steel wedding The wedding remains in everyone's memory atvery long years. Someone manages to spend together more than a dozen years, someone breaks up much earlier. Sometimes this separation does not depend on the desires of a particular spouse. According to the tradition, every anniversary is celebrated and the celebration takes place under a special symbol. For each age he is his own. And those years that for the human age do not mean anything, in family life are capable of much. So, the eleven-year-old is still very young in order to take some action, make his own decision. While 11 years of wedding is something that can already be proud of. This is a steel anniversary.

Relationship in the family to the 11th anniversary of the wedding

It is to the steel wedding relationship betweenspouses should resemble in their qualities a strong and at the same time a beautiful metal. To such a significant number of years, the couple already usually goes through a lot. And this is not only a candy-bouquet period. Most likely, there was a place and disagreements in the domestic sphere, and quarrels over the mismatch of tastes, and, of course, the stormy discussions of how to name your first child. Checking for strength, resurrecting the senses and watching how a partner reacts to your fatigue, your behavior and habits - all this is able to break the flimsy, false feelings. No wonder steel is a pliable material in the hands of a true specialist. Spouses who managed to carry this all through a period equal to 11 years, are capable of doing much together. Family psychologists are sure that this date is symbolic, because even in the number we see two units, which, at last, have united. Those who know what qualities steel possesses will surely remember that it is capable of reflecting everything that will be directed at it. The same effect is observed in the relationship between husband and wife. After all, the saying that husband and wife are one Satan is confirmed just the same for this anniversary. Spouses with half a word, and sometimes enough glances, can understand each other. Their interests, hobbies and even hobbies begin to evolve in a way that the family way requires. Together they are more interesting than with a huge number of guests. celebrating the anniversary of 11 years

Celebrating the 11th wedding anniversary

However, do not change the established traditions andAvoid meeting with your faithful friends and relatives. Each anniversary can move you to where you are young, insanely happy and just starting your married life in a new status. As before, gather a company of relatives and friends, those who are dear to you and to whom you really can rely. Another advice of family psychologists is that on holiday it is desirable the presence of a married couple, which together for a year longer than you. Do not forget about the children, which symbolize the continuation of the family, and are also followers of your family traditions. Unlike the original wedding, on the anniversary there is no toastmaster. And it is right. It is better to entrust this matter to one of your close friends or a relative. He will pronounce beautiful congratulations, toasts, follow the course of the event and put the gifts presented to you in a specially designated place for this. As for the place where the celebration takes place, it should be emphasized here that you are a real family who was able not only to plant a tree, raise a child, but also to build a house. The living room will be convenient for everyone who will honor you with their arrival. But do not forget that something important must change in your environment for such an important event. The best option is to install a fireplace - a symbol of the home, warmth and comfort. gifts for 11 years of wedding

Rites and Traditions on the Steel Anniversary

For many millennia, during thewhich there is an institution of family and marriage, a considerable number of ceremonies connected with the anniversary of the wedding appeared and survived. Rite of consecration in the wife. The first stage The most effective of them among the Russian people is the rite of consecration into the couple. It was carried out exactly on the day of the eleventh birth of the family. He went through several stages. The first is connected with ablution. At dawn, the couple had to go outside to the pond, undress and enter together, holding hands, into the water. There they had to stay at least 10 minutes. After that, when they left the water, they put on white clothes. If the wedding was held in the cold season, then for washing on the eve of the anniversary, water was poured into the cauldrons and put on the fire. By morning the water was already heated to the required temperature and the boilers could be removed from the fire. The husband and wife also went hand in hand into this water for no less than 10 minutes. This concludes the first stage, which symbolized the fact that the couple became pure and worthy for the main stage of the rite. Rite of consecration in the wife. The second stage To do this, the children were first performed "Ode to marriage", the words of which have not survived until today, but a free interpretation of the main idea of ​​the work is allowed: the couple have become a worthy example for imitation of all those who have not married or lived fewer years in marriage. At this time, the husband and wife are on the threshold of their own house. This is also symbolic, as soon they will move into a new stage of relations, on the threshold of which they turned out to have lived together for eleven years. For the ritual, the oldest resident of the settlement or the priest was chosen. Spouses were offered a choice of 3 items: a knife, a rope or a dough. Each of them carries a special symbol. If they chose a dough, this meant that their relationship was still vague and not strong enough. Such a couple was sent to bake bread, which symbolized the mandatory strengthening of their relationship. A rope is a path that you have not yet passed to a real union of two loving and trusting people. The knife meant that you absolutely trust each other and are ready to give your life for each other. The rope needed to be folded twice and twisted, and then left under the threshold of the house. Pie was treated to all present. The knife was spent by the priest between the spouses who, kneeling, should clasp their shoulders with maximum force. If during the ceremony no one deviated from the partner, then the ritual was considered passed. The heads of the couple were covered with a white blanket. From that moment on, all the thoughts and actions of the couple were considered reunited.