how to choose sunglasses Sunglasses perform two very importantfunctions - on the one hand, they protect our eyes from ultraviolet radiation, and on the other hand - they complement the image created by us. How to choose sunglasses so that they perform both functions as best as possible?

How to choose glasses that will protect your eyes well

Many buy glasses, trying to select them inmostly in the shape of the face and the color of the clothes with which these glasses are supposed to be worn. But do we often think about the degree of UV protection? On the strength of the product? On the quality of visibility through lenses? Unfortunately, not often. But what about choosing glasses from the sun? Steps

  • Think about eye protection. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause a number of problems, such as cataracts, corneal burns and even cancer. If you do not want to be exposed to this risk, then during the purchase of points, select a pair that blocks at least 99% of the UVB rays and 95% of the UVA rays.
  • Choose the color of the lens, based on your needs. And it's not just about the color of clothes, hair and facial skin, which we all think about first. Color lenses can significantly affect how well you will distinguish colors by wearing glasses, and how contrasty the image will be. And this is very important in some situations, for example, if you are sitting behind the wheel of an auto. Some firms offer sunglasses with interchangeable lenses of different colors, which makes it easy to adjust glasses to any situation. And how does the color of the lens affect the perception of the environment?
  • Brown, gray, green colors are neutral, which means that such lenses reduce the overall brightness without color distortion. They just extinguish bright glare and relieve tension from the eyes in bright light.
  • Yellow, gold, amber-yellow colors -provide less protection against brightness, but they are excellent for protecting the eyes at moderate or low levels of illumination. They provide an excellent perception of the depth of perspective, which makes them ideal for skiing, snowboarding and other types of snow sports.
  • Pink color - in such glasses the world seems brighter. They provide excellent visibility and contrast in low light conditions. Good for skiing in cloudy weather. They also increase the visibility of objects on a blue and green background, which makes them indispensable for driving or traveling in forest areas.
  • Mirror lenses - reduce glare, reflectingmost of the light that hits their surface. Mirror lens coatings cause objects to appear darker, and to compensate, such coatings are often applied to light lenses.
    • Choose a style of glasses. Here it is necessary to think first of all about the shape of the face, because the style of glasses suitable for you depends on the shape of your face. We will try to pay more attention to this topic and talk about this a little later.
    • Find the pair that suits you best. Here's what you need to pay attention to:
  • The frame should fit snugly to the nose and ears, but it should not press or leave a feeling of discomfort.
  • The weight of the glasses should be evenly distributed between the points of support on the nose and ears.
  • Your eyelashes should not rest on the lenses.
  • And, of course, glasses should look harmoniously on your face. how to choose sunglasses in face shape

    How to choose points based on your face type

    The key to finding the best pair is to become a balanceforms of your face and glasses. First of all, determine what kind of person you are. In total, there are seven types: round, square, oblong, triangular with a base at the top, triangular with a base below, diamond-shaped and oval. No matter what your face, glasses should be chosen so that in form they are the opposite of the shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face, then you should choose a rectangular shape of the glasses, and if the face is square, then the glasses should be rounded. It is also important to remember the size of your face. If you have a small face with delicate features, it will not be too successful idea to put on very large sunglasses. And if you have large features, then the tiny glasses on it will look ridiculous. Here are some examples of successful combinations of lens and face shapes:

    • A diamond-shaped face: a lens without a rim, oval lenses or a frame with an emphasis on the forehead line.
    • Square face: lenses with soft rounded edges, round, oval lenses in a thin frame.
    • Triangular face (wide at the bottom): lenses of bright colors, a frame with a straight upper line.
    • Inverted triangle (face wide at the top): lenses without rim, light tone of lenses and color of frame, transparent frames.
    • Oblong face: lenses that are equal in width or larger than the width of the largest part of the face.
    • Round face: rectangular or square lenses, thick rim.
    • Oval face: almost all forms of lenses look good on this type of face, but square glasses are especially beautiful.

    How skin tone and hair color affects the choice of sunglasses

    When choosing sunglasses, you need to considernot only the shape of the face, but also the color of the skin and hair, because you will need to decide on the color of the frame. The color of the frame should match your color type, which can be warm or cold. Cold skin tones have pink or bluish hues, and warm tones are yellowish hues. What about the color of the hair? White blond, blue-black and light-brown colors are considered cold tones of hair, while to warm tones are golden blond, black, brown, red and ashy colors. Women with a predominance of warm tones of color type are more suitable camel frames, as well as khaki, gold, copper, peach, white or bright red. For cool tones, the best combination will be black, pink, brown, plum, purple and blue. Regardless of the color of the chosen frame, you should not forget about observing the most important criterion, which should never be violated - it is comfort. Whatever beautiful glasses are, you should not buy them if you feel uncomfortable in them. how to choose glasses from the sun in the form of a face

    What models do modern designers offer?

    In order for you to feel confident when buying sunglasses, it is worthwhile to know which models are now considered the most fashionable.

    • In most collections of 2012 there wereRound glasses are presented, which will be very popular. Their frame, often having a pattern, is made of plastic. Such glasses will be well combined with an oval or square face, smoothing out its contours.
    • Having an even upper rim line, glassessemi-circular shape look a little stricter. As soon as no designers experimented with frames for glasses, but their imagination, apparently, there is no limit! Adjusting for clothes, it can be black, transparent or colorful. Metal products will also be very popular this season.
    • Fashionable sunglasses square shape alsolook very impressive. They are best for an oval face. There is a huge number of design solutions for the design of such points. Many experts preferred a transparent frame, the color of which corresponds to the shades of the whole image as a whole. But this design is intended more for a style accent and is not able to completely protect you from UV radiation.
    • To date, there are many modelswith original arches - very solid look models, decorated with fur. Such glasses will not leave indifferent even the most desperate fashionistas. And to complete the mysterious image in this case will help the rich black color of the glasses.
    • Huge aviator glasses add a fashion accent to the image, especially in combination with the original headgear. Often they are executed in the form of an integral element and have a red-brown hue.
    • Glasses for vision correction are more traditional in size and less creative in design. Very often their shape resembles a semicircle or an oblong rectangle with rounded corners.
    • Chameleon glasses are still very popular, which easily adapt to different levels of illumination and provide their owners with maximum comfort.
    • Points are the most effective methodChange your appearance, giving it an unusual and original shade. Fashion sunglasses are diverse in form: starting from square and round and ending with hearts. If we talk about size - huge points go into the background. In this season, women will pay maximum attention to medium and small frames. Models made in a sporty style with an inconspicuous frame will also be very popular.

    As you can see, designers do not limit us inchoice. Knowing all the nuances that need to be considered in order to choose the right sunglasses, you can choose the best model for yourself! We advise you to read: