gifts for March 8 Initially, the holiday of the Eighth March carriedpolitical overtones, but eventually turned into a celebration of Spring, Love and Beauty. And today he became the day when any woman, regardless of age and social status, becomes an object for compliments and confessions of love. And, of course, March 8 is the day in which each of us receives gifts precisely because she is a Woman. And notice, we receive gifts not only from men, but also from women. Moreover, we give presents to our friends, colleagues, mothers, grandmothers and sisters. To choose gifts for women on March 8 is not such a simple task, because each woman is special and requires an individual approach to solving this issue. It's important not to ignore anyone on this wonderful day. The first task is to decide what to give to my mother on March 8. And to make this task easier for you, we offer you different ideas for congratulating Mom on the Eighth of March.

Gift for mom and grandmother

Of course, you can start your choice with useful things- dishes, kitchen accessories, decorations for home interior. But it is worth considering how often your mother already received such a gift on March 8 from her acquaintances, girlfriends and close people? Maybe on this day, mom just does not need to be reminded once again about the kitchen and how many hours she spent at the stove, and try to bring her closer to the dream, which she managed to forget in captivity of domestic worries. Create a real holiday for her, cover the table for her, surround her with care and free from all the hassle. Be sure to give a gift that will emphasize her femininity - cosmetics, flowers, women's knickknacks, beautiful jewelry. After all, a woman always wants to remain a woman. Let your mother on March 8 feel loved and beautiful! Together with your mother, do not forget about your grandmother. If your grandmother is young at heart and leads an active lifestyle, it is better not to give her toilet water, or nail polish, otherwise she will decide that you forgot about the gift and took out supplies from your own cosmetic bag. But as a gift for March 8 for your mother's mom, a quality cosmetic product from her age series is perfect. And mother can also give a case for glasses or for keys, a cosmetic bag, a purse, a cover for a mobile phone. Note that all these gifts can not only be purchased, but made with their own hands. Moms are very sensitive to the gift children make for them personally. Therefore, even if you do not have any special needlework skills, make your unique and unique mommy a greeting card - only this will tell your mother how much it is dear to her child. For grandmother, who does not leave the kitchen all day and cooks endlessly cakes, functional and beautiful things for the kitchen that will facilitate her life and will please the eye. Do not be unnecessary comfortable cozy slippers and a beautiful apron. By the way, the apron is not so difficult to sew and with your own hands, you will leave on it for half a day. But at you at once the question will decide that to present to mum by March, 8th and than to congratulate the grandmother. In addition, such a gift will be much more expensive and appreciated, and will certainly have to liking. If you have a child, do not forget to congratulate your daughter on the holiday of spring and wish her to become a wonderful mother. Help your son to choose gifts for the Eighth March for classmates and girlfriends. useful gifts for March 8

Gifts for girls

Choose gifts on March 8 for girls enoughsimply, you just need to include your own imagination and remember yourself at this tender age. Girls like sweets and various cool accessories - notepads, stains, stained-glass paints, volumetric stickers, sets for embroidery and weaving with beads. The market of cosmetic products has replenished a series of products designed specifically for small ladies. There are many companies that produce lines of decorative and hygienic cosmetics for small ladies. So choose a cream for a girl, lipstick and toilet water does not work. Such gifts to girls on March 8 will be liked and will cause emotions and sincere delight. A little princess will be pleased and a living flower in a pot, for which she can take care of herself, water. Let her choose the flower in the flower shop that she likes. Such a gift to the girl on March 8 will delight her every day, reminding her of your love and attention. Girls of younger age adore fairy tales, especially about princesses and princes. That is why as a gift for the girl on March 8, you can safely choose a book telling the story of fairy-tale characters. Fairy-tale puzzles, a beautiful doll or a set for creativity will perfectly suit the girl-homemaker. Gifts for March 8 for girls is very easy to find in any large children's store. Bring your little lady there and let her choose what she thinks is interesting. Thinking about how to please and give warmth to your household, do not forget that colleagues at work are also waiting for a small miracle and pleasant surprises on this bright spring day.

What to give to colleagues?

The most standard and ordinary gifts for March 8colleagues - this is flowers and a cake for tea. But there are other, more interesting ideas. It will be great if you organize a joint trip to the theater or bowling and digress from the routine work. Such a gift will help to rally the collective and give an opportunity to celebrate a woman's day in an informal atmosphere. If the gift for the Eighth March colleague is a gift for a female boss, do not choose cosmetics for her or any thing that hints at women's attractiveness. Say categorical "no" to handbags, umbrellas, beads, scarves and other female accessories. A wonderful gift for the woman-boss from her employees will be an item related to art: a statuette of a famous master, or a picture that without words will tell visitors of her cabinet about the status of the possessor. All sorts of decorations for the desktop will also be coveted gifts. Among such clerical trifles, there are many original gizmos. Holders for calendars or glasses for pencils, holders of paper for notes, and even pens, pencils, magnets, stickers and other necessary things in the work will become an appropriate gift for this calendar holiday. By the way, small figurines, frames for photos, decorations for flower pots can also be presented to your colleagues. If you work in a large women's team, where it's customary to give gifts to each other on holidays, buying such gifts can be very burdensome. Therefore, choose some inexpensive, but useful trivia. And do not be embarrassed by the modesty of such gifts, because your gift will not be the only one. Give colleagues a piece of fragrant soap or bath salt, a few spice bags, a small chocolate bar or keychain. Such mutual attention signs are usually on duty or mandatory, but if there is such a tradition in the collective, it should not be violated. good gifts for March 8

What to give a friend?

What gifts can there be for the Eighth March forgirlfriends? The answer to this question is very ambiguous - the choice of gifts is so huge that you can get lost and break your head. We offer you ideas of traditional and unexpected gifts. Think about the preferences of your girlfriend, what she likes, what she likes, what will always be glad. A romantic person can choose a beautiful scarf to her spring wardrobe (scarves do not happen much!), Or find a disc with the movies of her favorite actor. A business woman will prefer, most likely, a practical gift. The ideas of choice can be very diverse - it all depends on the personality of the business lady. Such a young lady can be given, for example, something from household appliances - a kettle, an iron, a hair dryer, hair curlers. You can choose a beautiful business card, a book cover (or a cover for an e-book), an organizer or a leather folder for papers. If you and your friend are very close, then you can give and very intimate or, say, purely individual gifts, such as, for example, pretty panties (you can have a few). If you know well the tastes of your girlfriend regarding cosmetic and hygiene products, then boldly give face or hand creams, hair dye, maxi and serum, lipstick and nail polish. And, naturally, that cosmetics in this case should be only qualitative and not the cheapest. We dare to give you a very indiscreet advice that will help you not to spend a lot of time painfully choosing gifts for Eighth March for your girlfriends and sorting out all sorts of ideas: go to the mall and buy them the first thing that will draw your attention. What you immediately like, you probably like and your girlfriend, who from such a gift will remain in full delight! A gift to a woman on March 8 is a burning topic, especially if this woman (whether mom, best friend or niece) is very dear to you. A good gift is not necessarily its high cost. An expensive gift is one that they want to receive, which they constantly think about. If you do not know how to read other people's thoughts, if you are not visited by original ideas, then ask directly which gift for March 8 the person wants to receive. In this there is absolutely nothing shameful. Choose the most suitable gift is easiest at the souvenir shop. It is here that we have the most original ideas, which simply would not have occurred to us. As a rule, you can find everything from a set for sushi, Japanese gardens, hookahs and decorative fountains, to pleasant little things in the form of a candlestick, a figurine, a coffee pair, or a beautiful costume jewelry. And, of course, do not forget about flowers, it's always nice to receive them all. Whatever your gifts for March 8, remember that they should be cut into expensive words. Remind your close women of how you love them, how their smiles look like the first spring rays of the sun, from which everything around melts ... Light the light in their eyes and give a real feast of spring and beauty! We advise you to read: