glasses how to choose Stylishly. Aesthetic. Glamorous. No, it's not about the Parisian fashion or the Hollywood beauties. Today we will talk about glasses, how to choose glasses in such a way that they become a significant accessory in creating a unique image. Points have long ceased to be the property of boys-botanists or girls-honors pupils. Turned into a fashion attribute, they have become an instrument for turning a woman into a modern, active and energetic person. There are many kinds of glasses. For myopic and far-sighted - optical lenses, for the correction of vision - special medical lenses. There are glasses for motorists, sports, to work at the computer and, of course, for protection from the sun. And at the same time, they not only can be useful, wearing glasses, a woman and looks, and behaves quite differently. To, so to speak, to match ... Some types of glasses can notice you from the crowd. For example, frames, instructed by different symbols - skulls and bones, bright flowers or fruits. Decorating these elements with frames for glasses, fashion designers create real masterpieces, which will be able to find their customers.

Buying sunglasses, what to look for

Often we choose accessories, considering onlythe price of the goods, and rarely pay attention to the marking. This is a wrong decision. In order for your purchase to serve you faithfully, protect it from sunlight, you should buy glasses marked with UV400. Figures slightly smaller than 400 will retain only 95% of ultraviolet radiation and can burn the retina of the eye. It is equally important to take into account the degree of dimming of the glasses in the frame, all of these degrees are five. The lightest glass can withstand 80% of sunlight, but the sunglasses with anti-reflective protection for mountain skiers only allow 3-5% of the sun's rays. It is not recommended to wear fifth grade glasses to drivers, since the visibility of the road is almost zero. They are most suitable for ordinary glasses with mirrored glasses. Recently, glasses-chameleons are relevant. Thanks to photochromic coating, such glasses will let light in a darkened room, but in sunny weather they will protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation. how to pick up glasses

Choose the color of glasses and frames

The most optimal and the least irritableis considered brown, green or gray. In addition, these colors do not distort the coloring of surrounding objects. The surface of the glass can be applied anti-glare, anti-static or water repellent coating. With regard to the frame - in demand products made of metal, plastic or acetate. They can be the most bizarre shapes and diverse in color, monochrome or decorated with rhinestones, precious stones.

Choose a frame by the type of face

If you have a large forehead and a too prominent nose,Choose your glasses with a dark, large frame, sitting in the middle of the bridge of your nose. In this case, the edges of the rim should be slightly twisted. For a rounded face, square glasses with a bright, catchy color of the frame are ideal. Round forms or "droplets" are not recommended. Rectangular type "to the face" glasses-aviators, which will help to emphasize cheekbones and give the person faces rounded forms. For a thin face, you should choose thick frames of neutral shades, and the top line of the glasses should be at the level of the eyebrows. how to pick up your glasses

Choosing a frame for hair color

For brunettes a combination of black and gold,dark red and brown will be an ideal option. If you are a blonde or a light-haired girl, pick up rims of metals made for silver or gold. You can order glasses made of titanium alloy. For gray hair, the ideal combination is the color of platinum and gold. Such glasses emphasize your nobility and exquisite taste. But the owners of cheerful red head of hair will approach bright frames of olive, beige or cream shade. When choosing your glasses, do not regret spending time trying. Only competently selected accessories will help you create your own style and unique image. We advise you to read: