashes, it should lie evenly, in no case do not crumble and glue the cilia. You can use augmented cilia, you can simply decorate them with rhinestones - the main thing is that they are noticeable and bright. Here you can even experiment and use mascara of different colors, combine shades and amaze everyone with their taste and style. It is not desirable to paint the lower eyelashes - so the eyes will appear already, and in fact they should be opened, bright and attracting attention.

Lips complete the image

Lips can also be painted with the brightest colorslipsticks - that's where you can realize your dreams. If you have to apply normal make-up without a bright scarlet or cherry lipstick (due to the characteristics of the skin or image), then you can "tear yourself away" - absolutely everything is allowed!

How to make makeup even more stylish?

Do you want to look not only bright, but also unusual? Then use feathers, rhinestones or apply a pattern around the eyes. Here the choice is huge - from small strasics scattered around the eye, before applying makeup in the form of a ladybug or a slice of watermelon. Professional stylists use and feathers, and small butterflies, paint lips in the form of a crab, they can put on the face a light vintage pattern - thin haw-lines will create the necessary shocking. It is possible to realize fantasy in life independently, but for the first time it is better to entrust this procedure to a competent specialist. Contact the beauty salon and observe how the master works - then it will be much easier to repeat. beautiful creative make-up

Example of make-up "Ladybug"

So, the main points you have understood, now you should try to apply such a make-up. The main thing is to follow all the points:

  • We lay the foundation on the upper eyelid and shade it;
  • Take a black pencil and draw an arrow on the upper eyelid, as close to the eyelashes. The arrow must not extend beyond the eye;
  • Now take a red pencil and draw a trunk of a cow - strongly pressing the lead on the skin, we try to apply clear strokes. Pencil is better to take a greasy and scarlet color;
  • Go to the area under the eyebrows is not necessary, but a little to go beyond the outer corner of the eye should be;
  • Now we take again a black pencil and begin to draw the legs of an insect: in the lower eyelid, at a uniform distance from each other. Just make the letter "r" upside down, it should turn out 4-5 legs;
  • Further on the outer corner of the eye, to the boundary of the red pencil, we draw the head, slightly elongated, the shape of the oval;
  • It remains only to draw antennae and spots on the body - this is done in the same pencil, just need to draw more;
  • In the end, for a special cosmetic glue, plant a pearl or a rhinestone on the head of a ladybug.

This is all done not difficult, but the effect will bestunning! This makeup is considered quite heavy for the skin, so do not abuse it. In any case, after the party, you need to take off the make-up (you can use a special lotion or milk, or you can use ordinary water with soap) and apply a moisturizer to your skin. If you have a predisposition to allergies, then with great care for cosmetic products, and after use, apply anti-inflammatory agent to the face. We advise you to read: