the most fashionable clutches Clutch - elegant women's handbag-envelopesmall size - initially positioned as an element of the evening wardrobe. Elements such as a strap or handle are missing, this accessory is worn holding in the palm of your hand or under your arm. The most fashionable clutches are made of high quality materials. For their manufacture, crocodile and snake skin is used, although nowadays designers freely experiment with various other materials. Just fashionable bags in 2016 - this is no longer true, so the clutches absorbed all the fashion trends: this is the sequins and colors of prints, and the abundance of metal accessories, as well as other design elements. A small wrist bag, which is immediately visible from afar, as it gives you a stylish accent, in this, as in the last season, it is very fashionable and relevant to have in your personal arsenal. Undoubtedly, this is not a torba in which all "really necessary" things or objects come in; it is a small fashionable one, like the word clutch itself, a feature of 2016, which brings joy and style to its owner rather than its favor. Often clutches are decorated with gold, pearls, feathers of birds or shining rhinestones. Back in the 1920s-1930s, they acquired their popularity. Famous designer Christian Dior later revived them to life. Now this element of fashion can safely be called an accessory of everyday life, as in recent years he again found himself at the peak of popularity. Becoming an inseparable addition to going to the cinema, all kinds of parties, banquets and other places of recreation, the clutch is in great demand among the beautiful half of humanity. The brilliant clutches are given special preference in 2016. Strasses and glass beads should be embroidered with the most urgent of them. They can be made of different colors and shades, but special attention is given to golden, silvery and black tones, especially if this fashion object is monophonic. You can choose a clutch of a variety of materials that must be combined with your clothes, since it's fashionable that it's for you! For sure among the clutches will find many similar styles and familiar trends of fashion those who are already familiar with the photo collection of bags of 2016. Releasing these fashionable women's clutches, almost identical to their larger counterparts - bags, most designers decided not to strain themselves. But still some of them pleased the women of fashion with real masterpieces of the handmade industry in miniature, since they did not go along the well-trodden path. fashionable clutches with their own hands

Fashion trends of 2016

  • Miniature clutches, slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes, were observed in the collections of famous designers. The fashion for mini-formats continues also this season.
  • Clutches of square form will also be extremely popular this year. Distinct square shapes alternate with less geometric shapes at times.
  • Clutch "cosmetic bags" - simple bags with a zipper - also remain popular.
  • Clutches with a sturdy frame, which can be rolled into a tube or folded in half, will also be at the height of glory.
  • Perfect evening accessory to the classicblack dress or any other laconic style and monophonic alongside - a clutch of golden color from metallized fabric or leather, painted in these tones.
  • Following the fashionable style of autumn and the coming spring, designers created many models of snake skin with a similar design.

Previously, the clutch was called an envelope handbag, but thattime has passed a long time ago, and the current fashionable works invariably attract attention with a peculiar form, reminiscent of the miniature size of the tube, the right square, or the tiny pad. fashionable women's clutch

With your own hands

Borrowing ideas and inspiration from famous brands, you can make your own masterpiece, turning an ordinary handbag into an original design piece.

  • A clutch with a zip, acrylic paint of white and any bright and juicy color or shade, brush, paint tape and acrylic spray will need you to create your own masterpiece.
  • First, you need to divide the clutch into two rectangles, one of the parts of which must be sealed with adhesive tape, making sure that it is glued evenly.
  • In order for the paint to fall better, hermust be mixed with a small amount of water. To start painting it is necessary from the contour of the scotch to the bottom, producing strokes carefully, so that the paint does not get caught by the adhesive tape.
  • The same procedure must be repeated with a brightpaint, only without diluting it with water, and only after the first superimposed layer has dried. The surface color will be very saturated due to the underlying lower layer. You can use a hairdryer, if you do not want to wait until the paint dries up on its own.
  • The painted part of the clutch needs to be treated with a spray,which will protect the colored part from the water and make it in its texture very similar to the skin. But before that, the unpainted part must be covered with paper.
  • You can make fashionable clutches with your own hands and thus emphasize your individuality and uniqueness. We advise you to read: