Wedding videography: what should I remember? Not so long ago the wedding could be rememberedonly on photos. What is happening today? Now the most welcome guest at a wedding, which can not do without, is a videographer. Let's try to understand why some wedding films cause the desire to watch them more than once, while others want to rewind to the very end or not even remember at all. Naturally, earlier each video camera, including amateur, was a luxury, but today everything has changed, which is the reason for the many proposals. How to make the right choice, what would remained a pleasant memory of your holiday? Most people are sure that a professional videographer at their wedding is superfluous, that own forces will be enough. Use the services of friends or friends is only when they are professional videographers, or, at the extreme, very "knowledgeable" lovers. It is worth thinking about, because the wedding happens once in a lifetime, but there is a risk of remaining without a normal video. How can you tell if it's professional or not? The output, perhaps, is one - to see examples of his works, to find out possible options for editing and shooting styles, the design of a wedding video and lines of his plot. Finally, let's talk about the price. Often, only in the mousetrap free cheese. It's hard not to agree that a wedding is an event that you should not economize on.