belt corset One of the main weapons of the girl is a thin waist,which has always been a matter of men's admiration. Ladies sought not only to improve their figure, trying to make it slim and elegant, but also in every way to emphasize the waist with various accessories and clothes. Belt-corset is one of the most ancient attributes of women's beauty. He always gave harmony, emphasized the figure and decorated it. To accentuate the clarity of the forms, the wasp waist, or, on the contrary, visually hide some of the shortcomings of the figure - the corset will cope with the task clearly. This belt will always be an accessory irreplaceable and popular. Recently, he deserves the title of the most fashionable and stylish of accessories. After all, it is the belt-corset that can easily hide a couple of kilos in the waist and make the figure more refined.

Belts for each figure

  • If you have a big chest - such an accessory will be just for you. He will be able to clearly divide the line of the chest and waist, and also emphasize it.
  • With a short stature and a stocky figure, you should not wear corset belts, because visually your body will be further shortened.
  • High girls can safely use them, because such a thing in your wardrobe will not spoil your figure at all.
  • With an imperfect figure, you should choose such an accessory of contrasting dark shades.
  • But the owners of wide hips should not use belt-corsets, since they only emphasize the volume.
  • Girls who have a small tummy are worthchoose wider belts that draw the figure. If, in this situation, this option does not help, it is better to abandon the corset altogether, since it will attract even more attention to problem areas.

Combine such irreplaceable belts-corsets possibleactually with any clothes. For example, jeans and shirts, office suits, knitted or evening dresses or even coats. Its great advantage is that it is easily combined with things of different colors. belt corsets

With what to combine wide belts of different kinds

Bright leather belt perfectly fits todifferent things in your wardrobe. It will fit well with informal jeans, and a business suit will add some zest. Any girl can wear it, but in order not to break the proportions, it is necessary to wear the belt strictly at the waist line. Belt-corset looks great with a white shirt, fitted jacket and cardigan. Such an accessory is perfectly combined with a dress-shaped case made of dense fabric. Belts made of cloth tied at the waist are also considered as popular. They can be replaced by a satin ribbon, and a neck scarf, which will please many women of fashion. Girls with a plump figure should choose corsets of dark shades - they will hide excess volumes. And tie a better free knot. Lush bows will only attract and emphasize such a waist, and not hide some of the shortcomings. Such corsets will perfectly complement the dresses with an overstated waist, which accentuate the décolleté, and the legs will look even longer. The corset always gives ladies sexuality. We, as it were, are "buttoned up", but men do not just throw platonic glances. Such a thing will always help to correct the figure. The waistline will be underlined, and the chest - visually increased in girls with a figure of "hourglass" with a fairly pronounced hips. When an imperfect figure with waist defects from such a belt is better to refuse. But if you decide to wear it, it's better with shirts, tops and T-shirts. Evening and cocktail dresses with a lush bodice and skirt are elegantly complemented by such an accessory. A wide belt-corset will complement a variety of coats, and jackets and raincoats will immediately become more feminine. True fashionista girdles even down jackets and fur coats! They can be worn on sweaters, dresses-sweaters, knitted dresses. The most fashionable combination that looks feminine, seductive and attractive, still remains the spring version - a leather belt over the chiffon dress. Surprisingly, before the belt-corset was worn under a tuxedo and a suit only by men. But already in the new season they are the last squeak of fashion and an indispensable part of the women's wardrobe.