wedding anniversaries Anniversary of the wedding is a landmark date inlife of any family, which I want to mention with all my relatives and relatives. But how and when is it customary to celebrate such anniversaries? What gifts and when to give? These questions are topical, as never before.

From the first year to the hundredth anniversary

A green wedding is not for nothing so called, this is the firstthe day after the wedding. The family is still very young, it is just beginning to gain the strength of a beautiful, stable oak, which it can become by the age of eighty. The first year is a cotton wedding, which is not yet very strong, but beautiful and tender. Great celebrations usually do not, only the closest friends are invited. Weddings up to five years are usually called gaining strength. This paper wedding for two years, leather - for three years of living together, linen - for four years. Gifts should match the names of the dates, not too expensive. The first jubilees - the most long-awaited, wooden wedding was no exception. Among the meanings of weddings for years, wooden takes the honorable first place. This is the time when the family has learned to understand each other. It is believed that the name is associated with the belief: a tree after five years of growth becomes very strong, resistant to any winds, like a real family. Give best small wooden statuettes, carved caskets, pieces of furniture. Among the importance of weddings over the years, cast iron is the first "metal" wedding. Its name says that the feelings have become strong, and the family hearth - strong. The list of gifts includes cast-iron kitchen utensils, pans, pots. The name "copper wedding", which is celebrated for the seventh year, symbolizes beauty, prosperity, strength. The name itself says that all the adversities have been passed, but there is still room for complete prosperity, where to strive. Wedding gifts are coins, copper candlesticks, statuettes. Eight years is a time of renewal of relationships, when the spouses learn not only to understand, but also accept all the shortcomings of their couple. The values ​​of weddings over the years often indicate what should be avoided, in this case a tin wedding is an update, the need to avoid sharp angles. To give on a celebration it is necessary sweets in tin boxes, decorative metal cups and cups, chasing, candlesticks. Earthenware - nine years. The significance of weddings over the years often reflects the real relationships that exist in the family. The ninth anniversary of the marriage, the so-called faience wedding, symbolizes the fragility of the relationship between the two people. Here it is meant that marriage is as fragile as faience, but just as beautiful. The list of gifts for this anniversary is associated with faience. You can give dishes, sets, beautiful plates and stuff. The first big date is a pink wedding. At this time it is believed that the couple have "grown up", they have survived many adversities and are ready to continue their relationship. The list of guests should include only those who attended the wedding itself. Wedding gifts for the tenth anniversary - bouquets of roses or any objects with the symbols of this flower. calico anniversary

The order of wedding celebrations

The name "steel wedding" is not in vain due tometal. This is the first decade of the life of the spouses, such anniversaries symbolize a strong, united family, which successfully fights against all possible adversities. Wedding gifts - trays, sets of pots, cutlery. An incomplete jubilee is a nickel wedding, which is celebrated at the age of twelve and a half years from the day of the wedding. Symbols of this date are bright, brilliant objects that characterize the brightness of the union itself. To give is nickel-coated dishes, the best wedding gifts are beautiful and exquisite cutlery. The number thirteen is considered unhappy, but this does not affect the thirteenth anniversary of marriage. Such anniversaries show that the family is already strong enough, the relationship at this time is tender, fragile, but very beautiful. Wedding gifts include lace, garments and everyday life with lace of pure white color, as a symbol of love. If the season is great, lily of the valley will be a great gift. The list of guests can be extensive, but it is best to celebrate an anniversary with the family. Agate wedding - fourteen years. This anniversary means that the family is growing, gaining fortresses. Wedding gifts are given only between spouses, the husband usually presents his wife with some decoration with this stone. Guests usually give small figurines and figures to the color of this stone. Glass - fifteen years in marriage. This wedding anniversary sounds like a bright, pure family relationship, which is ready to cross the fifteen-year mark. The best wedding gifts at this time are glassware. Dates that do not mark: sixteen - nineteen years. Porcelain - twenty years. This anniversary of the wedding has several meanings, one of them - the dishes donated for the wedding, has already broken, then it is necessary to give a new one. According to the second meaning, the union, which has lasted for twenty years, is as beautiful as the real fine porcelain. Wedding gifts for this date are associated with its name - it is customary to give porcelain, cups and plates, sets. Opal, bronze, beryl, satin - 21-24 years of living together. These wedding anniversaries are practically not celebrated, information about traditions, accepted gifts has been preserved to our days very little. features of wedding anniversaries

Anniversary Anniversaries

The Silver Jubilee is twenty-five years together. The celebration of the silver anniversary seems to be about the strength of the relationship. This is the first anniversary, which reached the precious metal - silver, so wedding gifts should be associated with this symbol. Spouses can exchange wedding rings from silver, guests - give jewelry or silverware, silver-plated items. This is the first anniversary of the wedding, which can be re-celebrated in the registry office, having organized a solemn ceremony. Jade wedding, mahogany wedding, velvet - 26-29 years of marriage. These dates, as a rule, are not noted. The first big anniversary is a pearl wedding, which embodies the 30th anniversary of family life. Wedding gifts should be associated with this stone, fit jewelry, interior items, clothing. The husband gives his wife a pearl necklace of thirty pearls - one for each, lived together for a year. Swarthy wedding, amber - 31-34 year of marriage. After the thirtieth anniversary, wedding anniversaries are not celebrated, it is best to arrange a short rest instead of celebrations, to undertake a journey. Coral (linen) wedding - thirty-five years in marriage. This anniversary has also the name of a linen wedding, it personifies peace, tranquility, coziness in family relations. Coral, which gave the name of the jubilee, means health, strength of relationships. Wedding gifts are usually not very expensive to give, best for this fit coral jewelry, towels, napkins, bedspreads, clothing. 36-39 years of marriage - these dates are not celebrated, they are considered to be an easy period of family relations, which do not need additional evidence. The 40th anniversary is those dates that are the most durable. It is believed that the family can not destroy anything. As a rule, at this time in the wedding rings, you can encrust a precious stone - ruby. Wedding gifts can be very different, but it is best that they include a red color. Excellent crystal, interior items. In 41-43 years, wedding anniversaries are not celebrated, 44 years - topaz wedding, 45 - sapphire (rarely seen, usually a small celebration with the family), 46 years - lavender wedding (gifts like lively lavender in a pot or dried compositions from it). 47 years - cashmere wedding, 48 - amethyst, 49 - cedar wedding. Wedding anniversaries are very different, but the golden wedding, that is, the fiftieth anniversary of a family, friendly life, stands out more prominently. Such jubilees are celebrated widely, at this time the spouses exchange new wedding rings. As gifts, suitable interior items, gold-plated and gold jewelry. wedding anniversary dates

Anniversaries after fifty

Dates from 51 to 54 are not observed, in 55 years -emerald wedding. The name symbolizes the eternity of life, the spouse can give his wife jewelry with an emerald, this jubilee is not widely celebrated. Sixty years of living together. Such anniversaries are celebrated on a grand scale! The very name of this date is appropriately appropriated - family relations are like the strongest diamond, which nothing can destroy. For this anniversary, the husband must present his wife with an ornament with diamonds, the guests can do with a gift from crystal, which perfectly symbolizes this landmark date. After fifty years, celebrate, as a rule, anniversaries, such dates as 61-64 years are not celebrated. Iron and stone weddings, which symbolize the strength of the relationship, can be celebrated with a close family circle. Significant jubilees are rarely celebrated, as few couples achieve, for example, a seventy-year jubilee. The very name - Blagodatnaya - says that this family has received a blessing from above. Dear gifts to give at this time is not accepted, it is best to do with flowers. The crown wedding is seventy-five years old. The name "crown wedding" means that this day was seventy-five years from the date of the wedding. Such anniversaries are celebrated very solemnly, but expensive gifts are not given, as are household items. Oak - eighty years of marriage. At this time, it is customary to give products from oak, which is a symbol of fidelity, firmness, durability. Until such a date, not all are reaching out, but if this happens - present symbolic oak rings that will mean loyalty and a strong family. The name "red wedding" gave the celebration to the wife of Agaeva, who celebrated this event only once (about other long-livers who celebrate such an anniversary now, it is not known). There are no traditions of celebrating and presenting gifts at the moment.

What to give for wedding celebrations?

The traditional question is what to give on the anniversarywedding? The answer to it is very simple - pay attention to how the dates are called, choose gifts in accordance with this. For example, on the first anniversary it is best to give a chintz cut or a beautiful kitchen apron, and on the leather one - a purse, a small handbag. But what to do when the dates are called metal and by name of precious stones? Here everything is also very simple - beautiful bouquets of flowers with similar shades, crystal, quality cutlery will be an excellent, welcome gift on any anniversary! You can also give inexpensive, but exquisite jewelry from silver with enamels, pearls, gilded cutlery, candlesticks.