gifts for Valentine's Day Despite the fact that in our country the Saint's DayValentines began to celebrate relatively recently, this holiday has already managed to enter the top ten most popular and expected in Russia. On the eve of the fourteenth of February, almost all the lovers of couples begin to run franticly through the shops, fanatically buying tons of valentines, sweets, balls, gift sets and many such things to please their soul mate. But the most creative and original girls do not succumb to the general panic, they know that it's best to make a Valentine's Day gift with your own hands. This option will allow you to show a creative beginning, while you can realize many ideas without unnecessary financial costs. gifts for yourself on the day of St. Valentine

What anyone will like or prepare gifts properly

  • We award

Your boy cooks deliciously, fastest than anyone.repairs a computer, knows how to do a massage or even a jack of all trades? Then it is worthwhile to prepare a special gift and award it with a letter that you can either draw by yourself on the day of all lovers, or print it on the printer. Do not invent or praise him for one-off actions, it is better to indicate something for which you really appreciate and respect him. Believe me, in the future he will want to constantly confirm the title of "The Best Chef".

  • We remember

In fact, most guys are muchmore sentimental than the fairer sex, but they just do not want to show it. To adjust it to the desired romantic mood this evening, you can use the book of memories, even if it is against this holiday. Take a small photo album, paste photos there and make cheerful signatures "Our first journey", "Our first trip to the theater", etc. A loving person is unlikely to refuse to accept such a valuable gift.

  • Recognition of feelings

If you live in a multi-storey house and your windowsapartments go out into the yard, then under them to Valentine's Day you can write a love confession, draw a crayon or a paint heart (if there are no puddles and snow) or in the evening put figurines with small candles. In any case, such a gift will lead him into wild delight.

  • Cooking a warm bath

Your husband on the fourteenth of February is working lateand it is foreseen that he will come madly tired? Prepare for his return a hot foam bath with rose petals and candles floating on a special stand. If the dimensions allow, you can take it together, but if, unfortunately, there is only one person with difficulty, then let your favorite half-hour fall. This will allow him to relax after a hard day's work and help to cheer up before the celebration.

  • A letter from a mysterious stranger

By the day of all lovers you can writeromantic letter and send it by mail without specifying the sender. In the message, tell me why you fell in love with such a strong, beautiful, caring and incredibly talented person, thanks to which your life has fundamentally changed. But do not forget to leave a little clue as to what exactly you are the author of this recognition. Suddenly his secretary or assistant also decided to hint at her feelings for him. Due to the fact that, unfortunately, mail in our country does not always manage to deliver letters on time, it is better to send an anonymous email. Just do not forget to register beforehand under a different name, so that your plan is not immediately declassified. In the future, it is better to remove the mailbox.

  • Have a romantic dinner

Another gift that your young manaccurately appreciate - a delicious dinner. Do not want to mess around in the kitchen? By the day of all lovers, order a few dishes in your favorite restaurant, and before arriving your chevalier, serve the table as if you spent the whole day cooking, and did not spend it in the beauty salon. Do not forget to hint at him beforehand that he should take with him a bottle of tasty and preferably expensive vintage wine. In this case, it is the man who is to take care of alcohol.

  • Film with humor

If both you and your second half havea subtle sense of humor and do not be afraid to joke with each other, create a small video clip or a video with mutual participation. For example, you can ask your young man to talk a few phrases and phrases into the camera, which you can then mount. On Valentine's Day buy a box for CDs, make a funny cover, paint it or write a congratulatory poem. On a CD or DVD disc write down the processed video, and using special color markers, draw the outer side of the disc. a gift for Valentine's Day

Original ways of presentation of presents

Of course, you can present a gift instandard beautiful packaging with a bow that your beloved will tear in five seconds. And you can work out a little and come up with a more original way of congratulating, which he will remember for a long time. Flight fantasy in this case is not limited.

  • Treasure Island: map

At the beginning of Valentine's Day find inroom is such a secluded place where your guy is unlikely to guess to find a gift, and hide the present there. On thick paper, show the layout of the apartment - this will be a map, and draw an intricate path from point A (from the entrance doors) to point B (the cabinet). Now cut the drawing into several large pieces and hide them, for example, in the freezer, in the bathroom, under the bed, on the bookshelf and under the keyboard. Write funny phrases that will hint at the location of this or that piece of paper. For example, you can indicate that it is hidden where the husband spends the most time (at the computer), where she lives, where the eternal frost or where you can get a lot of knowledge. When the whole card is collected, you can go in search of treasure. Such an interesting trip will take you no more than ten to fifteen minutes, but even after several years your husband will have something to remember. After all, man is essentially a hunter, so he will be more pleased to track down the prey (gift) than to get it without making any special effort.

  • Congratulations in the morning or on the road, something lies under the pillow

Another great way to make pleasant -hand a small gift in the morning, so that your loved one went to work contented and happy. So, while he is brushing his teeth in the bathroom, put the present under the blanket and when he returns to the bedroom, ask him to fill the bed. A sweet smile and patting with eyelashes, as if you do not know where this thing came from here, he definitely will like it.

  • Invasion of the balls

If the gift is small (a subscription to the gym,tickets to the theater), it can be hidden in a ball. Since by the day of all lovers they are sold once in three or four more expensive, take care of their acquisition in advance. In the evening before the arrival of a young man, inflate a few balls, after hiding a present in one of them. We advise you to read: