gifts for different dates of weddings A wedding in the life of a newly-married couple is a big andsignificant event. This date for all will remain in memory the most light, solemn and kind day. It will be remembered every time they celebrate this holiday. Gifts for the wedding anniversary are chosen thoroughly. After all, each of them has great significance and symbolism. gifts for a wooden wedding

Choose a presentation for different dates

The first year of life in marriage total calicowedding. On this anniversary, symbolically, the husband and wife should exchange cotton scarves. Guests can present all kinds of products made of chintz: linens, tablecloths, napkins, clothes. For the first anniversary, children's diapers are traditionally presented as a symbol of the wish for an early pregnancy or successful delivery. After this anniversary comes a paper wedding. A gift for the anniversary on this special day is given the appropriate. They can become a beautiful photo album, money in two envelopes or vouchers for rest. A beautiful tradition on this day to give the spouses each other homemade paper figures. Such an unusual but sincere congratulation will tell about the true feelings of everyone. The third anniversary is called leather. The choice of the presentation for this anniversary is huge - from small symbolic souvenirs to large household appliances. After all, by giving it on the third date of the wedding, the friends of the poor tanner made him gifts so that the parents who came to visit the daughter could see how young the young people live. The fourth and fifth anniversary are called linen and wooden, respectively. Gifts are chosen based on the name of the anniversary. But there is a very beautiful tradition, combining two dates - is to present a special souvenir that you can always carry with you. They can become a dried bouquet of flowering flax or a small wooden object. These small, but very significant things will protect not worse than any mascot from bad thoughts of others and an evil glance. gifts for a silver wedding

Gifts for serious dates

On the tenth anniversary, it is customary to donate products made of tin. As a presentation on this anniversary of the marriage, select all kinds of statuettes, sculptures, home fountains, candlesticks. Objects of decorating life can be gifts for the fifteenth anniversary. Only they are made to be made of crystal, in honor of the name of this date. Similar gifts, but already from porcelain, it is customary to give a porcelain, or twentieth, anniversary of cohabitation in marriage. Silver anniversary is a special date. A gift for the wedding anniversary is chosen the most significant. It must be made of silver. A beautiful gift will be a pendant in the shape of a heart, a zodiac sign, a mascot pendant or two silver coins. The same presents are given for a golden wedding, only they are made of this noble metal. On this anniversary of the wedding, it is symbolic to give a watch that will measure time for the next 50 years.