pleasant surprise to her husband Regardless of age, preferences andmuch, the birthday of a loved one is always a special, spiritual holiday. And on this beautiful day, any woman dreams of pleasing, surprise her husband, present him with an unexpected and pleasant surprise. When the birthday of a loved one is near, we begin to think in advance how to congratulate him on the original. All women dream to make a pleasant surprise to her husband on her birthday, so that it becomes unforgettable and brings joy to a loved one. But often in a large stream of thoughts there are so many interesting ideas that sometimes it is very difficult to grab the one that is most optimal. And, accordingly, the more this special date approaches, the more experiences of the wife. The most important thing is that you must choose a gift to your husband when you have a fine mood, a thing bought in a depressed, negative state will not bring joy to the birthday person either. It must be remembered that when choosing a gift, a surprise for a husband, it is very important to take into account many of the nuances: a hobby, age, lifestyle, wife's profession. Based on these parameters, and should choose a gift - as a result, the birthday of her husband will be an excellent holiday and will cause him sincere enthusiasm. In this case, do not just limit yourself to a banal gift, it will be better if in addition to arrange a second half a certain holiday, a surprise, in the form of, for example, a romantic candlelight dinner. It is necessary long before the triumph to think about how to memorably and originally congratulate the wife on the name day. To decorate the room you can make or order beautiful posters, stands with congratulations, verses, confessions of love in advance. It is necessary to use all your imagination here to hit the second half with an original, unusual surprise or congratulation. There are many options for the original congratulation of his wife, you just have to choose the one that is right for your case. an erotic gift for her husband on his birthday

Surprise to the birthday of her husband in accordance with his age

  • Undoubtedly, age can not in all casesaffect the choice of a surprise, but still take it into account. For example, a young man who has not reached the age of 30, only entering adult life, at the moment is more focused on career growth. As a result, when choosing a gift, first of all, it is necessary to find out what would be most pleasant and useful for him, for example, it can be a convenient leather briefcase for documents, a tie, a diary in the original binding, a good watch, a razor.
  • If the birthday is about 30-40 years, thena good surprise for a birthday - a picnic outside the city, a pleasant evening with your beloved wife alone, away from the eternal turmoil of everyday life, domestic, domestic problems. After all, at this age the man is already an adult, a man, a father of the family, caring for his family, and working for her well-being. He pays much attention to children, earns stable, but, as a result, there is less time and energy left for an intimate relationship with his wife. Accordingly, the evening spent with his wife alone, will be an excellent gift for the birthday of her husband. A good surprise for the second half may be the organization of outdoor activities. For example, kayaking, diving, parachute jump or ordinary fishing - it all depends on his interests. Such a rest will distract him from working days and problems.
  • A mature man will be an excellent gift for somethingmore practical: accessories for his car, a set of tools, a small TV with built-in DVD. Men are very fond of home comfort, and any husband will be unspeakably happy with the gift, which will diversify his leisure at home and give pleasure.
  • Gifts and surprises for the birthday boy for health

    Such gifts show the woman's concern that shewishes her beloved husband excellent health and happiness. As a gift, there can be: a toothbrush (better electric), a simulator, a means for measuring heart rate, blood pressure, relaxing music in his car, bath accessories (for example, a cap), an air ionizer, a neck massager. If the birthday boy - a fan of fun parties and parties with friends, you can give him a rest in the sauna. Surely every man dreams of such a gift. There are other, equally interesting events-surprises: subscription to go-karting with friends, kebabs at the cottage together with a large company of common relatives and friends. You can organize incendiary dances, exciting games, competitions. Plus, the fact that when you arrange this celebration of the birthday of your husband you will be helped by all friends and relatives.

    Gift to a man who is fond of sports

    This can be as unusual sports glasses orwatches, and all kinds of accessories for a particular sport that the spouse likes, a sports bag, sneakers, a T-shirt with a famous sports brand. You can also give your beloved husband the means for rest and body care: shower gels, massage sponge, bath foam. original surprise to her husband

    Classic surprises gifts

  • Articles of clothing and accessories for them. A good version of the birthday present is underwear and even a set: one for everyday life and another for sex. Husband-lovers of costumes will be a good gift, an expensive tie and a beautiful shirt. You can choose a lot of accessories: cufflinks, wallets, tie pins, purses, belts.
  • A gift for yourself A good surprise for the daybirth will be cooking baking for her husband with her own hands. For example, a cake in the form of a heart. Another great gift will be paired mugs, you can decorate them with your family photos.
  • If your husband prefers to spend holidaysstrictly in the family circle, then it is necessary to organize a celebration at home, with all sorts of surprises. You can take a lot of inflatable balls, decorate them with a hall, and inside the ball put various small gifts, for example, sweets. It will be very interesting to make a bouquet of balls with notes inside, where various funny tasks for the husband are written, for which the prize is awarded. Well, and finally: you can bring to life the erotic fantasies of the husband on the day of his name-day! For sure, this will be one of the best surprises on his birthday. You can organize a pleasant evening together, for good music, with wine. Perform a private dance, a beautiful striptease, only you need to practice in advance. You need to buy new erotic lingerie, during the day until the holiday itself, send him cute, love-SMS messages, warm up your lover. Just need to show all your imagination and present your surprise with love. Pleasant memories of this surprise for a long time will remain in the memory of the spouse. The birthday of your beloved spouse is an exciting celebration, no matter how many years you have been married. Therefore, every woman wants to make this holiday beautiful and interesting, to please your beloved man, the father of your children. Undoubtedly, in order to make an original, pleasant surprise to her husband on the day of his name-day, it is not necessary to have special super abilities. It is enough to be only a caring and loving wife. Knowing the addictions, hobbies of your spouse and treating them with respect, you can buy any gift and arrange a surprise, from which a loved one will be delighted. Selected with great love and a gift or surprise that meets the interests of the second half will allow you to remember for a long time the birthday of your beloved husband.