fashion bracelets 2011 Accessories for women have long gone beyondbanal jewelry, they have become a unique opportunity for self-expression, the manifestation of their own bright personality and the ability to loudly declare themselves. Paradoxically, the fair sex should thank the capriciousness and changeability of the tastes of such a fickle lady as fashion, which now and then changes tendencies that determine the trend for accessories and jewelry, because it allows you to expand the range of products. "More attention to detail," - eloquently declares the fashion industry, thereby giving a tribute to women's jewelry, and special attention this season deserve fashion bracelets in 2016. Due to the huge variety of fashionable women's bracelets, it will be blasphemous not to know the basic rules for choosing these trend products, which are designed to please the eyes and doom their mistress to success.

Fashion bracelets 2016 and trend manufacturers

Fashionable women's bracelets are designed to satisfythe most demanding tastes and requests of demanding ladies due to the wealth of conceptual solutions, various materials and forms, and manufacturing techniques. By the way, about manufacturing, it is necessary to make a reservation about the leading manufacturers of trendy accessories and fashionable bracelets of 2016 in particular. Laurels of the championship for the manufacture of ladies' jewelry traditionally belong to the Italians, because they are favorites and in high fashion circles. Their collections abound with incredible bracelets, from exquisite classics, made of precious metals, and ending with ethnicity. The pride of Italian jewelers is the unique Murano glass, the most fashionable bracelets of 2016, made of this material, without a twinge of conscience can be equated with jewelry. It is a well-known fact that if a fashionista requires a standard-quality bracelet made of glass, then no other label for the production of accessories will offer a better product than an Italian one. So many fashion editions tend to include fashionable bracelets on their pages in 2016, photos with products from Italian glass will immediately raise their ratings. But in the East, the leader in the production of costume jewelry with the optimal combination of "price-quality" is South Korea, the center in which the heart of production is concentrated, is Seoul. Most often their products include fashionable bracelets made of natural stones, environmentally friendly wood, decorative wires and patterned glass. Korean masters are deservedly considered leaders in the manufacture of first-class chain-based bracelets. The modern market of accessories, both jewelry and genuine jewelry, contains countless jewelry adorned in the best traditions of ethnic style. For the first time to promote ethno-trends began in Australia, the models of the most fashionable bracelets of 2016 are created in classical Aboriginal traditions, with elements of urban, youth processing.

Fashionable women's bracelets, what does the market offer?

Famous fashion houses, as well as world-famousjewelry brands are forced to exist in a highly competitive environment, therefore, in order to maintain their reputation and status, they supplement their more sophisticated conceptual solutions with their newest line of accessories, including bracelet collections. Let's try to trace the current trends, which determine a truly stylish and qualitative decoration.

  • Absolutely for all modern accessoriesthere is an unspoken rule: massiveness and volume. Fashionable gold bracelets - this is no longer a nondescript thread of thin links, on the contrary, a popular decoration can reach a width of up to three centimeters, and sometimes five. And this trend has taken root with the light hand of Christian Dior, whose fashionable gold bracelets a few seasons ago supported a bold conceptual solution of the style of the mid-80s. Classical items are decorated with relief, patterns, all sorts of noble stones, and can demonstrate restraint if they have a monolithic quality. For the last several seasons, the favorites of sales are non-closed rigid models of fashionable gold bracelets, they resemble small spirals that can contain several rings.

fashionable bracelets with your own hands

  • Especially good meet the requirements of catchymassiveness model of fashionable bracelets made of natural stone. They differ in a wide range of colors, there may be tender turquoise products, fiery red, yellow with brown veins, emerald green, noble Bordeaux decorations. Such accessories are very popular among young girls, because they perfectly combine the parameters "price and quality" and are able to effectively complement the image. Turquoise, corals, charoite or amber, moonstone, as well as onyx are the main natural materials that have been in high demand for many decades.

how to make a fashionable bracelet

  • Extremely sexy and feminine lookelite accessories from the world famous house Swarovski. To create their own lines, they used crystals and a standard glass bead, which is very popular among the masters of the fan-industry, the high quality and uniqueness of the raw materials allowed the brand to go far beyond the inlay of fashionable gold bracelets. Of course, the cost of such products is not inferior to jewelry made of precious metals, but when a woman looks at a glass bead of "pure tears" or on amazing aquamarine crystals, the question of price goes to the background. Female catalogs spread on the pages of the model of fashionable bracelets of 2016, photos show the magnificence of crystals from Swarovski.

fashionable gold bracelets

  • A rather unusual conceptual solutioncritics found fashionable gold bracelets, more precisely, these products were covered with gilding and inlaid with contrasting color strasses. In this vein, a line of ladies' accessories from the Accessorize fashion house has come out, many of them won it with an affordable price category. Among the latest novelties in the jewelry world, the fashionable bracelets of the summer of the 2016 collection from the house of Dior were especially effective, such bracelets successfully combined gilding and magnificent, abundant inlay with Swarovski crystals of the most unexpected color palette. It was a successful game of colors that made this line of accessories attractive for bright, brave women of fashion.

fashion women bracelets

  • To one of the most accessible options, so to speakbudget, you can include fashion bracelets from beads. Many representatives of the fair sex who have mastered the technique of weaving can quite successfully create their own spectacular products that are in no way inferior to design ones - hand-made will never give up their positions, will always be in high esteem. Variants of fashionable bead bracelets can consist of a string of strict consistency, these models visually resemble straps, but there is another option - chaotic, then the bracelets come out airy, do not have a strict fixation. Great love is enjoyed by these bracelets-clouds in young, romantic girls, such fashion bracelets in the summer of 2016 critics are classified as a must-have.

fashion bracelets from beads

Top 10 Fashionable Bracelets

Above, only generaltrends and the latest innovations in jewelry fashion, as well as the jewelry market. Often, general information about stylistic trends and newfangled concepts can be found in women's magazines that post fashionable bracelets on their pages, the photos eloquently demonstrate a wide variety of these accessories. But it is because of the abundance of the assortment that it's quite easy to get confused, to choose a low-quality product, of poor quality, it's even easier to buy an unattractive little thing that will be an ideal option for collecting dust, but unfortunately it will not be suitable as an ornament. So, let's read the list of top-trend bracelets of summer:

  • Unclosed, cuff bracelets or spiral jewelry
  • Bracelets inlaid with crystals or crystals
  • Accessories from beads
  • Bracelets of thin weaving, repeating the silhouette of the chain
  • Vintage products
  • Youth bracelets decorated with multi-color non-natural stones, as well as cabochons
  • Ornaments in which natural stone is used
  • Bracelets on chains with figures-pendants of animals, flowers and other various objects
  • Accessories decorated with massive colors
  • Mini-pendants combined with thin bracelets
  • fashionable bracelets summer 2011 A little did not last, according to experts,soft versions of bracelets with massive, large crystals in Arabic style, leather accessories-straps, as well as a few rough, but colorful wrist bracelets with untreated stone, as well as knitted options. Fashionable women's catalogs immediately placed on their pages a list of top, trendy bracelets, photos showed a rich assortment that is designed to serve a woman.

    Modern bracelet: it's interesting to know

    The bracelet of this season is not only a branda product for which thousands and thousands are spent, on the contrary, ornaments made by one's own hands can complement the image in many ways more spectacular, since the individuality of such items is much larger than that of conveyor magazine bracelets. It is important to simply know how to make a fashionable bracelet with your own hands from improvised means. If it is a knitted product, namely it is best to start practicing with beginners, then the schemes can be easily found in specialized magazines, but usually these bracelets are knitted with a crochet without a crochet and edged with an edge, and then decorated, for example, with beads. This is the simplest version of how a fashionable bracelet is made in a matter of minutes. If a lady is fascinated by weaving from beads, then why not try to make a fashionable bracelet with your own hands with the participation of beads and beads? Perhaps we all remember the times of childhood and adolescence, when they were especially passionate about beading. Now the wealth of schemes for creating bracelets is impressive, and the assortment and variety of the bugle can guarantee a delightful result. Fashionable bracelets will allow the girl to look always unique, as such products will be exclusive, executed in one copy. You can use a weave similar to the design chain, that is, a strict sequence, but you can prefer a freer style, where many beads will be stringed without strict order. Female magazines on needlework often place on their pages fashion bracelets of 2016, photos of which display both the final product and the scheme of their manufacture. A female accessory can effectively complement and emphasize the image created by a woman, ask him certain piquant notes. However, with what ease the bracelets can save the situation and decorate the girl, with the same ease the wrongly selected jewelry can break the harmony between all the details of the ladies' toilet. Knowing the main trends that the fashion industry makes to accessories, the girl can always look unique and effective. We advise you to read: