Getting ready for the fall - choose a bag If it is natural for a man to managewithout a bag, laying out his few things on the pockets of his jacket or jeans, it is almost impossible to imagine a woman without some stylish fashion handbag. For sure, every fashionista has at least ten different handbags. These are women's clutches, evening models, various , large youth bags over the shoulder. An important accessory in creating the image of any woman are bags. They can serve as an additional link in the outfit, shift the accent on themselves or perform a purely practical task - it all depends on for which case it is necessary to pick up a bag and how to do it. When choosing the most beautiful bag, one should not forget that it should be functional. Each season, leading fashion designers offer a huge selection of models of women's bags. Naturally, the upcoming autumn-winter season 2016-2017 was no exception. Everything as always looks spectacular and beautiful. Sometimes when buying a new accessory, you can find a new style, which from the women's bag will begin. Every year designers include five main components, such as material, shape, color, size and even the way they are worn, as designers. Fashionable women's bags in 2016 attract many women with the uniqueness of giving ideas, great variety. Quite a few elements are long forgotten old, come back from the past. For a long time wonderful accessories have been invented, thanks to which the woman could play with her image, feel her importance in the society, prove her ability to dress and show her taste. The optimal choice of elegant ladies will be classic bags in combination with the original trim and retro style. When choosing a bag, the main focus is on decoration and color solutions, not form. Up-to-date in the upcoming autumn-winter season 2016-2017 will still be fur. Women's bags made of genuine leather with fur trim necessarily give the image of the woman originality and softness, it does not matter whether the fur is natural or not. Girls with a character probably will not pass by if they see bags of medium size with a short handle. Getting ready for the fall - choose a bag Still occupy a special place among ladies' handbags. In this season clutches of a rectangular or oval shape with a hinged lid on a magnet or with a zipper, decorated with drapery, rhinestones, metal rivets are relevant. Getting ready for the fall - choose a bag Fashion trend of the upcoming season - a reticule, hischoose business and stylish women. Comfortable and stylish flat handbag with snap lock with removable handle, which can be worn in the hand or on the shoulder. Getting ready for the fall - choose a bag As for the color palette of women's bagsThis year, preference is given to natural colors, namely gray, beige, swamp, brown, as well as all shades of red, black and blue. Very beautiful and relevant are combinations of several colors and materials. Suede bags are still in demand. In a novelty women's bags from a genuine leather decorated with perforation and suede bags with embossing. The business style can be emphasized by business ladies with the help of tight bags of trapezoid shape. Getting ready for the fall - choose a bag For schoolgirls and students are perfectcapacious bags, so that the format A4 entered freely, volume "blown" bags on the wings. It is these models they prefer. Often you can find brushes on bags that serve as decoration. Getting ready for the fall - choose a bag Real ladies prefer clutches for women,laconic form, monochrome and saturated colors. Of course, no trendy outfit will not be able to prove itself in full if the accessories are unsuccessfully matched. That's why when choosing accessories, you need to consider all the nuances. Getting ready for the fall - choose a bag All the handbags presented in the illustrations in this article can be purchased in the online store . Now you do not have to worry aboutwhere you can buy fashionable women's bags in 2016. Online store will help you create your own individual style. We advise you to read: