The secret of fashion accessories Swiss watches are fashion accessories, prestigiousall over the world, which is a standard of style and quality. They are acquired to emphasize consistency, create an image and win respect from others. Over the years, such an accessory does not lose its value, and even buy it on the contrary. What are their advantages and peculiarities? Among all the chronometers Swiss men and women are distinguished by irreproachable quality andminimum time error. But this is not all the characteristics of this masterpiece. The main advantages of Swiss watches are as follows:

  • Innovativeness. In watch movements, Swiss manufacturers are among the first to use advanced technologies, the rest only adapt them to their brands and copy them.
  • Prestigiousness. This accessory is recognized all over the world, it is considered an image attribute and a standard of quality.
  • Multifunctionality. Most models are equipped with additional functions, it can be "perpetual" calendars, automatic winding, time pointers in different time zones, stopwatches, chronographs, week indicators and the number of the month.
  • Variety of design and shape. The manufacturer provides a wide range of its product, among the products there are for business people, sportsmen, pilots,divers and astronauts. For women watchmakers from Switzerland offer the opportunity to purchase watches in the style of "high-tech" and "retro." Also in the catalog of watches as jewelry, able to complement the image of modern man.
  • Aesthetics. This requirement is met in every watch model, each product is an independent art object and is an artistic value. The decoration of the product uses precious metals, stones, expensive materials and semi-precious stones.
  • In the product line of watchmakers there are products of various price categories. Among them there are class watches:

    • "Economy";
    • "business";
    • "image";
    • "Premium";
    • "Luxury".

    Considering the advantages of Swiss watches,one can not help saying about some shortcomings. Although in the literal sense of the lack of a high cost of products can not be called, but still a real Swiss watch is expensive and many people they can not afford. In this case, in order to be in a trend, people acquire Swiss masters. They are of high quality and differ from the original only in some features. In particular, instead of solid gold in copies only gold plating is used, and instead of precious stones artificial substitutes are inserted. Also replicas of Swiss watches can have minor deviations in design and form.