a gift to my father We are very proud of our children, just likeonce these feelings were experienced by our parents. Indeed, modern kids already know from three to four years where and what to include in order to watch the favorite cartoon on the computer, and the remote control does not cause them any difficulties, and the quotes of television commercials from mouth of the crumb are all around. And still, the present daddies and mums have already ceased to be surprised with pleasure when from their mobile phones children's babble suddenly reaches in the heat of a hard day. The question of how a son or daughter who can not read and do not know the numbers, managed to call them, in our time, the small technical geniuses lost its relevance. Toys with electronic control, voiced dolls, interactive kitchens - all this and much more are completely not surprising to modern children.

Why do homemade gifts?

On the eve of the holidays, we often break our heads overwhat gift can cause delight on the face of the son or daughter. But it's so simple. A doll sewed together with her mother, a bird feeder, put together with her father - these seemingly elementary crafts are in some cases perceived by modern children as a kind of magic, and the process of their making is simply fascinating. This you and I grew up in times of total deficit, when mothers at night sewing their daughters New Year costumes of princesses of fairy beauty. A suspension swing, over the creation of which the father pieced a few days off in a row, the son was proud as the current children - an ultra-modern phone. Now you can easily buy any carnival costume in the store, and its beauty depends only on the price and is not a manifestation of my mother's abilities as a creative fashion designer. Yes, and a swing at all is enough, and the most different. Therefore, we are not at all surprised when a young son or daughter, a few days before a holiday, comes with a request to give them some cash and go to the store to buy a gift to that member of the family who will soon be the culprit of the celebration. Here is the conclusion: many modern children, despite all their technical skills, absolutely do not know how to show imagination and think in a stereotyped way. If a holiday - then you need a gift. And where can I get it? Of course, in the store! Who is to blame for this? We, parents, because the abundance on the shelves has accustomed us to the idea that homemade gifts are a waste of precious time. Why invent and show creativity, if any thing or thing you can just buy? And what's wrong with the fact that the daughter will congratulate his father on the holiday and hand him the tie chosen by his mother? But you and I did things differently in our childhood: they burned, drew, glued, molded and invented a huge number of different homemade products. And the most beautiful of their creations were presented with pride to their parents as gifts. Surely many families still carefully store boxes and boxes with such sincere and naive handicrafts. Parents, the older they become, the more they turn to these symbols of our childhood and their youth, resurrecting the pictures of the past and the emotions associated with them. They are really happy at such moments. And what will we remember when our children become adults? After all, except for photos and video, we will have nothing more. And so that this does not happen, let's teach our kids to do something with their own hands, investing in it is not money, but something much more expensive - a soul, a heart and a little magic. gift to my father with my own hands

Gifts for young popes from kids and schoolchildren

An excellent occasion for self-made gifts canbecome any holiday. For example, you can think together with your child about how to make a gift for the pope with your own hands. There are many options for answering such a question. Everything will depend on the age of the baby, because it is his need to maximally captivate the process of creating homemade congratulations. To begin with, it is worth telling the child about which holiday will be celebrated in the family. Perhaps your son or daughter themselves will prompt the idea of ​​what to make dad with their own hands. Sometimes kids show such creativity that adults can only be surprised. If not, then fantasize yourself, and children will be your irreplaceable helpers. In the case when your child's age is in the range from one month to two years, a copy of the original author's gift for the pope can be a mold or imprint of children's feet or palms. They can be issued in the form of a postcard. And you, the mother of the baby, write the words of congratulation both on behalf of the crumb, and on yourself. A child at the age of two or three years can be suggested to make a postcard more complicated, for example, a large one. To do this, you need to draw an uncomplicated figure on one side of a colored cardboard folded in half. It can be a hedgehog with an apple on his back or a big-eared hare. Then, together with the baby, scribble small pieces of thin colored paper (you can use wrappers from sweets). These pieces roll into balls or tubes and with glue fix them so that they cover the entire surface of the picture. A simpler version of this card is that you can use clay instead of colored paper. An older child can be fascinated by the decoration of the photo frame. You probably have shells and pebbles, brought from a rest on the sea. They are to be fixed with glue around the perimeter of the frame and even painted in different colors. If there are no sea trophies, then walk with the baby to the nearest park and collect dry twigs, which also fit as decor. New Year's version of such a gift can be diversified with spruce branches spiked with foam balls or sparkles. At the age of five or six years, the children are already good at drawing and doing appliques. So why do not you make such self-made results of your child's creativity into an original album that will also be a great gift for the pope? If your child likes to compose and invent, direct these his abilities in the right direction. For example, think up a fairy tale story for the pope, where he will be the main character. If you put a little effort, it can be issued in the form of a homemade book with a cardboard cover and pages of colored paper. You will write the text yourself, but let the picture be drawn by the child. As a congratulation, learn with your child some songs or poems about the Pope. The older the child becomes, the harder and more original gifts can be. For example, the daughter-needlewoman can be suggested with the help of knitting needles and threads to make a bright cover for the mug for the father. To do this, you need to type the number of loops that coincide with the height of the mug, tie a strip that will cover the entire circle of the mug, and sew its ends. A daughter, a senior pupil, will please her father if she gives you homemade socks, a scarf or a cover for a mobile phone. You can also weave a keychain or make a decorative pillow. A very good gift for the pope will be a girl baked birthday cake or a specially prepared unusual breakfast. Boys like to make a variety of models of aircraft and cars, which can also be given to the Pope on holidays, for example, on February 23. If the father likes to read books, then he will be pleased with the original bookmark. a gift for dad own hands

Gifts for mature dads from adult children

And what a gift to my father's hand in the lastOnce you gave it yourself? Was it during school years? So why not remember that wonderful time and not please the pope with some kind of surprise from childhood times? Of course, now you can do it even better than then. For example, you can make a book of happy memories. To do this, you need to find your dad with the photos and arrange them in chronological order. They should cover the entire period of your growing up: here you are taken from the hospital, then the first steps towards the father, the first joint walks, a kindergarten and a school, graduation and so on. Each photo can be accompanied by a cheerful and touching comment. You can not even imagine what a pleasant and original surprise you will present to your father. Still it is possible to try to make a collage with use both photos, and simply beautiful pictures which will illustrate all daddy's life. If you know how to hold knitting needles, a warm cozy cozy sweater or a beautiful plaid will be a wonderful gift for your father. Embroider? Present a beautiful picture, over which worked for several months. Doing photography? You can arrange a dad for a professional photo shoot. Do not rush on the eve of Father's birthday or another holiday in his honor to go to the store for a ready gift. After all, the one that you make your own will be for your father not just expensive, but truly priceless. He will retain the warmth of your hands, he will be illuminated by a part of your soul and will revive all that boundless love that is meant for the pope. And what about those of us who do not have the opportunity to personally attend Papa's party? For this, there are gifts that can be made independently with the help of new technologies, namely the computer and the Internet. If for some reason you did not come to congratulate your father personally and live far away, then hand over to your father an e-card of original design, the authorship of which will belong to you. You can make a video greeting in which you refer to your father with sincere words of love. If you already have your own children, then let them take part in the process, it will be pleasantly doubly pleasant for him. And you can give a whole film about how you live now. Such a documentary film should consist of various fragments: here you are at home, but already at work, here you have a rest with your husband and children and so on, depending on what you think worthy of your father's attention. Believe me, your parents will watch such a film several times a day. Modern life with its frantic rhythm and everyday problems makes us all become pragmatists. How in this case to answer the question about what to give to the father with their own hands, if there is a desire to do it in an original and touching way? Therefore, any questions, even if they concern gifts, we are used to solve from the point of view of practicality and rationalism. And how else? However, in relations with loved ones, especially when it comes to parents, it is better to listen to the heart's command. Therefore, sometimes give self-made surprises yourself and be sure to teach your children this. After all, the coveted box of memories is necessary for everyone! We advise you to read: