women's fur caps Fur hats for women - the most ancienta kind of headgear, which was used by our distant ancestors. In Ancient Russia, not everyone could afford to wear headgear from the natural fur of rare animals - they were an indicator of prosperity and high social status. Such accessories were the privilege of ladies belonging to noble princely and boyar families. Ordinary peasant women were satisfied with the simpler types and materials of warming the head in the winter cold. For the history of its existence, women's winter fur hats have undergone many changes. But despite this, they managed to carry through the long centuries and keep all their beauty and elegance, which still can not resist any modern fashionista. Fabulous tenderness, airy lightness, softness and fluffiness of fur cap at all times captivated not only women but also men's hearts. In modern times, the elegance and practicality of this stylish accessory is very difficult to overestimate. In addition to the fact that this headpiece perfectly protects the head from the cold and piercing wind, it, like in the old days, emphasizes social status and is an indicator of impeccable taste. In order to find out what kind of fur hats this winter will be, please read our article. Photo of fur women's caps from winter shows is better than words tell you about the fashion trends of the new season.

Main trends of the season

This winter in the fashion of voluminous caps fromlong-bellied fur: fox, fox, raccoon, mink and other animals. Judging by the photos, women's fur hats will not be boring and monotonous. Moreover, many fashion designers at creation of the exclusive collections have taken care of that female representatives were not only protected from vagaries of weather, but also thus looked elegantly, stylishly and exquisitely. Design collections of this year are so chic that no one of the fair sex will not be left without a warm and beautiful accessory. Pick it for a harsh winter is not difficult, because the new season offers fur hats of all kinds of shapes and shapes: voluminous and miniature, in the style of classics and retro. We want to draw your attention only to the most popular of them. women's winter fur hats

  • Hat with ear flaps

Many fashionable couturiers offer girlsspend this winter in a warm and cozy hat with ear-flaps, which has been one of the first positions among fashionable hats for a year already. This season in fashion fur fur caps for women's earflaps are absolutely in any version: combined with color or monophonic textiles, with suede or leather top, and knitted inserts.

  • Fluffy headdresses

At a premium, three-dimensional women's winter furhats. Such models were incredibly popular in the 70s of last century. They were the characters of the famous movie "The Irony of Fate". These trends came to us from last season, but there are also new items: fur berets and hats.

  • Volumetric berets

Presented in the new season fur beretsfascinating with its beauty and elegance. This stylish fur accessory takes pride of place in almost all designer collections. Berets made from natural fur are practical, beautiful and elegant. Such a fashionable headdress will perfectly complement the image of a modern girl.

  • Hat-tins and fur hats

Hat-bowler - another fashion trend of the season,which has long been fond of the female half of the population of many countries in the world. And it's not surprising, because such hats always look elegant and stylish, they can be worn with any classical things. Fur hats with wide margins will also be incredibly popular in the autumn-winter season 2016- 2017. Such a model will perfectly complement the image of a modern girl, emphasizing her refinement and femininity.

  • Stylish fur cap

Fur hats - an unexpected surprise from the fashionablehouse Burberry Prorsum, which, of course, will please the experimental personalities. Despite the fact that such models are closer to the male style, they look great on small female heads. Fur kepi looks great with a bright coat.

  • Caps in the form of a variety of animals

Attention of women are offered and unusual hatsFur women's: photos in fashion magazines are full of models that imitate real fluffy beasts - kittens, tigers, panthers and other representatives of the animal world. Although at first glance, these hats look a little childish, at the same time they are incredibly beautiful and feminine. This model can be an excellent choice for bold girls who are not afraid to seem ridiculous and eccentric.

  • Retro style

Miniature tablets fromshort-haired furs and astrakhan hats, which resemble the legendary cap-pie, very popular in the 70s of last century. Such models were worn by all the members of the Politburo headed by General Secretary Brezhnev. And this winter she climbs again on the pedestal of fashion.

Colors and materials of fashionable hats

As for color, this year is in fashionnatural shades. Most popular: brown, red, chocolate and beige. Also relevant are gray, white and black. More daring shades, for example, bordeaux, cherry and purple, are ideal for those who want to stand out against the backdrop of a general crowd and draw attention to their person. In the winter collections you can find smart models from the most diverse types of furs: astrakhan, mouton, beaver, seal, mink, fox, raccoon, fox, fox and rabbit. A special glamor is the headwear made of fur with a long pile, creating an additional volume, with a long fluffy tail, falling on the shoulders. Also relevant for women's winter fur hats 2016 prints for tiger, leopard and skin "Burenki", the latter of them looks especially impressive. To create winter headdresses, modern designers often use a combination of fur with different fabrics. Most often they use textiles, leather, suede and many other modern and relevant for the winter season materials.

With what to wear a fur hat?

Nothing so transforms a woman as exquisiteheaddress. Therefore, we should take seriously the choice of such an important attribute of modern man, stepping in step with the fashion trends. Women's winter fur hat in the cold season - the main thing in the wardrobe of every modern fashionista. A huge variety of technological developments, styles and shapes, as well as a wide choice of color solutions, gives every woman the opportunity to choose the headwear to her liking. If you liked this or that variant of a fashion accessory from natural fur, do not rush to make a purchase. After all, this stylish, fashionable and expensive thing may simply not fit into your wardrobe. Tips stylists will help you tastefully choose a fashion accessory to your winter ensemble. fur women's fur hats

  • Fur coats and sheepskin coats

A stylish fur hat can be worn withplease. If as outerwear in your wardrobe is dominated by sheepskin coats and fur coats, then you have nothing to worry about, as they perfectly match almost all the options of women's fur hats. It can be like an exquisite woman's hat, trendy hat with earflaps, and a stylish kubanka. Any of them is worthy of your choice.

  • Coat

With stylish coats, stylists advise wearing fur berets and hats, made in one style with outer clothing.

  • Sport style

With bright jackets and down jackets, extravagant "caps" and hats with earflaps look not bad. Ideal - the same coloring of the headdress and fur on the hood.

  • Style casual

Admirers of classical style should prefer classical models with a minimum of decor. Too catchy and extravagant fur hats are out of place here.

  • Extravagant style

If you like to always be the center of attention,choose a cap of bright coloring with an original detail of a decor in the form of a daring visor, a funny pompon or various tapes. Regardless of which model you choose, whether it's a beautiful fur hat with a fur hat, exquisite beret or any other style of your head-dress that you like, each of them will perfectly complement your winter image, warm it in the winter cold and will please for several seasons. We advise you to read: