chasi Women's Swiss watches will always be in trend andwill never go out of style. This is a timeless classic. It does not matter which brand of watches you prefer, and which image you have decided to supplement with such an accessory, your style will always be emphasized appropriately and succinctly. This year dictates new rules for brands.

Men's watches

Women's watches, made in masculine brutal andeven aggressive style, still remain at the peak of popularity. Models with large heavy cases, made of steel or titanium, with wide leather straps or metal bracelets with contrasting dials and, of course, mechanical, are perhaps one of the most versatile accessories. The budget model of the middle class C001.317.16.297.00 from Certina fully embodies these qualities. Such an accessory will look good with bulky leather bags, which are so adored by the fair sex for their useful volume, with slip-ons, oxfords, birkenstock ... The choice is huge. Watches from Certina will perfectly fit into everyday and business styles, without overloading them and giving your whole image a sophistication and a slight touch of severity. Lovers of luxury will surely like accessories from Maurice Lacroix. For example, model LC6016-SS002-130, which goes especially well with pearl jewelry, clutches and, oddly enough, with calfskin briefcases. White shirts, tight black ties, pencil skirts and a slight detachment in the eyes will perfectly complement your look, in which they will be the main accent. Pay attention to the discreet minimalism of the dial, from which it is simply impossible to look away. This is another trend of the current season.

Minimalist style

Fashion is tired of bright pretentiousness and kitsch,who dominated the podium for the past few seasons. Now the clock should not scream about its uniqueness. In the trend, silent beauty without unnecessary details - minimalism, bordering with deafening simplicity. The fewer details in the design of the accessory, the better. The color palette adheres to categorical conservatism - black, white, gray, dark brown and muted blue. No neon shades and bright prints. A striking example of minimalism can be called model T084. from the Swiss brand Tissot, which represents accessories in the price class of the "middle" class. The black dial, enclosed in a steel circle, is perfectly complemented by a black leather strap. This model will look stylish in the images in the style of "kazhual", in the office and with cocktail dresses of simple cut of rich color (red, sapphire, deep green). In this watch, you can go to the theater, on a date or an interview and everywhere they will look presentable, giving your image a low-key elegance. The segment "premium" represents its bright example of minimalism - model 5927-ST-00907 from Raymond Weil. And, it is worth noting that it is in this accessory that the most harmoniously combines minimalism and classic. Roman numbering of the dial, handy metal bracelet and light gray steel as the only color solution. These watches are completely self-sufficient and, putting them on, you can forget about other accessories, confining yourself to a small clutch of contrasting dark shade. Despite such a restrained color solution, the accessory will not be lost in the general harmony of the things from which your image is made, thanks to the surprisingly elegant design in which its body is made. This watch should be worn for interviews, dinners with your boss and important meetings. They will be able to tell you about more than your resume and yourself.