corporate holidays As you know, corporate holidays are veryan important component in the life of any company. Each large company spends about 6 such events per year. The goal of any corporate holiday is first of all the rallying of the team, communication of employees in a relaxed, non-working environment. If you have a difficult task to hold such a holiday, do not delay the development of the script at the last moment, when only a week remains before the start of the event. On Christmas Eve this article can help you with a few helpful tips.

Determining the date of the holiday

The first thing you have to do is determine the exactthe date of the event, taking into account the work schedule of each person, so that all employees have the opportunity to attend the celebration. Bring as many colleagues as possible to training. It is desirable that among them was the chief accountant or another person, the head of finances. This will greatly facilitate the financial side of the party. Pay special attention to your boss's schedule. He, as a very busy person, certainly has a lot of business meetings, business trips and meetings are possible. Remember: your boss is a VIP-person, who is always the "nail of the program". In case of force majeure, you should consider possible options for other dates for your event. If there is any circumstance due to which it is necessary to postpone a corporate holiday, all employees should be ready to transfer the party to another time convenient for them. corporate party

Drawing up an action plan, accounting of expenses, preparation

So, the date is fixed. Further it is very important to draw up a detailed plan for the event itself and a plan for preparing it. Without plans it is difficult to do without, otherwise there is a risk to spoil or ruin a corporate holiday altogether due to several missed trifles. First, make a list of participants, including the spouses and children of your colleagues (the presence of children is possible at family-oriented activities). Knowing the exact number of people, it will be easier for you to choose the place of celebration. If the holiday is not arranged right in the office, think about which banquet room is suitable for a given number of people. It is also necessary to determine the budget to choose not too cheap and not too expensive institution. If your company usually holds corporate holidays in a cafe or restaurant, then there will be no problems with cooking, snacks, as well as serving and serving the table. For the holiday in the office it is necessary to take care of hiring the staff. It is not necessary to hire cheap workers, so as not to regret the spoiled party. But overpaying is also not recommended. Listen to the responses of acquaintances, call the recruiting agencies and find the best option, successfully combining the acceptable cost and quality of service. When preparing a festive feast, you need to consider what your colleagues are eating. And most importantly, they do not consume. In order not to happen that on the table will be only meat and fatty dishes, and someone is a vegetarian or for any reason forced to adhere to a diet. Remember: making the right menu is one of the most important aspects of the success of any event. As a rule, all corporate holidays end with the fact that people need to go home. Someone has not very good coordination of movements after a certain amount of alcohol. Therefore, when calculating the cost of the holiday, you need to take into account the cost of a taxi. It is best to agree with the taxi service in advance, so that by the time you have prepared the necessary number of cars that safely take the party members home. Ensure the presence of a photographer or cameraman. Here you should not save, it is better to choose a professional who has experience working at corporate parties. He will make a qualitative shooting of your event, later you will see the whole group with interest.

Gifts and cultural program

Funny and interesting gifts for employees noticeablyenliven and decorate any corporate holidays, help to cheer up. Your task is to provide souvenirs, gifts, prizes that will be played during the holiday. Organize yourself assistants - appoint those responsible for this part of the event. In any holiday an important role is played by the scenery. Take care of beautiful invitations, posters and wall newspapers. Make a room with a beautiful decor that will match the theme of the holiday. In order for the holiday to be fun and easy, you can come up with and prepare toasts, fun contests and competitions. But only if you are sure that all your fantasies will not make colleagues bored. For a large number of people we advise you to hire professionals. Let the cultural and entertainment program are engaged by those who know how to hold a corporate holiday fun. What kind of artists, musicians, DJs invite - consult with colleagues. But in no case do not exclude from the holiday their "homegrown" talents. No matter how interesting concert numbers are, all the same, their employees are closer, and if there are people willing to cook and show something interesting, they should be given such an opportunity. So encourage the initiative. Pre-arrange with the presenter about including your numbers in the general program, so that the process does not work. Give your colleagues the opportunity to move on the dance floor to modern music. Selection of dance compositions should be such as to satisfy the tastes of all participants. The invited DJ will easily be able to correct the program along the way, taking into account your wishes. Corporate Holidays

Fun without annoying incidents

If you have a large company, it may well bebe that people who are not familiar with each other can be present at the celebration. Therefore, prepare decorative badges with the names of employees: in the form of snowflakes, if you celebrate the New Year, or in the form of hearts, if March 8 or Valentine's Day. Accidentally overturned on a beautiful dress or suit a glass of wine should not become a tragedy. Take care of the proper number of towels, napkins, as well as stain remover. In order not to have problems with broken glass, it is better to use beautiful glasses and dishes, similar to glass, but made of unbreakable materials. During corporate holidays, most people use alcohol, which can do a disservice. Therefore, the organizer's task is to ensure that there are always enough snacks and soft drinks on the tables, while the colleagues having a good time at the party did not have time and reason to find out the relationship. Remember: your mission is to make the corporate holiday so that it was pleasant to remember. We advise you to read: